Here’s What You Need To Know About Rambo: Last Blood

If you’re looking for the lowdown on the fifth
Rambo film, you’re in the right place. Before you head out to see Sly Stallone lay
waste to some bad guys again, here’s everything you need to know about what the soldier is
up to in ​Rambo: Last Blood. Remember: he’ll give you a war you won’t believe. “…death is coming.” While the Rambo series is definitely one of
Stallone’s babies, there are still a lot of other people helping to bring the latest story
to life. Adrian Grunberg is in the director’s chair
for Last Blood. It’s only his second feature film as director,
following the 2012 Mel Gibson vehicle Get the Gringo. However, Grunberg has served as an assistant
director or second unit director on several films since the ’90s, including Apocalypto,
Jarhead, Man on Fire, and The Legend of Zorro. Last Blood’s screenplay is credited to Matthew
Cirulnick. Like Grunberg, the writer doesn’t have a ton
of credits to his name his most high-profile credit to date is as creator of the Amazon
series Absentia. Unsurprisingly, Stallone also had a hand in
writing the film. David Morrell receives the standard “based
on characters by” credit for his 1972 novel First Blood, though the author has clarified
that he’s had no involvement with the Rambo films since the first three. We’ll be able to see what happens in the new
one when it hits theaters on September 19, 2019. Rambo has evolved quite a bit over the decades. What started as a somewhat quiet, psychological
exploration of the effects of war has turned into a massive spectacle of revenge and blood-soaked
slaughter as the films have progressed. Last Blood will continue to ratchet up the
body count when John Rambo takes on a violent Mexican cartel. Reportedly, the movie’s plot will feature
John Rambo as a ranch hand in Arizona struggling with PTSD and keeping busy by taking odd jobs. He learns that the daughter of a long-time
friend has been kidnapped while partying in Mexico, and he crosses the border to rescue
her. He teams with a journalist who is investigating
a series of kidnappings, and the two uncover a sex trafficking ring run by a drug cartel. Naturally, he then goes Rambo on everyone
involved. From the look of things, Last Blood will feature
a slightly different tone than the series has featured in the last few entries. For starters, it seems like they are dealing
with the fact that Stallone is in his 70s in a smart way John Rambo looks to be going
back to his roots a bit with his tactics. The trailer shows off a series of traps that
the wily soldier has set up to fight off his enemies, utilizing the same guerrilla tactics
he used back in his heyday. It also looks to be leaning into the Western
motif, with an epic trailer remix of “Old Town Road” inexplicably playing throughout. You really can’t get away from that song. Interestingly, Rambo: Last Blood looks to
have little to do with previous entries in the series. The film has been compared to Logan, the definitive
Wolverine movie, showing what happens when a pop culture hero stops adventuring so much
as he nears the end of his life. Going along with this theme, there aren’t
many returning characters from previous Rambo films in this fifth entry. It makes sense: 2008’s Rambo was set in Burma,
halfway across the world from the American southwest and Mexico settings of Last Blood. Obviously, the one common thread here is John
Rambo himself, Sylvester Stallone. Like Logan, it appears that Stallone’s character
is still struggling with his past the things he’s experienced as well as the things he’s
done and this looks to be a chance for him to silence some of his inner torments. The story surrounding the war veteran has
evolved throughout the film series, so it will be interesting to see what Last Blood
adds to the backstory of John Rambo. Almost all of the cast of Rambo: Last Blood
is new to the franchise, but one in particular we need to point out is Sergio Peris-Mancheta,
who will play Hugo Martinez in the film also known as at least one of the movie’s villains. The character has been described as the leader
of the cartel that Rambo crosses paths with, and it looks like he will make the hero go
through hell and back to win the day. The Madrid-born Peris-Mancheta is more well-known
to Spanish audiences than American ones. But American viewers might recognize him from
Resident Evil: Afterlife, the movie Life Itself, or the FX series Snowfall. There are plenty of other strong actors who
will appear alongside Sly Stallone in Rambo: Last Blood. Paz Vega will play Carmen Delgado, the journalist
who teams with Rambo to track down the kidnapping victims. You might have seen her before in projects
like The OA and Spanglish. Some of the other big names that stand out
include Oscar Jaenada from The Losers, The Shallows, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On
Stranger Tides and Louis Mandylor from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Finally, one other cast member we’re really
excited about is Adriana Barraza, previously seen in movies like Babel, Thor, and Drag
Me To Hell. If you’ve come late to the Rambo game, you
may not understand the significance of the title
“Last Blood.” It works in a few different ways, but the
most obvious is what ties it back to the original film. “But the time has come to face my past.” The first film didn’t even have “Rambo” in
the title, instead like the novel it’s based on simply being titled First Blood. The second film added the character’s name,
bringing us Rambo: First Blood Part II. So it seems like this latest release is trying
to tie itself more to the tone of the original two films than the more over-the-top styles
of the third and fourth movies. It also could signal that this is Stallone’s
last go as John Rambo. On the other hand, it seemed unlikely that
a fifth film would even happen, and Stallone has said he’d be glad to reprise the role
if Last Blood is successful. So don’t take that title too literally. “New Blood,” anyone? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Here’s What You Need To Know About Rambo: Last Blood

  1. First Blood is a classic & one of the 1st movies that I remember renting from the video store so it is pretty special to me!If Last Blood is half as good as it I’ll be a happy man 😁

  2. I feel that song is going to kill the mood of the movie. Personally I feel it is a dumb choice of music for the movie. Disappointed

  3. Damn Stallone is starting to look like an old grandmother… Funny as hell. How are you enjoying the perks of being a LUCIFERIAN, now? Not so great once they start aging… We all age as the gender we were born.

