How to Copyright a Song : Writers Versus Publishers

ANITONIO NEAL: Hey, this is Antonio Neal with
Artistic Soul Entertainment on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to talk about
copywriting a song and also publishing the song. Now, let’s talk about the difference
between a writer and a publisher, and both. Now, you’re going to find out by going through
these websites I talked about early, or, you’re going to be some places
on your phone. They’re going to ask you if you are a writer or a publisher because why
is that important? Well, this is important because of this. You could be a writer and
not be a publisher, and you could be a publisher and not be a writer. And you say, “Antonio,
you’re confusing me, man, Come on. Slow down, bro. Help me out!” Okay, let me help you.
A writer is simply that you’re a person that writes the song. That’s it. You wrote the
song. But also, you can be the writer and the publisher meaning you own the right. It’s
just like your home. A person that rents a home, they aren’t the publisher. So, let’s
just take a song, and then renting a home. If you are renting a home, you live there,
right? Yeah, but you don’t own the deed of the home meaning that person can come pretty
much any time they want as they follow the laws of that state and ask you to move out
of the house. Well, that’s what a publisher is. They own that copyright. They control
it. They decide where the song goes, who hears the song, who can cut the song, and they also
do monetary deals that deal with the copyright of the song. So, you can be a writer and actually
own that. There are publishing companies out here who actually don’t write songs, but these
publishing companies are set up for two things. It can be more of–what I’m saying two things
that are really important. They exchange for you to signing to these companies, they pay
you a salary or a draw, and they get the right to, number one, control your songs and also
exploit your songs.

18 thoughts on “How to Copyright a Song : Writers Versus Publishers

  1. i am a writer. do you have any advice where i go to show my writings to people in the industry. i have gotten rave reviews for my writing for many yrs. i need to find an outlet where sum 1 in the industry can show me a way to market my writings. hit me back.

  2. I need a publisher to listen to my songs ! One of my songs is on you tube it's a video the song Is called after all these years type in leif johnsen I have written a bunch of them I play all the instruments and write and sing all the lyrics thankyou

  3. i am a singer/writer. i wrote a song, called War Child its been on the radio.
    Brett Birks new music, and soon in the jukebox at macarts arena bar.
    where can i send it to be played, world wide.
    check out sing snap, uername ionna online.
    44 recordings of covers, not bad at all.
    prove me wrong.

  4. i am just a basic songwriter, but i love to see my songs come alive,
    in the studio. i have a stammer, but when i sing its not there.
    cant play an instrument, so when i get a song in .my head,
    i sing into a dictaphone, so i dont lose what i have got.
    when i watch a film or listen to music, this gives me .a feeling of a song.

  5. hi dorabby23, write what you are feeling, its your song. write about a journey.,..,
    love, hurt. whats on the news, about a drama. never give up.
    there is a song waiting to be born, inside you.

  6. The monologue here is too didactic. Here's my understanding of how it works: The writer creates the product (in this case, the song). The publisher controls how the product (again, the song) is distributed. Entities like BMI and ASCAP help to establish/ensure that the revenues collected from the product flow to the owner(s) of the product.

    Am I way off base here?

  7. As the writer you own the copyright automatically and then you will transfer that copyright to the publisher during the "Deal" right?

  8. copyright is originally kind of like proof that you made it, if you make a song, and you put it on soundcloud, or youtube, or whatever, and someone decides they like it so much that they are gonna take it, maybe alter it a little, and they end up making money off of it, and you find this out,you wanna take it to court that they stole your idea, how can you possibly prove that you made it originally. I know you didn't ask me, but i hope this gives you a slight idea

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