1. Yeah ive talked to people about teaching some people for free to teach them how to optimize on YouTube but they are not taking me seriously

  2. Majority of my clients have been local or on social media from people who actually know me. I have yet to get random clients off organic search from internet, which doesn’t bother me at all. Though it is a goal I want to achieve to earn my “internet stripes”😂

  3. Thanks for the great tips. The little light circles reflecting in your eyes make you look like a superhero. or anime character 🙂

  4. 3.5k monthly. Digital marketing services. One thing that really helped me get people in the door was leveraging white labeled services to increase the value of my services. For example if you do website design you can get white label a2 hosting. Then give them first 3 month free hosting & web maintenance. It increases the value alot when you add little things like that to your service and it also will help convert monthly and recurring customers.

  5. I'm glad you put local clients first.👏🏿 Sometimes people forget that just because they work online doesn't mean they have to find all their clients online. I'm a ghostwriter, and my first/best-paying client was a family friend.

    I always tell people getting started to sent a message to EVERYONE they know letting them know what kind of work they do, and asking them to connect them with anybody who could use those services.

    It's not what you know, and it's not only who you know. It's who who you know knows.

  6. Really excited to see your Fiverr data. I used them twice. Person bid me up a little each time but ended in flat rate. Did a great job but I was still annoyed at paying the extra.

    Great guidance here as always

  7. I love your clarity in getting local business. And talking about going to local event and being active in local business with an emphasis of delivering value.

    The idea of what services people are looking for is imperative.

  8. I usually find my clients on social media, mostly IG, but a lot of them comes from my YT channel after watching my Photoshop tutorials say on YouTube banner, business card, flyers etc. My local clients however are from loved ones who recommends me or someone I've worked for, for free! Great tips Roberto!

  9. We don't have any local events, chamber of commerce or something like this. And if I want as someone from Europe international clients how can I network without being annoying?

  10. This was really helpful, Roberto! My freelance work has been slow the last few months so I can use some of these tips. Especially the small business association and chamber of commerce. That never crossed my mind. You're a life saver.

  11. Great Video Roberto! I mainly get new freelance illustration work through Upwork ( ), but since I started freelancing in 2009 I've tried to get my profile on as many freelancing sites as I could. I've even found some great jobs through Craigslist! You can't be too stingy when it comes to what sites you get work from.

  12. Can you hire me I’m a editor I can bring value to your editing I can focus on key pointers to help with you editing 🤣😂😭 no this is a great video appreciate this hey #comedy #funny #pranks

  13. Really cool video! Right now I do coaching for college students and recent grads to help them successfully launch their careers! I know I definitely need to put myself out there more to gain more clients. -Akeiva

  14. The most I've made in a month was 2k. And that was when I was stumbling and bumbling with no client guidelines, no Idea of how to screen clients, set prices or any of that. And that was all graphic design (logo, flyers, business cards, etc…). Now, I'm entering into the social media marketing space and doing the trial clients, charging little to no money to build up my case studies using them, and hopefully once I have them set nicely, I will begin to hit the local networking meetings again and market that to the business owners I meet. I'm also getting my picture/video skills up to begin to market myself as a photographer/videographer as well.

  15. Why at 11:30 did he flicker and flip sides? Was this on purpose or an editing mistake? Am I going crazy? Please tell me y’all saw it too. Great video nevertheless, lots of great info 🙂

  16. "exposure" sucks. It's a nessacery evil, especially in the beginning. I prefer to work for trade if I cant get money.

  17. Thanks for this Roberto. I'm stealing some of this and bastardizing the relevant parts for my own use. I'm not a videographer or photographer or graphic designer. I'm selling a skill in a niche (Stage Managing for Theater), which is a contract-to-contract theater gig. In other words, freelance contractual employment, but not quite the type you are talking about. If you want to make real money at what I do, you need AEA connections. So I need to really focus on connecting with theaters that employ AEA SMs.