    Transpocalypse Channel.

  4. It is better if Stallone did what other former heroes do…stop acting like a hero anymore… it's over for him..73 and aging. Clint Eastwood and Arnold took the right step…act like a father or grandpa…

  5. One thing is True with them all. Adbin Real life, those who have had to live that Life, can't just turn it off. There will be issues with it for many years to come.. Some deal with it Well, some not !!!!

  6. If your gonna tell us what we need to know then it seems like you would actually know what the movie is about. Its his niece that gets kidnapped. Come on wake up.

  7. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Rambo is a legend

  8. Thank God for Sylvester Stallone… Hollywood has come to make a LOT of films that SUCK… Hollywood these days is VERY PREACHY with their movie making… preach all you want, but if I don't want to HEAR the message…I will NOT WATCH… PERIOD… as Brad Pitt makes a movie that portrays men as VILLAINS…Stallone makes movies where REAL MEN may have problems, but we're STRONG when we need to be… I'll take that over all the comic book movies and "alternative lifestyle" promotion ANY DAY… I GOT IT… they're different people out there, but ordinary men like me are STILL out here… we want RESPECT TOO!

  9. The first 3 Rambo movies sucked. Typical cheesy 80s garbage. Number 4 was how Rambo should have been all the way along. A murderous, sick minded killing machine.

  10. Cool… But what came to my mind after seeing this Trailer/Plot is "Alejandro/Benicio del Toro" if a "SICARIO 3" is ever made upon him retrieving the Gal he rescued from the Cartel/Traffickers/U.S.hands & retrieving her again …..

  11. Rambo……………dont forget me………. I was so upset when Julia Nickson died in Rambo II. She should have never died and Rambo should have taken her back to America to start a family.

  12. I think they should reboot the whole thing. Start off with Rambo joining the army and meeting Troutman then going to Vietnam. Can end with Rambo saving his fellow soldiers while being captured. Sequel can be him being tortured and escaping his captors after the US pulled out of Vietnam leaving him feeling like he was left behind. Third movie can be either the events leading up to first blood or remake of that.

  13. Plus: Rambo got Americans thinking that the United States of idiots won The Vietnam War. And dickhead Sly Stallone exploiting the victims of The Vietnam War. The United States today still has not paid any compensation to the Vietnamese. Estimates of the number of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians killed vary from 966,000 to 3.8 million. Some 275,000–310,000 Cambodians. I hope the prick Stallone burns in hell. Plus: We Are All Paying the Price for America’s Reckless War Spending. And the consequences are expected to be ruinous for the long-term fiscal health of the United States. Can't wait to see Stallone and his family bombed or suffer, indeed.

  14. There's gonna be another Rambo sequel coming after this titled Rambo: the very last blood.. and then after that will be Rambo; the very very last blood promise..

  15. Much gratitude to Looper for this.
    -so astonishing to see a budding superstar from the later 70's?
    Still, incredibly – making quality films.
    And for a hard-to-please audience (The Action Crowd).
    Even when plundering – we have a special spot in our hearts for John Rambo
    (much praise to John Morrell, the author of FIRST BLOOD – what a great observer/writer is John).
    Sly of course has added wisdom to the mix, intellect, insights – an ability to cross examine Rambo's
    self. Even remorse. A character that's come all the way around.
    Which is what you want – i.e. maturity to a great action character/figure.
    Thanks and God Bless Sly for inspiring so MANY of us.
    (he also coulda been a great standup – no one makes me laugh harder
    than Sly/Arnold). Always mischievous. Always setting you up for the punchline.
    -that you never suspected was coming. DEADPAN.

  16. This man is amazing he puts a lot of these younger actors to shame. He’s nice to people not stuck up a nice man I believe. I like the one were he said Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch I’m coming for you WOW LOVED IT RAMBO 2 I think.

  17. If you watch, that scene which ends the first trailer, where Rambo is wounded, walking, draws and raises that knife…he then collapses. Makes me wonder if in "Last Blood" Rambo finally doesn't quite have what it takes any more…

  18. so how is he related to that girl, and how does he have a niece? and where is his dad ? i'm just confuse at the family tree…

  19. Just saw it. Total disaster. In about 1hr. from the beginning of the movie they are just talking and driving cars and the last 20-30 mins. he starts to throw grenades to the bad guys and shoot them. Horribly boring movie. The only good one was first blood.

  20. I hope its a good movie, big fan of the series and have met the great man himself!! Rambo was based on a true vietnam vet who like a few of them lived in the north west forests of america to be away from society, when the authoritys new he had claymore mines and lots of weapons they went after him, he ended up joining a outlaw motorcycle gang, there was a tv documentry on him and others many years ago!!

  21. I liked the last one since Rambo had other mercenaries fighting along side of him and how it really shown what those bullets will do to a body. Cant wait to see this one .

  22. This movie was bad ass, great action, amazing effects, great story, great acting, “”” just go watch it already “”

  23. This told me nothing of what I needed to know about Rambo Last Blood. Just a bunch of movie previews! Is this some kind of sick joke?

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