How I Changed My World Using Scripting

Hi this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson from The
Girl Next Door today I want to talk to you about how I
change my world using scripting. Again How I changed my world using scripting.
You’re probably saying okay but you just did a video on scripting.
What else can you tell us. Well the reason I’m talking about this is because
I get people asking about information about scripting. So now you’re probably
saying okay, now what do you have to say about scripting changing your life. I can
actually say it was a combination of many things. Of scripting which is
writing visualization vision boards affirmations. It was a little bit of
everything. Now I’m gonna give you a little bit of information about me and
then you tell me do you believe me or not. All of you guys probably know me as
the nurse practitioner that does metaphysics. Okay now what I want to tell
you is that this was not always so.It was many years ago but it was not always
so. I worked myself up the ladder I was always determined but I always
believed in unknown. I’ve always was interested and
fascinated with the unknown. I was always a believer of the law of attraction. At
that time we didn’t call it the law of attraction. I just called it creating the
life that you want to create. Okay. I had a very vivid imagination. I always did.
That either works for the best or it worked for the worst.
But I understand how I created things in my life.Now I told you guys before I
always wrote something out and I showed you guys my books before. I have one book
that states what it is that I want and then I have another book that states all
things are possible. So once it went in this book this is
what I was trying to create and when it went in this book that meant I created
it. Now I do a lot of things usually at night. That’s the time when I feel
comfortable. I feel like I’m being myself. I feel like I’m in my own area. So those
are the times that I usually write out whatever it is I’m trying to do. I make
my vision boards. I find pictures and print them out. I go down to Walgreens at
night as most of the time I would say 90% of the time when I’m to myself is
when I actually do these things. So your probably saying well Eyvette how did
scripting change your life. Well I can tell you that I used to write everything
out. I would write things out, daydream oh my God
I was always day dreaming and always writing something out that I wanted. I
would write notes to myself.At that time we did not call the scripting. I just
called it talking to myself and I used to write things out to myself. Letting me
know what …. letting myself know what it is that I
was trying to create in my life. Let me tell you. I graduated high school at 16
I then went to college and I got my business degree my nursing degree my
bachelor’s my master’s. I purchased my first house. I purchased my apartment
building. I was always driving around with nice cars
the thing is I did these things because I had a vision. I had a vision that I
could have these things. Now I did housecleaning, food service,
direct care and I just did more and more and more. So you see everything was not
always right there for me. I moved up the ladder. People might say well you’re a
nurse now and you have the money now to do whatever you want to do. What do you
people think. You guys think I’m Donald Trump or something. I have my salary but
I have been able to do what the normal person with my salary would be unable to
do. I am in a townhouse that probably the whole area runs like 600-650 and I got
mine for much less than what the other people purchased theirs for. How did I
get it. I wrote out what I exactly what exactly what I wanted. I read it multiple
times. I wrote it in the book. I wrote it in different areas. I wrote what I want
on little index cards. I did all of these things and all of a sudden I was in this
house. I have here something that I wrote oh my God March 18 March 8th 2014.
It says here town house two floors small backyard fireplace walk-in closets
garage large bed bedrooms updated kitchen near all, and what I wrote here
just to give you guys an example. I have a loving home of my own. I have a
townhouse near the water and a town near stores and in walking distance. I own my
townhouse at a price that can be easy that is easy affordable. I am safe my
home is protected my taxes are low and remain low. I live in a multicultural
neighborhood right now I have great neighbors.
Right now I have the two bedrooms when another bedroom downstairs. I have wood
floors. I have a office fireplace I have chocolate kitchen cabinets stainless
steel appliances. My home is very bright with a lot of sunlight. I have a master
bedroom with walk-in closets master bath and a balcony in the bedroom. Either
balcony or a patio in my bedroom. You guys I’m not lying.
This one was written 2014. I didn’t move in here into 2016. This one
right here was written somewhere around that time, because I were right and then
I were right again now. Not only did I did that. I have my vision board. Now I want to
remind you guys; even though, it’s not considered scripting. I was taking
pictures, cutting them out, taking them down to Walgreens, typing on the picture
what I wanted it to say before I printed it out. I then will make my vision board.
My vision board, I would be writing out on my vision board what it is that I
desire. Again writing, writing, writing pictures pictures pictures.
I am visualizing what I want. Writing out what I want. Reading what I wanted. Acting
as an affirmation and one by one these things came into my reality. On my salary
I should not be here, but I am. As a nurse practitioner the job that I have right
now people usually don’t leave. when I actually made up my mind to start
working at my present job as a nurse practitioner, the person within two days
decided to retire or retired and I moved right on in. So what I’m trying to tell
you is scripting changed my life. Either I was either writing.
I was visualizing or saying affirmations. Now remind you again the affirmations
was within my scripting because I was reading it out in the present tense.
Remember people, whatever you writing whatever you’re visualizing or
whatever affirmations you’re saying, it has to be in the present tense because
if you have at a distant time it’s going to remain in
the distance. You want it to be right now. This is what it is at this moment. So the
same way you are doing visualization it’s the same way you’re going to be
doing your scripting. Your scripting should be no difference from what you’re
visualizing. If you’re visualizing yourself jumping
up and down being congratulated because you just got a position. Your scripting
should be thank you God for the for blessing me with my promotion.
Everybody is congratulating me right now. I am so happy that I got this new job.
There should be no difference between your scripting and there should be no
difference between your visualization and there should be no difference
between your affirmations. If you keep this up and you imagine, have fun. Why is
it I’m getting people writing me stressing about creating the life they
desire.When you stress you are making a negative affirmation. So if you need a car and
you’re trying to manifest a car and you’re stressing over what it is you’re
doing. Saying it’s not working. You are actually getting what you want because
you are stressing over. You are actually blocking what it is you’re trying to
create. You’re writing out what it is have fun let it go.
Read it in the morning. Read it at night. Let it go! You know! Write it over again
in a couple of days. Read it morning and read it at night and let it go. Then
during the day while you’re working or you’re just sitting there or you’re
waiting on line. Imagine what is that you want. If something is not
working out for you do not say the law of attraction is not working for you. The
law of attraction is a Universal Law . It is what it is. Just as if gravity is
universal law and and the law of gender. There’s males and females. There’s gravity.
okay! There’s cause and effect. It has to be. That is just law. So the same thing with
the law of attraction. You’re always getting what you want. It may not be what
you thought you were gonna get. But deep inside is what you put out to the
universe and that’s what came back to you. Okay! So whatever your vibrating is
whatever’s coming back to you. That’s why it’s important to do scripting . That’s
why it’s important to write out what you want in the present tense. That’s why
it’s important to read it out every time. You read these things out every time you
write it. You are giving your subconscious feedback into what it is
you want to create in your life and you’re stating it in the present tense.
Stating this is possible for me. This is possible because I’m writing it out and
this is what it is. So I’m telling you guys. If you’re trying
to create the life you want. Listen to me because I did it. I really did. So this
video was on how I changed my world using scripting. If you like this video
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Pinterest. Okay again this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics. Namaste

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    May you continue on your path in good health, more prosperity and joy!
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