How To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

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it’s J.T. from Work It Daily. And today I’m gonna be talking about how to apply for a job and
actually get an interview. Before I begin though I wanna remind you if you’ve got questions or comments make sure to post them down below and of course hit the subscribe button so that you can get our
content on a regular basis. Okay, I’m talking to all
those people out here today who have applied to jobs
online and feel like it went into a big black hole. Raise your hand if you
are completely frustrated but the whole online application process. You are not alone, millions of people are really sick and tired of this, they feel like they’re getting nowhere. And that’s because they
are getting nowhere. It is actually harder
today, believe it or not, harder to apply for a job and get an interview than ever before. And I’ve written about this,
I’ve talked about this, people don’t understand that
technology’s actually made it more challenging, it’s
created more barriers for you to be able to speak to somebody. So we’ve gotta figure out
how to remove those barriers, how to increase the chances
that someone will actually talk to you and that’s what I’m gonna be breaking down for you today. Now there are six steps that
I’m gonna walk you through today and I guarantee you, some of these you have ever heard before. So grab a pen or pencil
and take some notes because you’re gonna wanna
follow these six steps to the letter so that you
can start to get people to contact you and dialogue
with you at these employers. Okay, all right, let’s
get down to business. Step number one is for you to follow the employer on social media. Specifically Glassdoor,
LinkedIn, and Facebook, those are the must haves. But additionally, check out and see if they’re on Twitter,
if they’re on Instagram, even Snapchat, I want you to stalk their social media profiles. Why do I want you to do this? Well, companies today understand that in order to attract the best talent, they need to market themselves. We call it employment branding and more and more companies
are doing this these days so that you can get a 360 degree view of what it’s like to work there. This is valuable
information, it’s not only going to help you prepare for interviews, help you understand the
company, help you know what to say when you talk to them. But even better, you can
eventually have a dialogue with these employers,
right through social media. Think about it, that’s
what social media is for. Now I want you to imagine that
you follow these companies and you start liking and
sharing some of their stuff. Think about when a total
strange likes and shares your stuff on social
media, what do you do? You go check ’em out, right. You wanna see who they
are, what are they about. Well the same thing
happens with employers. When you start liking
and sharing their stuff, that social media manager
is paying attention. And eventually, you could direct message or even tweet or whatever it is and say, hey, I’m a fan of your company and I’m curious if you have any advice on how I could stand out
when I apply for a job. Don’t think you’ll get a response? You are wrong, I know for a fact you will. In fact did I did an
experiment on this last year, specifically on Instagram. I followed a bunch of
companies and then I asked them for tips on how to stand out
in the application process. They responded, they were excited and they even shared
that information with me. So no excuses here folks, social media, we’re all used to using it, why can you use it when it comes to connecting with employers. Such a great way for
you to better prepare. Okay, step number two, I
want you to write something called a disruptive cover letter. Now be sure to check out
my video on cover letters, the link is down below. I want you to understand
that today’s cover letter has to be different, disruptive. Now what do I mean by that? It has to get the person at hello. So it’s not gonna be
your boring, outdated, traditional cover letter
which is a total snooze fest where you just talk all about yourself and all that stuff that you write about could be found in the resume. This is a story about how you feel connected to the employer. How you know what they do,
the product or the service they provide is different,
better, faster, cheaper. Whatever it is, you’re
gonna tell the story that makes you feel
connected to their brand. And that’s really
important because companies wanna hire people who understand them, who get them, who feel like
they’re a member of their tribe. And that is what a disruptive
cover letter is all about. Now you need to have this thing good to go before you apply because
the rest of the steps that I’m gonna show you are
gonna increase the chances that they immediately respond to you, espy when they read your
disruptive cover letter. So you’ve gotta be ready to go with this. So write your disruptive cover letter, think about how you feel
connected to that employer, and then you’re ready for the next step. Okay so step number three
is about being selective in who you apply to. I see a lot of job seekers
today doing what we call spraying and praying, and that’s applying to absolutely everything,
hoping that something sticks. This does not work, it is a
complete waste of your time. Studies show that if you
aren’t a 90 to 100% match for a particular position,
you will be tossed from the applicant tracking system. So you have to find job opportunities where you truly are a 90 to 100% match. And the way to do that is to take a look at all the skill sets they’ve listed, and ask yourself, do I have examples from my professional
path where I can prove that I have that skill set. If you can’t say that, then you aren’t going to be able to apply online because you’re just gonna be automatically tossed from the system. Now that’s not to say that
you couldn’t do this job and it’s not to say that you
couldn’t apply in another way but that’s a video for another day. We teach you to go around
the applicant tracking system at Work It Daily, and if you
wanna learn more about that be sure to check out the links below. But for today’s video, this
is about applying to a job online and getting a call and
one of the criteria for that has to be that you only apply to jobs where you truly are a 90 to 100% match. Now what is that? Because eight out of of 10 times, your application is being tossed by the applicant tracking system. Companies today have now
put these systems in place because they sometimes
get thousands of resumes for just one job. There is no physical way a
hiring manager or recruiter could go through every single application. So they have to have a
system for weeding it out. These application tracking
systems will go through an remove anybody that doesn’t have the exact skill sets they’re looking for. That’s why it’s so important
