House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

18 thoughts on “House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Democrat islamo nazi party propaganda. Illegally want to impeach because POTUS Trump's too successful loves Americans. Ain't gonna happen moral, sophisticated, politically literate adults know it's a hoax to refocus away from their corruption. Democrats running desperate useless, worthless trash contribute nothing to USA, society, humanity. Ditto, MSNBC.

  2. What happened to the story in politico in January of 2017 were government officials of Ukraine were helping the democrats and Hillary campaign dig up dirt on President Trump. Ukrainian officials scrambled to make up with President Trump after he was elected. Having never expected him to be. By the way, at the same time Ukraine was helping Hillary the Russians were also helping. Where in the h*** are all the so called investigative reporters??!!!
    Do you ever wonder how many years the democrats and never trumpers and the main stream media have been gas lighting and lying to the American people the American people .

  3. While they are at it, they should ask for all the communications between Trump and Putin as well as Trump and MBS.

  4. Israel’s attorney general says he has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a series of corruption charges.


    Bill Barr has been traveling the world to pressure allies into investigating American intelligence services in hopes of proving conspiracy theories about Robert Mueller's investigation have poured salt into it.

    The U.S Department of Justice and the attorney general are not established by the Constitution. They are created by statute and Congress could abolish them tomorrow.

  5. Subpoena all you like they ain't going to get anything from the WH. As with all previous subpoena's they'll simply be ignored.
    WOW USA have you got some problems, your entire legal/government system is collapsing!! The Orangeman is giving you all the middle finger whilst laughing at you.

  6. A subpoena is not asking you to show, a subpoena is telling you to show.. Send the Sergeant At Arms to round them up.

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