How to Become a Professional Writer : Qualifications & Being a Professional Writer

REBECCA SATO: Hi. I’m Rebecca with
And we’re going to talk about how everybody has to start somewhere as a writer. So don’t
ever let anyone tell you that you’re not a writer. Did you know that the only qualification
to become a writer is to decide that you’re a writer? That’s your qualification. If you,
right now, watching this video, decide that you are a writer, it doesn’t matter if you’ve
never published a darn thing. You are now a writer, so congratulations. For those of
you who made that decision right now, you’re a writer and take pride in that. And I mentioned
J.K. Rowling in an earlier example, but she was just J.K. Rowling, you know, mother and
some odd jobs here and there. And now, she’s world famous author, so she had to start somewhere.
And before Emerson, Emerson the famous writer, he was just Emerson. So you got to keep that
in perspective and keep that in mind. Everybody started somewhere. So if you’re just sitting
there thinking, “Well, who am I to be a great writer?” Who are you not to be a great writer?

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