    I have a huge resume from low pay theaters and I'm trying to push my way into a higher paying theater market. I recently event managed at a theater conference and met two people looking for SMs and I had no business cards or a resume. Luckily the Production Managers I talked to were interested enough in me that they gave me their cards and I quickly emailed them my resume. It really did show me the importance of finding events like this that connect me with local people in my market (and making business cards!!). Moving up the food-chain in my field is 100% who you know. I also need to update my website, which I abandoned as useless. But I think a business card with my website will speak a lot to Theaters that never would have looked to me for services before.

    I think the difficult part of giving away your work for free is that if you jump to deep into that pile, you keep getting recommended to people for free or extremely cheap. The hard part is finding that moment to take your rate up. In abandoning small theater, I wondered if the mid-sized and larger theaters would hire me. I know the smaller ones want me back, but they can't pay a rate that will just let me be a Freelance SM. If I ever want to just Stage Manage, without supplementary side gigs, I know I have to take the leap of having a higher rate/minimum rate I will take to run a show. And it actually is funny, sometimes theaters actually find more money when you say you love them, but your rate has gone up. I can't imagine that rule wouldn't hold for other forms of freelance/contractual work. I may be in a wildly different field then you, but I think the rules hold across the board in many basic ways.

  18. I appreciate this advice. I'm looking to move abroad and work virtually, but now I'm wondering if I should try to build a client base locally first. Do you think it's possible to start out 100% virtual, or is local/face-to-face prospecting better in the beginning?

  19. Great advice. I’m such an introvert so hard for me to talk to people for business. But I do have to hustle in the local area. Did proposals on Upwork since February but got nothing. Created an online class on Skillshare and hope to get some income there.

  20. I got my clients via networking with other YouTubers, and then them recommending me to other people and it just branching off from there.

  21. I think the opportunities in Fivrr are really plentiful, and so people are really killing it with the gigs they get!

  22. I recently got offered to put together a short drone video to survey land and got paid $100 dollars. Took me maybe 30 min total to do. A good point you made Roberto is that people/companies with a budget are ready to pay you. Right now I'm doing other quick but tedious videos that other people may not have the time to do -just to build a body of work. Since the $100 dollar transaction I am asking local businesses (through IG) if they'd like help with video/photo work for free 🙂

  23. The most I've made freelancing is $1800. Something that has worked for me is reaching out to past clients either to see if they need something new or whether they can refer you to someone else. Also, everytime I meet someone I talk about what I do and hand them a business card. Even if they don't require my services they are likely to refer to someone that is.

  24. Very informative video, thanks! Watching it got me to thinking and I have several questions:

    1) If a person is trying to sell art prints (comics, sci fi, caricature, etc.) , is making $100 a week an unrealistic goal? If so, have you had experiences that would lead you to choose another number?

    2) Including ones own personal website, are there enough online outlets (DeviantArt and the like) to scale that 5 or 10x with largely the same body of work or would it require diverse offerings per host?

    I hope the questions make sense to you. In your (or those you may know) experience is that a realistic way of thinking how to scale your profits?

  25. Glad someone is also in aggreeance with doing " some" work for exposure. I often hear creatives on Twitter bemoan about how "ARTIST SHOULD NEVER WORK FOR FREE!", "NEVER WORK FOR EXPOSURE!" , and I disagree wholeheartedly. I've come across quite a few creatives who's careers benefited tremendously from doing free work. Because of their good work on said project, their names were passed around, and they got a LOT of work. Follow what works!

  26. Thanks Roberto, for empowering those who want to live their dreams and don't want to be limited by a college degree!

  27. You probably noticed this already but their are glitches in your video at the 1:55, 3:50 and 9:35 marks.
    You did gave a lot of great points when it comes to finding clients.
    Their are definitely good and bad clients that people will be dealing with. Now that would make for an interesting video. Tell people how to deal with any kind of issue they might have with a particular client. It also might not be that it's a client that is bad. It could be yourself that have gone to far. It goes both ways.

  28. I want to be a successful online digital artist one day. I currently working a full time job while I grow and practice my art skills.

  29. Roberto, thank you so much for the encouragement to freelance! Your advice and knowledge is sinking in. ❤️ I will be working on a body of work, as you say.

    I would really love to see a video from you about boundaries and knowing when and how to walk away from clients who are pushy or asking for too much.

