How To Improve Your English Writing Skills | Tips For Intermediate And Advanced English Learners

Hey guys, what’s up? Stefanie the English coach here from
in this video we are gonna talk about how to improve your writing in English. First there’s four things that you have to
do. 1. Ask questions 2.Do research 3.Practice and 4. Get feedback That’s it, but we’re gonna break
that down and talk about what each of those steps means. First, ask questions… this is the most crucial
part to improving your writing. You have to know what good writing is. So start by asking questions: what are you
writing? What are you trying to improve? What’s lacking? Who is your audience? What are the expectations of the people that
are gonna be reading your writing? Because the truth is, that there’s so many
different writing styles that you could use depending on what you’re writing. If you’re writing a business email to a client,
your writing and the structure of your writing is gonna be a lot different than if you’re
writing a post on Facebook or if you’re writing an academic essay or if you’re writing a resume. So really you have to start by asking these
questions. What are you writing? Who are you writing it to? What are their expectations? Then it’s time to do research. Go on Google, go on YouTube and start asking
your questions. Read blog posts and articles, look for the
answers. You can even read entire books on writing,
Okay. But what I want to suggest here is that you
don’t go looking for material on how to become a better writer from English teachers. Okay? Here’s the reason why. English teachers teach English. They teach vocabulary. They teach phrasal verbs. They teach grammar. But they are not experts on writing. If you want to make a blog in English, for
example, an English teacher can’t show you and tell you how to do that successfully. You have to go to the people who have already
made blogs in English and look up… how do they structure their blog posts? How do they structure their sentences? How do they keep the readers engaged? What kind of writing style do they use? How do they incorporate humor? You have to learn writing from people who
already do that kind of writing. If you want to learn how to write a resume,
you have to look up articles in English that are actually for English speakers. Okay? Pretend you’re already a fluent, confident…
you’re an English speaker, even if you’re not totally there yet. Start looking up material that was written
for English speakers because those articles, those materials, those books are going to
have the best information. Now here’s a tip for you guys. Writers, they don’t study English. Great writers, people that have written books,
people that run websites, and write blog posts (there’s obviously so many different kinds
of writing you could do), but writers don’t study English. They study writing. That’s very important. The best writers in the world, they don’t
study grammar. They don’t study vocabulary, they study more
writing from other great writers. So if you want to improve your writing, you
have to study good writing. You have to analyze it, you have to break
it down. You can’t just get tips all the time, because
sometimes even if you get a tip and you know, someone says… “hey, your sentences need
to be clear.” That’s a great tip… but what does that mean!? What is a clear sentence? What is a sentence that’s convoluted and not
clear? You actually have to read good writing because
some things won’t make sense until you see it and until you can break it down in your
mind and analyse it and then go “ohhhhh, that’s what it is! That’s how you do it! That’s how you transition from one sentence
to the next. That’s how you transition from one paragraph
to the next.” You have to be a researcher, you have to ask
questions, you have to research, then you have to analyze. And then the next step is practice. You won’t improve your writing if you don’t
practice. But now, at least, you know what you’re writing,
you know who your audience is, you know what their expectations are, and you’ve researched
what good writing is, you’ve looked at examples, you’ve broken them down, you’ve analyzed them,
so now it’s time for you to implement everything that you’ve learned. And you want to basically make your writing
look, sound, and feel like the writing that you’ve been studying. Ok? So practice, practice, practice. And then you need feedback. You don’t just want to ask your friends, though. You don’t just want to ask some random English
speaker that you know, that you work with. You want to ask somebody who understands the
type of writing that you’re doing. So, let’s say you are preparing for the IELTS
exam. You can’t just go to anybody, even if they’re
a native English speaker, and say “hey, what do you think of this writing?” Because honestly, writing is a skill that
people work to develop. And just because someone is a native English
speaker, for example, doesn’t mean that they understand how to write, and who your audience
is, what’s expected etcetera, so you need to get feedback from someone who knows what
you’re doing, why you’re doing it, what the goal is, what the expectations are. Because then they can say “oh, look, this
is a professional email that you’re trying to write, and this phrase that you used here…
this isn’t very professional and this is why.” Ok? If you talk with someone who doesn’t understand
how to write a professional email, again, even if they are a native English speaker,
the feedback you get is gonna be irrelevant. They’re not gonna know what they’re talking
about. So you have to get feedback from a source
who knows. Now, sometimes this means you might have to
pay for it. You might have to go to a website where you
can hire an editor, or somebody to go through and give you feedback. Or, hopefully, you’re lucky enough to have
a friend who can help you with this. Or maybe you have to join a program where
you practice your writing. I have no idea. But that is basically how you do it. That’s how anyone and everyone improves their
writing. That’s how I’ve improved my writing. First, by figuring out what am I writing,
who’s my audience, asking those questions, doing the research, practicing, and then getting
feedback. That’s the formula. That’s how you do it. Just remember, that there’s so many different
types of writing out there, so you need to pay attention. There’s different ways of structuring writing
depending on what you’re writing. There’s different tones that you can use in
your writing. And a tone is created by your word choices
and by your sentence structures. So as I was saying, there’s different tones
you could use depending on who you’re writing to, what effect you want your writing to have
on the audience. So, you know, this is not a simple process. This is not something that happens overnight. But as long as you are being strategic about
it, you can improve your writing reletively quickly. You just have to know what good writing is,
and what are you writing, and who is your audience, and then do the research. Figure out what you have to do to get to that
end goal. Look, grammar is a part of it, it’s obvious. You need to understand grammar. But guess what, grammar is not writing. Grammar is grammar. And sometimes you can have good writing where
the grammar is wrong and that’s part of the writing style. Sometimes that happens. In the famous book, “The Adventures of Huckleberry
Finn” by Mark Twain, that’s one of the style elements of that book. In the dialogue where the people talk with
each other, the grammar is totally messed up because it reflects how people would talk
in that time period, in that era, etcetera. So, that’s a kind of random example. But, you get the point, right? That writing is different everywhere depending
on what you’re doing. So hopefully this video was helpful. For those of you who know nothing about writing,
I know these tips are really gonna help you. For those of you who kind of already know
a lot about writing, maybe this stuff was obvious to you, and that’s good… it should
be obvious. Anyways, if you guys want 5 ways that you
can improve your writing in less than 10 minutes, and these are really specific examples, then
you can go ahead and download a free audio class that I made for you. I will link it in the description. And it’s basically the basics of good writing…
do this, don’t do that. That’s what I teach you guys in that audio
class. So, it’s linked in the description. And don’t forget to find me on Instagram and
follow me there at @theenglishcoach and @englishfulltime a new Instagram account that Istarted for
our community. Also, feel free to find me on Facebook. Follow my page there “The English Coach” and
check out the website and blog there’s some other free stuff for you guys
there, too. Anyways, that’s it! I will put all the links in the description,
and I look forward to seeing you guys in another video. Bye!

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  4. Nice class. I wrote a book in Spanish and one of my life goals is to publish it in English but I don’t have an idea of how a novel must be written. Translation services are so expensive an I don’t have such good friends. Now I have a light of what to do and it’s just the same thing that I did to learn what I know in Spanish.
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