How To Make $100 In ONE HOUR Writing Reviews

Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire Liberty thanks for spending your time with me today. Today I have a website that gives
you the ability to generate $100 per hour
okay now there’s a little caveat to that but I’m gonna get into that you’re not
gonna like but nonetheless you can make up to $100 an hour and actually I’m
being generous you could probably make $100 in a lot less than an hour I’m
being kind of you know overly cautious when I say that to you but it is
possible I know it I’ve timed it and I’ve tried it and guess what it works
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get into it today what I have for you today is this it is called kaptara
now kaptara is a review site okay basically you can review a ton of
software there’s loads and loads and loads and loads of softwares that they
have available that you can actually fill a little form
do a review on it and guess what you get paid 10 bucks per review now I actually
went through one not too long ago I timed myself on something that I’m well
familiar with I wrote a nice little specific review about something it took
me about 4 minutes to do you already have over 700 different categories of
different types of software packages and things that you probably have used in
the past now honestly you know you haven’t used them all right but out of
that you know lump sum of possibilities writing reviews that is gonna keep you
busy at least for a while at least for that hour right so listen this is what I
got for you this is the main page right here now this is actually like I always
said the main page is always for people to sell people stuff like okay if you
got something you have a software or something you want somebody need to
review it this is where you would sign up as a client for this for kaptara and
you would do that what I want to show you is this is where you go to write a
review so you click on that it takes you to this page here review software share
your experiences with other software buyers okay now you don’t see much of a
list here and that’s because I’m not signed in if you want to sign in when I
go to do the review you’ll see what I’m talking about it asks you to sign in
under your LinkedIn account but you can bypass that and still get paid it’s not
a big deal just here’s some of them popular software reviews now QuickBooks
everybody’s got QuickBooks or heard of QuickBooks not everybody used it though
but what I want to show you is this I use word press all the time I’m
basically on WordPress every day I’m real familiar with it I manipulate
WordPress or websites I know what I’m doing as far as I was concerned at least
reasonably so I’m not an expert but I can I can you know maneuver my way
around that so I would be willing to I could do a really good review on
WordPress now and these reviews generally like I said take about four to
five minutes at the most now let me show you how to use this you
just go to search I’m just going to type in WordPress
hit enter and here you go WordPress right here you click on
WordPress right there there’s the thing I was just telling you
about it asks you to sign in with LinkedIn now if you have a LinkedIn
account it’s gonna save me some time right but no thanks take me to the
review form I’d go to the review form and then when I get done with the review
it’ll ask you for a name this Daniel thing so they could send me the money
when the reviews been approved because as soon as you do the review for
somebody keep in mind you know you can’t just
write it was good send like that’s hogwash
you know that’s junk right you have to write something that actually is
coherent and detailed it gives specifics about you know what you liked about it
what you didn’t like about it give a little detail like you actually care
about the review that you’re giving and you want to make a difference when
someone wants to read your review and if you do that you’re gonna get paid if you
do something silly like it it was good you know and they’re just gonna just say
no you’re not getting paid for that see yeah so make sure when you’re doing the
reviews that you’re doing a good job and you’re being honest and you’re putting
some effort into it so you can get paid I mean it is ten dollars give a little
effort right so a wordpress overall quality i’ll say excellent ease of you
sell c-44 is good features and functionality for customer service and
value for the money okay it’s free so I’ll say five how likely is it that you
would recommend WordPress to a friend or colleague I’ll say seven just to be on
the safe side and you hit the button down here bang okay we’re priced off our
buyers need to do title and here you would type in your review okay and this
they’re actually great because it breaks it down for you it’s not just a box with
you with things you have to say you don’t know what to say
title review pros say what you like about it cons what you don’t like about
it describe your overall experience with
WordPress and this is where you would kind of like you know give a little
overview or oversight of what you think like I would probably say something like
you know well WordPress was really confusing the
beginning but as I worked with it I understood that it was just so simple
and easy to work with and actually when I think back about it for being a
beginner it wasn’t really that bad at all and something like that you know
and maybe something that really bothered you if you want to get into more of a
con or the pro or whatever the case may be so and this is the legit thing folks
I mean I actually found a review here online and that’s this guy huh Levesque
okay and he basically said that he got paid the $10 he did a couple reviews I
think he got a $30 gift card and here this is the thing I want to point out to
you guys this is a really great thing if you like great reviews but there’s a
limit you can only do 10 reviews so if you’re looking for some quick cash you
get 100 bucks real quick here this is a nice way if you make a hundred bucks
within an hour boomp you got some money hopefully I
don’t know it doesn’t tell you or specify how long it takes you to get
paid I looked everywhere for that I could not find it see my inbox for proof
let’s go look at that here it is so they got $30 he got a $30 gift card
from Amazon because that’s what he picked now you have a couple options as
far as getting paid I think it’s like Amazon Walmart and definitely a Visa pay
pay pay card or credit card or debit card so if you’re looking for cash I
would take the Visa Card if you just want to buy something online
get the Amazon card wherever the case may be regardless it’s a really good
opportunity you have proof here I just showed it to you $30 he did three
reviews and what’s the big deal do the ten reviews in one shot do an
hour we’ve all done things on the computer we’ve all had to deal with you
know having you know at least tens pick 10 types of different types of software
that we used on our computer system right I shown you one I use WordPress if
you want to go back to I’m just gonna go back to this here real quick and go back
yeah I want to leave the page I typed in WordPress now I showed you the video a
couple weeks ago a couple weeks ago about Google Docs let’s see if that comes up and it does
Google Docs right to the top there you have another one folks I just want to go
the sheet but I would say if you have a lot or a LinkedIn account use your
LinkedIn account to get logged in because that actually helps the process
go a little bit faster because they can verify who you are and that you’re legit
person because one of the things they have a problem with when they’re doing
this is they get a lot of spammers and they get BOTS that actually try to do
things and just get the money so when they can verify who you are your person
and what you’re all about on LinkedIn then you’re probably gonna get paid even
faster than if you just fill out the form and you know do all that stuff like
that’s probably better if you have a LinkedIn account but if you don’t like I
did like I showed you just hit that bypass things fill out the form and I’ll
ask you for the information afterwards all right guys listen that’s all I have
for you today this is really easy it’s a nice way to make a hundred bucks and
grant it there’s only ten reviews you can do on this website but I thought man
this is really nice I mean this is like a great way to make you know a hundred
bucks hey and if you work for yourself you want to make a little bonus for
yourself this week you know and you only working part-time or full-time from home
spend an hour of your time just filling out some reviews you just gave yourself
a hundred dollar bonus for Christmas season right hey why not
alright guys that’s all I have for you today listen do me a favor
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you something an email list is key to everything whether you want to be an
entrepreneur whether you want to work full-time or part-time from home having
an email list gives you the ability to generate more income for yourself all
right guys listen that’s all I have for today I hope this helped you out
and remember pay attention when I have on YouTube channel click on that
subscribe and Bell notifications so when I do make an upload you’ll get to see it
first and I’d like to think that all the videos that I supply you to help you on
some level alright guys well what do I say when I’m done with my videos I
always say God Bless guys take care until next time bye bye…

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