Habits of successful writers

Hello, my name is Steve Campitelli. from a group in the University called Academic Skills. Congratulations on choosing to study at Melbourne University, one of the best in the world and it’s a great university for student support. So today I’m going to be talking to you about optimising your study and I’m going to be focusing largely on writing. The first place to start is to consider some of the habits of successful academic writers. The first thing you need to think about is the genre, the text type you’re going to be asked to write. It may be things, such as essays, journals, ah- journal articles, or reflections, or even a lesson plans, depending on that the course you’re doing. You need to know what the genre is. If you’re not sure about the structural requirements of the genre you need to find out. The second thing is the concept of relevance … writing on topic Academic markers really require you to stay on topic and to answer the question. We’ll look at ways of doing that. At an academic ah graduate-level, the markers, again, don’t just want you to report and to summarise and to describe, there needs to be a critical element to what you’re doing. An element to the writing which says, this is my reaction to what I’ve read and what I am studying. You also need to be aware of the impact of sentence length because sentence length effects readability, I’ll give you a guide around this. You need to use an academic writing style which is quite different from a magazine writing style or even a spoken English style. And I’ll be concentrating on things such as linkage, cohesion and writing flow. You need to make your writing clear so the big thing, along with that second point about answering the question and relevance, is about the accessibility of your message. You needed … need to manage your sources effectively, I’ll be focusing on APA referencing a little bit later in this presentation and successful academic writers always edit their work before submission. I’ll focus on those three highlighted areas. I’ll be incorporating all of these things into my presentation with a focus on those three areas.

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