How To Make $100 To $300 Per Post

Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire
Liberty thanks for spending your time with me here today. Today I have it up
thing that you can do or if you’re a writer if you like writing if you enjoy
writing it’s a little bit different than the things I’ve shown you in the past
work they’re a little bit more formal a little bit more exacting there’s a
website that I’m going to show you where you can make a hundred dollars per post
okay and it’s actually for an entertainment website something that
makes you laugh it’s funny and if you could do this you can make anywhere
between a hundred dollars per post up to three hundred dollars per post with a
little experience okay now before we get into that I want you to subscribe to my
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this that’s all I can say listen if you want to work from home if you want to
generate that passive income hey hey listen even if you don’t want to
generate passive income let’s just say you want to make full-time income let’s
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without any further ado I’m going to show you how you can you know post one
post generate one hour and you can make 100 to 300 dollars for
each one that you post and I’m gonna show you the website right now the
website is called cracked cracked com
I’m sure everyone at some point in time has heard you know the magazine crack to
the website cracked right everyone’s heard of it it’s kind of satirical funny
articles taking a little bit of a jovial look as things are certain art or you
know things in movies that maybe we missed or didn’t notice or about certain
celebrities that you like that you didn’t know little tidbits about them
some information if you know how to write and you could post you know an
article up maybe once twice maybe even four times a month right you have the
potential of making $400 a month if you do it just once a week and the great
thing about it is after you get experience after you you know kind of
hone your skills for what they’re looking for every article turns into
$200 and if your article gets popular on their website let’s just say there’s a
ton of traffic going to your article or your post they will give you a bonus of
another hundred dollars and make it $300 per post that’s how it works it’s that
simple and the great thing about it is you could join today get into their
classes you have to kind of go through a series of you know lessons and how to do
things how to submit things what they’re looking for which is small price to pay
for getting paid $100 for an article I mean come on I me this is easy they’re
not looking for experienced riders they’re just looking for people who are
hungry eager creative and imaginative and think outside the box a little bit
as far as writing is concerned I mean this is something that’s really a
phenomenal opportunity they want you you can write and make stuff for cracked
today came up with that name correct it’s kind of interesting I’m if you’re
funny smart creative person cracked is a single best opportunity you will ever
come across in your life no experience necessary
see no experience we will pay if it’s good you talk directly to the editors
which is another phenomenal thing that means you get feedback so
regardless of even you you give them something that you want them to post
right let’s just say we can’t accept it they will tell you why what you can do
to improve whatever it is you’re doing or what you’re focused on and presenting
to them and then next time you you you know give a post or submit a post or an
article to them guess what you should improve you should learn you should get
better and it’s almost like you’re getting on hints training if you’re
going to take the time to do this and a company is willing to pay you $100 and
give you legitimately good feedback in return it’s like going to school so even
if they don’t accept your post you’re learning that that’s phenomenal folks I
mean if you have a silly bone in your body and you think you could you know
put it on paper or write it out so people can you know get a giggle or a
laugh out of it check this out I would encourage you to join and get this going
here your work could be seen by millions of people they need writers and artists
and people can do a little bit of both or people can do a little both take your
pick hey hey I don’t see why not and that actually goes for artists to
articles articles officers are great the actual answers to six famously unsolved
movies TV mystery see you have to think of you know eyeball things that you know
you may have heard of or did or no one else knows about I can think of one
friend that I have that he knows this kind of stuff up you know like crazy
he’s he knows all these oddball things about shows and TVs and actors and
celebrities he would be primed for this kind of work but you have to actually
take the initiative sign up go through the process a little bit and you can be
making a nice little chunk of change if not a good living doing this if you’re
really good and quick about right but I want to get to the nitty-gritty of this
I like this little we want you thing that’s pretty cool I want to get to the
nitty-gritty of this and I want to show you the actual facts I told you we could
make but I want to show you the page of it’s on and I’m going to put all these
links in the description below so you just click on them and look at it
yourself um one right for crack you can start now
and get paid see there was I kind of skimmed through the article
before let me see her I thought it was right here at the top maybe it’s not
here it is what the heck happened what happened I get booted or something what
was that all about I hate him I hate when websites do that
to you um did I go too far yeah I guess I did hold on yeah I was right there
yep that’s the harshest truth to be able to work shop other day for you the
hunter asking Jost I mean put okay when we give you $100 for writing silly jokes
basically a funny article or post then we put then when you put a little effort
a little more effort you get a raise starting with your fifth article we pay
you $200 so consider you know articles one through four not just a trial period
but a learning curve right so they’re willing to pay you $100 for your
learning curve to learn how to be a better writer to kind of hone what
they’re looking for for you to adapt to it right and then after you get to a
certain point you get to your fifth article you get get paid up to $200 per
article that’s phenomenal now I’ve talked to you in the past about writing
articles before right where there’s a possibility like for text broker for
example I put that I’ll put that in the card as well because that’s another
fantastic writing opportunity or to make that kind of money on text broker you
have to be like a five-star rating writer on that website you’ve had to
over it and for quite some time this one you can make $200 per article
now they don’t tell you how big or the poster article has to be but an educated
guess would be probably anywhere between 500 to 1,000 words depending on what
they’re looking for for what kind of posts are looking for what the
techniques and style things that I’ve shown you and the tools that are out
there that I’m actually going to cover a few more of those in a couple more
videos ahead you could actually bang out more than one article a week which would
be basically a full-time job and that’s an
to boot as you say here as I’ve told you before and it’s right here if your
article is one of the top ten most popular for the month you get paid
another $100 for that article so think about that if you get in the top 10 of
articles for that month who knows how many you can get on the top 10 for the
month who knows but that’s the extra pop for each article that’s phenomenal and
you guys think about the million people million person exposure that your names
gonna get the other possibility of other writing jobs gonna come to you if you
actually start being consistent and you know persistent consistent and
persistent on doing this right that’s awesome
do you guys understand the potential that lies in doing something like this
you have that funny bone that creative spark you’ll think outside the box and
you like to write funny little things for people
guys this is this is a phenomenal opportunity it’s just another way to
make money online that I wanted to show you okay and I think you’d be a fool if
you if you have that funny bone and you like to write and you have a little bit
of a comedic thing about you I’d say go for it right go for it
crack calm right for cracked I like I said I’ll put the links on the bottom
there for you so you can look it over read it for yourself but I’d say joining
any of everything doesn’t work out for you try that you looked at it you
investigated it what does it hurt to try right easy money easy easy money it
doesn’t get easier than this folks all right listen do me a favor I hope
this helped you out it’s just like I said another opportunity for you to get
a piece of the pie so you could work from home and be your own boss whether
you want to make a little money part-time only full-time on your passive
money click on the link below watch the free video learn how I got started
working from home and thousands of other people started to do it as well and do
me a favor click on the subscribe button and the little Bell notification so
every time I make an upload you’ll get to see it first and you’ll be the first
to see how you can make money online with the videos that I present to you I
really hope it helps you out I really really really really do because I know
what it’s like to work in a job that you not really found ever you feel like you
could do more with you and do more for yourself and you want to
be independent you want to you know depend on yourself and stop worrying
about merit raises and bonuses and annual raises that don’t pay anything
you know control your own destiny do it for yourself
right that’s what I always say that’s always the best way I remember you could
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all right guys listen that’s all I have for you today until next time what do I
always say I say God Bless guys take care and until next time bye now…

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