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(upbeat music) – Excuse the look, but it’s
freezing and it’s raining but I was attempting to get some exercise. I’ve been editing all day, The Kids in the Club. And it’s been a bit stressful today. I’m struggling with a new animator getting the animation the way I want it ans also their kind of, their tone, the way they, yeah, I don’t know. I’d like to think to be quite
easy to work with, friendly, and it’s not quite
working out for equally, we’re going through the painful bit and maybe on the other side
of this it’ll be easier. (upbeat music) Quite a big thing to tell you about is that I’ve started working for a writer to produce articles for
the Being Freelance website which feels big because previously
I’ve been buying things. Whilst I can write, I’m not
necessarily the best writer or the quickest writer and
I certainly don’t think in the way that writers
who write blog posts all the time think which they think about keywords, and SEO titles,
and the layout of it, the structure of it in
ways that I just wouldn’t. Today we published our first one. It’s all about the
benefits of entering awards for freelancers. Here’s the thing. It’s like I’ve gone, look,
these are loads of interviews that I think would be good for it. She has trolled through them
all, through the transcripts and listened to them,
pulled out the quotes, thought of the structure of it, and then, I mean, this
is big thing as well. I’ve been giving her access to
the Being Freelance website, so created an account for her to create it and put in the picture and blah blah blah. But then I’ve gone in and made suggestions or just rewritten bits of it. While she’s done a good
job of sounding like me, clearly making it sounds more like me because it is me. And the thing is, I have
been wanting to write that article for like, two years. I knew there were all
these great quotes there. I knew it could be really useful. But I just haven’t gotten around to it ’cause it’s quite a task. And so yeah, hiring somebody else to help has really worked and I’m really pleased with how it’s come out. (upbeat music) Ahhh. (upbeat music) So this morning we were
hanging out with my brother and the kids and in fact, just a few hours ago
this was covered in clay but, still is in places, doing
pottery stuff with the kids and we walked into town,
had pizza together, and then dropped the kids
at their friend’s house. Now, they’re gonna be there
for about the next four hours so I got a bit of time now
and we can do some work to finish off the week, which is good because what’s been
nice, as you’ve noticed, I have been doing bits and pieces of work but, as far as my clients are concerned, I’m off this week, which means
they don’t expect me to get back in touch straight away. And it’s even okay to
reply to them the next day. The pressure is off and I
think that’s kind of key so even if I choose to do bits of work, the pressure isn’t there which
means that I can let myself have fun with the kids
and not stress about work. So I think that’s a
really important thing. Also, when I woke up this morning, very exciting, Doing It For The Kids have featured a blog post I wrote. And a big part of that
community is also on Instagram so it was really nice seeing
her promote it on Instagram and reading people’s comments
’cause it’s all about being a freelance parent
and taking time off. Yeah, I was a bit
worried about some people taking it the wrong way
and then feeling guilty if they hadn’t taken time off. Where it was more about that
self realisation that it’s okay to take time off. Rather than my default position
which was what it used to be I have to work, work, work, and, you know, find something
else for my kids to do. Now I’ve realised it’s okay
for me to take the time off. It puts your kids first and you first and then your client comes second. But your client’s okay
with that because they know that you’re off. (upbeat music) (girl screams) Well, I’ve been sitting
reading Gary Vee’s crushing it while gettin’ the car washed. And it’s convinced me that actually I have to get a Facebook page. (children’s music) – (girl) Have you watched this one? – So, it’s like, a half 11 Saturday night and I have spent the last few
hours editing the podcast. By the way, very good, Michelle Kondrich, who is excellent, follow the link below also to every gate your podcast. But, yes, while I was sitting there partially editing it while
the kids and my wife and me were watching TV. Once they’d gone to bed and
my wife was playing Zelda and I was still sitting there with the cat editing away and now I
still haven’t uploaded it which means in the
morning I’m gonna have to do all the publishing and the
show notes and all of that so another hour or two tomorrow morning. Frankly, right now I’m
sitting here thinking why have I not hired those
guys who offered to help me. I guess like a podcast
production promotion company. They edit podcasts. But more importantly than that,
they help you promote them. (laughs) I’ve been mulling over
for ages now, you know, hiring somebody to help me
with editing when I need it and for writing show
notes or what have you. And I’m not quite sure
what’s holding me back, maybe money, but maybe just
because I know I can do it and actually I enjoy doing it. But whilst I enjoy doing it, do I really wanna be
spending all Saturday night until late doing it? Maybe it’s time I stop being an idiot and give them a call. (upbeat music) You know, it’s just been
really nice this week to slow down, to still do business work, but to spend time with the kids because otherwise life
just becomes a blur. But when you slow down,
you see the detail. You notice the colour and the quirks. Like the man with the
parrot on his shoulder. (upbeat music)

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