that each and every time you apply, you know you are almost a perfect match for the job. Okay, so step number four is about where to apply for the job. Because a lot of companies today will have the same job posting in
many different places. Some people are spending their time on some of the old job
boards like Monster, Career Builder, Indeed. I’m gonna tell you, and
I’ll probably get in trouble for this, to not waste
your time on those sites. There’s too many people on them, there’s too many applications
going through them. We’re talking about trying to make your application stand out. So believe it or not,
there are three places where you should look, and in this order. First I want you to go over to Glassdoor. Glassdoor is the number
two, fastest growing job site in the world. And the reason for that
is that companies know that anybody who goes
to their Glassdoor page is really studying them and
thinking about working for them. So if they have a job posting there, and you apply, it’s two times more likely that you’re gonna get response from them because they’re very focused on the talent that is applying through their channel. That’s really important,
you want somebody, a human eye to take a
look at your application. So Glassdoor would be my first step. If they don’t have a
job posting on Glassdoor I want you to go over to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the number one
professional development platform and a lot of recruiters
use this platform as well. So if they have the job
posting there, once again, it’s more likely that a
human eye will see it. And then third, if they
don’t have a job posting on Glassdoor or LinkedIn, go over to their actual company website and apply through their career page. This will go into their
application tracking system, but again, if you’re following step three which is being a 90 to 100% match, at least you’re gonna increase the chances that you make it through
the ATS screening process. So step five is all about
the application itself. And my advice to you is to
fill out every single field. A lot of people don’t know this but these online systems
will often toss somebody if they leave a field blank. Even if you have to put in
something like not applicable, or don’t have this information,
at least you’re filling it with keywords and not
automatically being disqualified for not filling in the field. So again my advice to
you, every single field gets filled out, even
with information that says not applicable so that you can at least be considered for this job. So my last step is around
actually connecting with people at the company. Once you’ve filled out
this application process, you still wanna be able to do
find somebody to connect with. And there’s two ways that you can do this. First, you can go on social
media site like LinkedIn and take a lot and see
if anybody that you know knows somebody at the company. That’s called a second-degree connection. And if you can find a
second-degree connection, you should ask the person that you know that knows that person who works at the company to introduce you. What you should do is
put together a short note explaining the highlights of
that disruptive cover letter where you say this is
why my other company, this is why I’d love to work for them, I’d love to hear from this individual what they think it would take
to stand out and get hired. Notice you’re not asking for them to walk your materials in. You’re not asking them
to help you get a job. What you’re saying is, I
wanna talk to that person and learn what I can do
to better prepare myself, to better stand out to earn the interview and the job myself. That’s the right way for you
to ask for that introduction. Now if you don’t know anybody, the next step would be
to find either somebody in recruiting or HR or
even the department head of the job that you’re applying to. And you could again,
start to look for this on channels like LinkedIn. And what you wanna do
is ask those individuals to connect with you, via LinkedIn. You should customize
that connection request and say hey, I came across your profile while I was researching xyz
company, I’d love to connect. In that introduction, don’t
get into the specifics of the fact that you applied for a job and you wanna talk to them. Just tell them why you admire the company and can you connect. And that’s because you
only have 300 characters when you ask for a connection
request on LinkedIn. Now once you’ve connected
then you can send the person an In-mail, and that’s where you would say hey, I’m a huge fan of
the company, attached is a cover letter where I explain why I’m so passionate and why I’d love to work there someday. I recently applied for the xyz job and I would be incredibly grateful if you could give me
any advice or guidance on how I can better stand out and eventually earn a
position with your company. Again, this point, you’re
asking this recruiter, HR manager, or hiring
manager, very specifically to take a look at your story about why you feel connected to the company and seeking advice on what
you can do to stand out. You’re not asking them for the job, you’re not asking them for the interview, you’re asking them for the insight in terms of what you can
do to earn that interview. And that very subtle change
in how you ask that is is very respectful and
will make a difference in terms of whether or
not they respond to you. Now why do I want you to do this? Because it’s going to allow them to go over to the
applicant’s tracking system, pull your application from the pile and take a look at you. And that’s what we’re trying
to make happen, right, we’re trying to help you get past that ATS and into the hands of somebody who will take a look at your credentials. So you can see this
last step in the process is key in order to connect all the dots and increase the chances
that you get that interview. Okay, so to recap quickly, step one, follow the company on social media, like and share their information. And even ask them about what you can do to stand out when you apply for a job. Step two, create a
disruptive cover letter. For more information on that, check out my video in the links below. Step three, remember only
to focus on companies and opportunities where you have a 90% to 100% match of the skillset. You cannot waste your time if are not an exact match. Step four, think about where you apply. Glassdoor first, LinkedIn
second, career’s page third. Step five, fill out every single field. Do not skip a space, anywhere in there or you could be disqualified. And step six, bring it all together, by finding people at the company that you can connect with, so that you can introduce
your disruptive cover letter and ask them what it takes
to earn an interview there. This will help get your application pulled from the pile and noticed. Okay, so now that you
have these six steps, I wanna let you in on a little secret. People who use this process
end up getting interviews. Which means you need to be
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