How to learn to code (quickly and easily!)

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  1. I flashed a usb with arch linux… after watching a video. Totally clueless. Got it into my head after reading 3 chapters of a python book that I wanted to be a programmer.

    Proceeded to insert the usb into my computer thinking I could just follow the tutorial step by step. 3 hours later after wiping my hard drive… reality set in… Oh shit.

    24 hours later… I installed Arch linux, I thought I had made it… I did… but to a black screen… what good is that?

    A rolling distro?? What's a rolling distro? Oh no, oh no , oh no. Theres no going back. I have no OS.

    72 hrs later and at least 15 complete restarts …with minimal sleep…. yes!!!
    I am now on arch linux with astro linux spices using awesome window manager

    Python will be my first language and I found out about lua which might be interesting.

    I think I have what it takes… perseverance, willingness to learn. Long hours… check. The future looks bright

  2. I am not too good at math and when I was learning coding one time, I came across some math formula. How do I continue with learning how to code when I am not even good at basic math?

  3. Tech Lead: "How to learn to code…"
    Facebook: "You're fired"
    Google: "You're fired"
    Future jobs: "We've seen your YouTube videos. You're fired"

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  5. Ha Ha I like comperelle
    SHOULD review and learn new english words
    what ever the department one score in college or what ever the school one score to

  6. Been programming and making personal projects in various languages including C++ for 3 years now. Also studied alot about CPU's, memory, operating systems, networking etc. In a couple years I'm gonna go study Computer Science and I'll be perfectly prepared 😀

  7. coding is basically:

    * stackoverflow
    ** trying to find the error on line 31;
    * stackoverflow;
    ** a random youtuber showing the error you're trying to solve
    * stackoverflow;

  8. i actually got excited when i heard that the code in real life projects doesnt have good docs. bc i dont document much while i produce something and thought i might get into trouble in different work spaces. looks like all programmers are as lazy as i am. but i can look through many codes and figure them out. guess thats a plus to all of us lazy goofs, haha

  9. Meanwhile me with adhd watching this video:

    Took a trip to Europe
    Met with the queen of England
    Walked the dog
    Dab on the haterz
    Commit sadoku
    Learn tiwanese

  10. DUMB NORMIE -"I am so cool because i waste all my time and money doing drugs with people who hate me, coding is dumb"
    ME – "Can you just please give me my mcchickens with mac sauce and shut the fuck up?"

  11. Coding for me was an addiction that I have safely remove myself from.

    In the early 80s till 90s, my only addiction was getting hooked into programming. In that moment, in that realm, in that reality, nothing else exists. My mind is a symbiotic to the critical function of human instinct. It is as though, I forgot to breath but my instinct did that function on it's own. I never wanted to sleep or have time to sleep. Besides forcing myself to a daily routine of going to class, as soon as I got back home, my mind is hooked right back into coding. At school, codes runs from my left pupil to the right pupil. Because of these natural instincts, my math class is like breathing. You breath in and then breath out you get the answer. Math was too simple. My main focus is not in any of the material in class, but creating an AI – a true AI.

    My cognitive function was a symbiotic function of myself. I could not function without thinking of codes. I came to a realization that it was dangerous, I had to do something to change that. It was extremely hard to detach my cognitive function from that reality – that realm. Now, I am eager to get back into that zone but I am a bit scared and a bit optimistic.

    I have a hard time removing myself from such harm. Is it wise to get back into that… realm?

  12. Maybe you have to build up to it? Like, maybe if you can only focus for 5-10 minutes at a time, maybe start there and then gradually build up to 15-20 minutes and so on?

  13. i sit like 8 hours infront of the computer a day and play all kinds of bad games, and it hit me, programming… I am Totaly new and i want to learn it, and earn some money instead of play all those stupid games :)… I am using

  14. May i ask you you something privately PLEASSSSSSS and i need you help in my career path.

    Im senior software developer as they said in my company.

  15. The thumbnail said "Learn how to code" So I watched this video but you said nothing about how to code. I still have no idea of how to code.

  16. Haha you are so right. I will remember my first course at the University for the rest of my life. "Soooo, this is Java, this is how you add environmental variables, this is constructor". Week later "Ok, please write Client – Server application. Be creative".

  17. dude I usually sit on my laptop all day and night until I go to sleep. That's the main reason why I'm good at programming and able to land a job in a big company. This dude knows what he's talking about 🙂

  18. Why I'm learning to code:
    I love being at home 95% of the time.
    I don't have friends
    I'm an introvert
    I waste enough time as it is playing games and watching YouTube vids. Why not make a career out of staring at the screen and do something productive and valuable.
    I want to work alone/from home.
    I hate regular 9-5 jobs or working with lots of other people and working in noisy atmospheres.

  19. I know a lot of people who can sit at a computer for many hours, and still can't code. It just isn't for them. Others are more capable and can do a relatively good job with half their time.
    My advice, If you want to be a decent developer, is to learn C++. This will feel like a hugely overwhelming experience at first, but you need it learn it thoroughly – initially in baby steps. If you learn c++ you will know how fundamentally coding works, how it's compiled, what it's compiled to, how the computer uses the codes generated, what the issues are. Knowing this will put you on the best ground possible when you want to diverge into other languages. You'll be able to do this rapidly because you will UNDERSTAND what is happening. It's easier to learn something else new based on the foundations you've built previously. There is NO language you will be afraid of if you understand c++.
    Something I would also seriously consider is understanding how to use a good debugger like GDB. After this you could look into the magical world of either Java or .NET or both with ease. Try to understand what you are doing as opposed to rush through some course and only understand 20% of it.

  20. I have said for YEARS that college is 100% useless sure many years ago well before the internet then yes I can see how college actually meant something… but now… I recently self taught myself algebra. And not the simple stuff either. I did this in just 2 hours on YouTube and learned so much more than I did in 4 years of high school!! I am a self taught businessman, self taught hacker, and a self taught pilot… there is literally NOTHING other than maybe a surgeon that you need school for. The sooner other business start figuring this shit out the sooner they Weill start getting the good employees… ya know aka the ones that actually wanna do the shit but what do I know I have no college degree so clearly I’m stupid, useless, unmotivated, unqualified etc…

  21. I am breaking into the tech field by doing exactly that, I'm learning Web Development and then mobile development to break further into the field.

  22. I have the ability to sit down 8-10 hours a day to call 80-100 ppl to try and convince them to take care of their health, making $4 /hour.. so i think i could sit 10-12 hours a day programming and making more $$$… YES

  23. My expectation: He would stop talking and doing something about coding with the computer in front of him (the way he talking and his position in front the camera looks like he will play the computer)

    Reality: He just keep talking the truth and I keep watching the whole video.

    But I love it, it really motivated me to code.

  24. I just started today. I am learning how to learn right now and your video helped. It really resonated with me. I am excited to try now, so thanks. I up-voted and will subscribe.

  25. My problem as a young person was that coding was not challenging me in the same way games were. I got into e-sports because I could win and it would clearly tell me if I won against another person. This pure competition online with nothing else mattering except your skill was very alluring. I figure its the same for skateboarders and and similar subcultures. The real world is all about faking it untill you make it, selling yourself, getting along with people … In coding you basically dont win anything and, as a young person, I never saw the appeal of making something just to sell it or sell my labour to make something that others wanted me to make.

  26. Very insightful I just started boot camp and feel the imposter syndrome but I have not thought about what it takes and can confess the sit down cultivation is very insightful and worth a try and many more actually

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