Haseena Moin | The Greatest Writer Of Pakistan | Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada

31 thoughts on “Haseena Moin | The Greatest Writer Of Pakistan | Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada

  1. It is very amusing to see how a personality unfolds itself in front of Samina, I myself have gained a lot of insight about our celebrities, in a way I could never before.

    To be honest my thoughts about many of the celebrities transformed after seeing their inner self that comes to life in this show.

    Very interesting to know about Haseena Moin. Thank you Ms Sameena.

  2. amazing…such a beautiful and graceful personality…i always regret that i cant meet such great people in my life but i feel very lucky that i can feel them…thank you so much samina aunty that all just because of you…love for you and haseena apa 🙂

  3. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Ms. Haseena Moin yesterday at the Karachi airport and having a nice chat with her. She's a truly humble and sweet lady.

  4. Real person. Nayab ho gaye hain aise loog. Zindagi sans leti mehsoos hoti hai un se. sare utaar charhao ke bawajood ek mazboot sachi emaan aur yaqeen se mukamil personality. thanks Samina for wonderful interview 👍

  5. Imran abbas ke drama khuda aur muhabbat ne muje eik sacha namazi banadiya alhamdulilah thank you lots of love imran abbas and speak your heart

  6. I love her and her simplicity she is a gem and very precious to us … Allah Pak give her happy and healthy life … Living Legend 💝💟❤️

  7. بہت بہت سادہ اور اچھا interview ے۔ بہت سارے جملوں میں ایک جملہ بہت پیارا لگا۔ اللّٰہ میاں بہت اچھے ہیں۔

  8. اچھا دیکھو اچھا سوچو تو یقیناً اچھا بولو گے اور اچھا کروگے۔ میرے خیال سے اچھے خواب اللّٰہ پاک کا تحفہ اور حدایت ہوتے ہیں۔

  9. mashallah.bhai .frnds mene b chenl bnaya h is me men naten or tilawten bhejta hun is aeen or subscrib kren thenks frnds.pakistan zinda bad

  10. Bachpan se dhoop kinaray aur ankahi itne baar dekha hai ki by heart yaad hai… Can still watch them anytime! U r a genius Haseena Moin 😍

  11. Salam Apa! Please take Sajal Ali's interview. We all would love to have Sajal speak her heart! Thankyou 🙂

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