How to Become a Professional Writer : All About Money & Being a Professional Writer

REBECCA SATO: Hi. I’m Rebecca with Expert
Village. We’re going to talk about money. We’re going to talk about writing and money.
Because, let’s face it, even if you’re writing because you love it and you’re creative and
you’re expressing yourself, at the end of the day, we all have bills to pay. And so
it does come down to money at some point. Unless you’re independently wealthy and you’re
writing for fun and in that case, I’m really jealous and good for you but most of us aren’t
there. So let’s talk about writing as a career and how to make money. People ask me a lot,
as a writer, they’re just curious. Maybe it’s rude but I don’t take it that way. People
ask me, “How much do you make? Are you making money? Are you successful? Can you make money
as a writer?” And I don’t think they’re trying to be nosy into my personal finances. I think
they’re just curious. People wonder if you can make money as a writer because I think
a lot of people think that you can’t or that is too competitive or whatnot. But if you
think about it, there’s always going to be a need for writers. There’s always going to
be lots of people who want to read wonderful writing of all kinds. So there’s always going
to be a market for it and yes, you can make money as a writer. When I tell my friends
how much money I’m making as a writer, a lot of them are really shocked. And I just want
you to know that you can make a decent living as a writer if you want to do it full time,
and we’ll talk about how to do that next.

2 thoughts on “How to Become a Professional Writer : All About Money & Being a Professional Writer

  1. Money and writing go together.

    If you are thinking about being a freelancer but don't care about money, choose another line of work.

    You can't call yourself a real writer unless you are making some kind of income. If even if you make $200 a years, that's an income-but I would recommend that.
    My advice: Make financial goals. Determine what would work for you income wise as a writer and aim for it. Also, live a simpler life.
    This has been a tip from a smartass.

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