How To Bid & Win Freelancer 1st Project

In this video, I will let you know about the the process involved in bidding on freelancer. Now let’s select a job posting. Please follow my steps. Read the job posting carefully, and see what
is being demanded from you. Here you can see, the employer has clearly
mentioned that skills in Excel are required. Read Description and Instructions of job posting carefully Take a glance at the bidder bid, and compare
your bid. You can calculate any daily estimates before
submitting your bid. Now write your bid amount and Delivery Time. Now It time to start writing the proposal
for job offer, Start your proposal by Greeting the Employer,
In most of the cases Name of Employer is not known to
us, so it is better to start with HI! or Hellow! Elaborate your proposal by introducing your
self in brief, and tell the employee about your objectives, Please keep in mind about the skills which
the employer has asked for, try to mention these skills,
in your proposal. our proposal always checks for the spelling
and grammar While writing your proposal or BID. For This purpose, you can add a Grammarly
Chrome extension to your browser. Recheck your proposal before posting, add
formatting if necessary. you can see the formatting and it is for the
purpose to elaborate the skill and its use. In this case. Set a Milestone and hit the bid button.

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