    Also, I would like to see some ideas on having separate branding and identity for freelancing. I have started a website, Instagram and branding of encouragement and art for cancer warriors and those going through a hard time, but I also want to freelance as a virtual assistant and they don't exactly go together. I would love to hear ideas on how to deal with that.

    I also love the purple light in your videos. 😍

  30. Cool video. The most I've made in a month through Upwork is around 3.6k. I manage more or less 27k a year in that platform and got top rated after 5 months. It's still a bit low since I only work around 10-20 hours a week. Just started on Fiverr as well.

  31. My highest paid month so far was $6000. I’ve had a few close to that. Average is more like $2.5k/mo but growing steadily.

  32. My best month was a little over $12k, translating a Japanese game to English. Sadly, not all months are like this, but things do tend to pick up in the summer months.

  33. Heya, awsome video. so want to say my value. For me I can offer a exciting new illustration to help tell the buyer's story's. It is a challenge to find clients but thanks for awesome advice.

  34. People listen and follow this mans advice and if you follow every word you can be on your way to financial freedom.

  35. Hey Roberto, as always Great Video Roberto. Have an awsome Sunday 😊 get that Netflix on the go. Lol Netflix and chill. 😎

  36. Aghh how is that purple light shining on you is it from that light behind you, it's freakin cool looking 😎💡

  37. Great video. I have never done any freelance creative work. In my niche, I can provide value by sharing personal experiences with a product. I hope some day I can have partnerships with brands I identify with.

  38. Dude! I just got to see you turn over 400,000 subscribers! That's awesome! Thanks for being an inspiration, your videos have not only been teaching me so much, but inspiring me and motivating me. You're a natural born leader Roberto! 🙂

  39. Thanks for the vids I've just got my first gig as a freelance writer wouldn't of done without these vids!

  40. Sir Roberto, I just want to ask you mentioned that your a web designer, does that mean you do some coding too?? or your just designing mock-ups and templates??

  41. Please I need help, my Main channel was suspended with no reason and the appeal is not a real help, if you know anyway to contact a real youtube assistant Please let me answer or anything that you know. Thanks for reading

  42. I have never been very successful with freelance websites like Fiverr . Most of the buyers in my opinion are looking for work to be done on the cheap and there are freelancers who will do the work. which continue to bring down the market value. In some cases I would make more money working a minimum wage job than working on some of the online freelance projects. I am a fulltime freelance animator making 70k – 90k a year mostly by building a client base. I get many of my clients by networking on Linkedin. Here is my website if interested.

  43. This is great information thanks for sharing your knowledge. I really like that you include both local and distance options.

  44. Hey, thanks for the video. I have one thing I want to add, I might have missed it in the video, but please do not try to bait and switch with rates. I see this all the time where someone says it's $5, and then I message them and say I want to buy the $5 gig for x reason, they ask me what my budget is.

    And definitely do not do crap work. I hired a guy to do my infographic and his English on his profile and messages were great. His final product was TERRIBLE. I'm guessing he outsourced the work. He DM'd me recently asking if I had more work for him. 😒

    Also, I've learned price is not an indication of skill sadly, so I always start with a small gig (Up to $50) before I invest further.

  45. Roberto: “you need to get out of the house”
    Me: …..
    😂😂😂 seriously though great stuff 👍

  46. I think the most I made off being a freelance photographer would be in the range of 2 to 3000 somewhere in there… I do alot of events and photoshoot work and weddings

  47. I’m trying to get into freelancing full time and I’ve had both my parents say I should stick to a steady full time job. I’m sure we all know full time jobs don’t mean stability anymore. I’m working on increasing my skill set and finding my niche. I recently just got my 107 certification so now I can fly drone commercially. 🙂

  48. I'm trying to start out part time freelancing as a 3d artist specifically 3d modeling of products and environments. I feel my biggest issue is not having a updated body of work to show what I can do for clients being that my work schedule and commute takes up at least 12 hours a day. I've seen many of your videos which are very helpful. I work in broadcast TV but I'd would really like to be able to freelance work fulltime.

  49. I’m a Thai content writer who earns around 200$-800$ for a month. It’s hard for me to find the clients as well. When i have a few clients, they always negotiate so low and i had to accept it because i don’t wanna lose them.. 🥺

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