How to execute Lua Scripts in FiveM (CHECK NEW VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION)

Hello guys, Kirtle here and today we will be
talking about a bunch of different things concerning FiveM. To start with, let’s
make sure we have everything we need so as you all know there was a leaked version of the lua executor by this guy sneaker which is okay now because FiveM updated and everything got outdated as well so basically we went private
now and I’ll have more about that in the description but basically I wanted to
make a new tutorial as the other one is rather old so I’ll be going about a lot
of things in FiveM today and I’ll show you a lot of stuff, so first of
all, there was a dude on UC (Unknown Cheats) that made a FiveM Cache Decrypter
and this is actually impressive so before you had to go to github but a lot
of servers changed their variables and shit so it would be impossible to find
the codes so what you want to do is start by opening your FiveM and join
your desired server okay let’s join a random server mmm-hmm. This one doesn’t have a lot of people it uses ESX okay perfect let’s try it.
So you’re basically downloading all the plugins right now and what we want to do
is get out of FiveM after we join the server so we
can use the Decrypter Tool created by Helexium okay Here I am okay let’s leave the server now and also
the game and I have an output folder here that
basically you need to open fire cache Decrypter GUI select the folder of your
FiveM Application Data ->Cache ->Priv that’s the location you want to look for
and you need an output directory I’m just going to create a new folder called output
and let’s select it and notice you have to be out of FiveM and FiveM needs to be
shut down in order for this to work just press Decrypt then it’s gonna
take a while it depends on how many files you have in your cache actually okay next thing we want to go to the
server’s FiveM website and search for our server so I was in this one and the IP
is 173 249 okay let’s get in here 173 2 4 9 and what you want to do now is
open notepad plus plus go to finding files select the server which was this one, I guess
yeah ok, find all and you will have a complete list of every events that they use
in their server so let’s go ahead and start FiveM in order to test it out okay we’re inside the game okay so the bypass is working let’s get
ourselves in the middle of nowhere, okay and let’s go ahead and browse some
commands in here so.. they have the Brinks job whatever this is and it looks like
they change the variables in here so let’s try it oh it’s small amounts okay
I’ve got a thousand dollars let’s try a different one
okay they have drugs which are still the same they have the building’s, the welcome
message, well that’s basically it guys everything changes from servers to
servers, some of these commands might not work and to be honest I don’t know why
but I can assure you all these commands in here are used in the server and
therefore they should work so you can see there’s the jail check jail release
time there should be a command to jail everyone as well, they use the database but
it’s still doable to be honest and that is basically it guys and that’s kind of
one of the things I wanted to talk with you so let’s close our FiveM and
everything else. The other thing would be but what about the bans, so if you ever
get a ban on five like the 14 days and whatever all you need to do is change
your steam account like create a new one and share the games like family sharing
on the same computer so you have (STRUGGLE)
the gta5 on your account as well even if it’s shared then you need to go to the
appdata ->local and basically all you need to do is delete the digital
entitlements folder and whenever you start FiveM again you will be
prompted to type in your social club account but all you need to do is close
that pop-up open the game again and everything should be fine as it will
register an automatic account for itself and that way you will allow avoid steam
ID bans and Rockstar bans as well so see you guys and if you have any questions
just add me on discord, see ya

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