35 thoughts on “Get started with Google Colaboratory (Coding TensorFlow)

  1. Please anyone can help me on how can i make the TPUS 8 GPUs recognizable because i type !nvidia-smi and i receive that NVIDIA cannot find any device please update to latest drivers.
    I can't make it work the TPUS and see the info.

  2. Thanks for this tool. It helps me a lot for talks and event. People can run my code examples without complex package installation. Kudos to TF team.

  3. Does Colab support real-time collaboration like Google Docs?

    I'm working on a deep learning project and feel like Colab, unlike other Google Drive collaboration tools, should not be used for more than one person at a time due to merging issues.

    I would be grateful for any best practices. Thanks!

  4. Google Colaboratory is the perfect chromebook coding experience for my students to learn Python. The Jupyter NB environment is great for solving physics problems. Thank you for making it so much easier for students to learn to code.

  5. Another Awesome FREE Google Product! It is scary (in a good way), how perfectly it integrates into Google Drive! Thanks Google Colab Team! 👍

  6. It is really cool and awesome! Coding with Python on Jupyter notebooks on free Google Cloud to do cool stuff in data analytics! Google is transforming the analytics edge!

  7. Hi all, can someone help me? I don't want this program. I do not see anyway to "disconnect from my Google Drive." Can someone please tell me how to do so?

  8. thanks to your team many university students from Brazil can study data science without relying on expensive PCs

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