How Much Do Copywriters Really Earn?

– Let me show you something
very cool from my office. This is one of my wealth triggers. Something that I would
draw inspiration from. I’ll read this out loud to you. This actually should
belong to a Disney museum. This is the minutes of a special meeting of the board of directors
of Walt Disney Incorporated. A special meeting of
the board of directors of Walt Disney Incorporated
was held at the principle office, 1953 March 17th. The president then announced
that the corporation should open two bank accounts. One in the name of Walt
Disney Incorporated, and the other in the name
of Zorro Productions. This is where, the time, that the entire Walt Disney empire was built. It all originated from
this particular meeting, and signed by Walt Disney himself. And here, I love this little quote here, “It all started with a mouse.” See, the power of creativity
and don’t underestimate what you could do with a pen, an idea, a concept, and look where we are today. How much do copywriters really earn? How much money do
copywriters actually make? Now, very much, that
depends on how much effort you put into it and who do you write for and what kind of niche do you focus on. You see, there are basically
three types of copywriters. You have the copywriters
who are writing copy for their own businesses, for their own product and services. They’re selling their own things. That’s one type of copywriter. The second type of copywriter is they are writing for agencies. Meaning, like say, advertising
agencies, digital agencies. They have clients already in place and the copywriter’s
basically kinda hiding behind the scenes, being
the silent rainmaker, and helping them writing
for their clients. And then the third type is, you’re actually a freelance copywriter, and you’re writing for
businesses and companies, or entrepreneurs. So those three types of copywriters. You see, copywriting continues to be one of the highest pay
and in demand professions in the world that very
few people know about, because we don’t think about it. Every single email that you
get, it is promoting something. Every ad that you see on social media, every landing page, every description when you
go to a E-commerce website that entourages and compel
you to buy something, private message, LinkedIn, description. All these things that’s out there, they are written by copywriters. So if you think about it,
copy is literally everywhere. And companies continue,
because of the social media, continue to need copywriters to help them to craft compelling copy, sales copy that motivates
people to take an action. Sometimes maybe not to make a purchase, sometimes it’s to put up their hand and say download something,
or get a free demo, a free walkthrough, a
meeting or a phone call. I could go on, and on, and on, and on. So this is why this is such
a powerful opportunity, as now, with so much more
information out there, there are way more platforms. Copywriters will always be in demand. Now, the next question is, so, and how much could I make as a copywriter? That depends. There are copywriters who
are making a full time income just doing part time work. They’re working a couple of hours a day and they’re writing copy. There are copywriters who
are making five figures, there are copywriters making six figure. There are copywriters
making multiple six figures. I even know some copywriters
making seven figure income, writing copy, that’s correct. You heard me right, seven
figure income writing copy. Why? Because they understand that they are not in the writing business. One of the things I teach is, they are in the revenue
generating business. The reasons why companies
are willing to pay what seems to most people
an obscene amount of money for copywriters, because the copy that
they produce and create brings in revenue, brings in
leads, brings in customers for those companies. So if they spend 50 cents a dollar, and they’re getting $10, $20 back, of course it’s a now
brainer, now isn’t it? This is why copywriters, we are the silent rainmakers. People don’t understand
the power of what we do, the power with our written words. So where can you learn
how to do copywriting? I get this questions a lot. Now, you don’t need to go back to school and spend four years. You don’t need any formal
education to learn copywriting, but you do need someone
to show you the ropes. Kind of show you how it’s done. There are system, there’s step by steps on how to do this. And that’s why we created the High-Income Copywriter
Certification Program. If you follow me on social media, you know that my first high
income skill was copywriting. That was the skill that
transformed my life and my family’s life. With High-Income Copywriter
Certification Program, you’ll go on a seven week journey with me, where I’m gonna personally mentor you. And take you from what is copywriting, to becoming a high in demand and high-income copywriter. If this is something that
you’ve been thinking about that you wanting to become a copywriter, you want to learn to skill, or you’ve been searching for
this for a long, long time, or you been waiting for me to
teach this particular program to transfer this skill to you, this is your time. Click the link here or somewhere here, and check out our free preview webinar. We only teach this program
a few times a year, and the new season is
starting very, very soon. So click on that and check
it out, and see for yourself.

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