How To Make $20 Per Hour Working From Home

Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire
Liberty thanks for spending your time with me here today…
and by the way…Merry Christmas Eve. Yes, it’s Christmas Eve and I know a lot of
people are spending time with their family your friends today and tomorrow
and you know I’m putting this video up here because they know a lot of people
are gonna be home a lot of people are gonna be thinking about what they do for
a living a lot of people are gonna be thinking maybe I’m gonna jump online and
we’re gonna try to find something that I could do from home well folks I have a
treat for you today you know how this YouTube channel and my
website are geared towards giving people options and giving them the ability to
work from home well I found another one for you today
and it’s actually pretty awesome but before we get into that I want you to
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free video it’s how I got started and thousands of other people got started
and gave them the ability to work from home and generate passive income and
give them a full-time income working from home don’t throw out a boss
coworkers you’re focused on what you want to do build it up get more money
don’t worry about merit raises and annual raises focus on yourself get it
going and you can be successful alright guys let me further adieu let me show
you what I got for you it is called remote dot C oh now this is actually a
really phenomenal website and it’s kind of like or
or you know Yahoo jobs com any of these kind of website search engines that help
you find jobs locally in your area when you’re looking for a job
the main difference what this one is is you guessed it these are all jobs that
are remote that give you the ability to work from home now there’s not too many
downsides to this website except one you’re not gonna find as many jobs on
here as you would on a for example because quite honestly there are
not that many jobs yet online that are legitimate that you can actually get on
a search engine like this and do it from home it’s just not possible
so let me just give you an idea here what you have here now the one thing I
do when I mention to you a lot of these jobs that are posted here let me go back
to the main page real quick I should have started off like that anyway the
most of the jobs on here they generally pay anywhere between ten to thirty
dollars which averages the route around twenty dollars an hour now depending on
your skill set what you’re doing yada-yada-yada you all know that you
know depending on your experience all those things they all matter so
depending on that that’s how much you’re going to get paid depending on all those
factors and we all know that works right so but the main page you know and the
one thing you need to click on to see the jobs is find remote jobs and what
you could do you have two options you can either go under the categories
they’ve provided for you here or you could type in a specific job that maybe
you think can be done at home or you know can be done at home and it’s
specifically tailored for you and what you’re able to do I’m just going to
click on here just as an example let’s go under writing because I’ve done a lot
of writing videos on how you can write from home I know I have a lot of writers
who follow me one of the big ones I’ll throw a little card up in the video
there in the right hand corner one of the big big writing companies that a lot
of people will work for had I’ve had a lot of communication with people it’s
called Tex broker so if you like writing for example click that link above watch
the free video I gave in join up a text broker text book was really good and
it’s legit and they pay now here let’s just look at some of the writing jobs
here these are all the writing jobs they only keep them here look this was three
hours ago one day ago two weeks ago four weeks ago one month ago okay so they
keep them about a month when you click on see all remote jobs is take you it
takes you to all the jobs that are available not in the category I will
show you that in a second but I’ll just click on one of these here
Digital Content writer it gives you the location remote great you know you can
work at home about the team tells you a little bit about the company
what you’ll do and it gives you the rundown here what you could do about
emails blog posts landing pages all the sort of fun stuff what you’ll bring two
to four years experience writing for an online publication or digital agency now
see this is where people always get annoyed because a lot of places will ask
you they want to write for somebody just like this for example let’s just say you
want to be a virtual assistant or you want to do something in marketing they
want a certain amount of experience for people it is just like applying for a
job that’s essentially what it is so you’ve got to have certain
qualifications in order to do these jobs some of these jobs you don’t eat that
many qualifications like depending on the virtual assistants jobs sometimes
they need a lot of qualifications and other times not so much because
essentially you’re someone’s secretary and depending on the degree or skill
that someone’s looking for you Mabel to get their job really quick but let’s
just say you want to be a writer let’s just say you looked at this post and you
really think it’s an opportunity for you that you think you’d want to you know
try or do if you want to do that if you want to open up the doors if you want to
have more possibilities check out this website here
it’s called Skillshare dot-com now Skillshare com get you started for
free and you get a certain amount of lessons that you watch for free
eventually you’ll have to pay a small amount but you can watch these lessons
and learn how to do these things get experience writing show your writing
experience for the sake of the example we’re looking at and present this to a
company and there’s a lot of companies that even though they look for
experience if they see you’re making an effort if you have a talent or an
ability they’ll take a chance on you and they’ll hire you so don’t give up that
quickly just because you see – – was a tuna four years experience writing for
an online publication of digital agency because that could mean a lot of
different things they’d have to sound big they have to sound you know
important they have to make it sound all serious and things like that but the
thing I found like for example online publication or digital agency online
publication okay what do you mean some people have
they mean different things some people will say oh I want you to show me
writings that you’ve done for you know staples or Best Buy or one of these big
conglomerate companies or you know a huge business like you know for Warren
Buffett or something you know any of those things or they could just mean
only publication meaning like okay you’ve written for people and you know
what I don’t care what it is just prove to me that you’ve written your on there
their website or their social media posts let’s give a shot let’s let’s read
them see how long you’ve been doing it it’s proof that you actually have done
it you know what you’re doing you’re reliable and they’ll give you gives them
a chance to look at your work so don’t give up on all these things that sound
so impressive that you’re blowing out the water you can’t do do it just
remember you have to talk to someone email them they’ll probably call you
back and if they don’t call you back tell
them your story in an email if you want to be a writer tell them a story if you
want to be a virtual assistant tell them your story if you want to do something
in marketing or you want to be in data entry you know anything because a lot of
people are actually more forgiving and more open to the possibility of bringing
you on if you could show them that you actually are giving them the effort and
you really want something and you prove it in the past you’ve done anything to
show them that you’re serious about this so don’t give up you could end up having
a really good job whether it be part-time or full-time
working from a home okay it’s still time for money but the point is you’re
basically your own boss yet because when you’re doing a job like this
unless the job actually technically requires it most of these jobs you could
do with them whenever you want there’s just a time line or a time that thing
that things have to be done so let’s just say you know you’re a virtual
assistant and you’ve got to have something done by tomorrow morning they
don’t care if you’ve done it all anything all day long if you’re able to
do the job between you know 6:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. in the morning the point
is is you have still have time control you stop to use your
to do the job but you have the time flexibility to do things when you see
fit most of the time I’m sure there will be
times where they’ll be a pinch or whatever but don’t be afraid to get on
the phone with these people and communicate with them openly and email
they’re looking for people who care about what they want to do so if you
really care about teaching or sales or data entry or accounting and these
things that you’re good at you could show them you could prove it to them and
if you let’s just say you’ve done this you’ve done something like skill share
and learn the craft that you want to actually to you know do for a living or
from home they’ll be much more receptive to bringing you on ok guys that’s all I
have for today I hope this helped you out and listen if you would be so kind
like the video comment below let me know if this helped you out and anyone else
watches the video now or in the future let them know if you’ve used these you
if you’ve used skilled share if you’ve done you know if you’ve gone to a remote
co and you’ve gotten a job let people know how it worked for you it’ll help
you out and maybe they’ll be able to help you out it’s good to have good
communication honest not a video like this because you’d be helping each other
out so leave a comment below like the video okay now before I let you go I was
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business owner all right guys listen that’s all I have for today and until
next time what do I always say…I say God Bless guys take care and until next
time enjoy the holiday Merry Christmas bye now.

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