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  1. His last comparison to the 1800's republican revolutions does not swing for me, the current situation compares to Rome when it went from a republic to an oligarchic democracy.

    Governments supporting failed institutions actually rewarding failure on the backs of the taxpayers.

    He is correct in that infrastructure and new tech should have received the lions share of investment. But then the corruption that got us here should have been prosecuted as well.

    It hasn't been and it will get worse.

  2. partially because their are several types of responsibilities, some which pull at eachother like environmental and financial/profit or growth.

  3. Socialism was a failure because it was introduced into agricultural societies by brute force. It started as a dictatorship and ended like most dictatores.
    You have to invent a true democratic and free society that works together and is led by empirical science.

    Support the Zeitgeist movement. We will build a resource based economy that is in dynamic equilibrium and respects nature and the freedom of individuals.

  4. "Paved the way for welfare states"- Oh yeah cause that worked so great!!!! This guy represents everything that is wrong with modern thinking. We need less government, not more.

  5. Really so you think government has been shrinking? If humans fail, then how can you say if we give complete control to some humans (the government) it will solve the problem? So you say X cannot solve the problem so we need X to solve the problem?

  6. I see. So rather then responding to the question, you just use insults. Yes I can see you are a very thoughtful person. Never mind just stay stuck in your little world were everything you think is correct and everyone else is wrong. I am sure you will learn a lot in this life. Hahahahahaha

  7. It's not just touching what was said but real as well. If you listen all the way through you'll find the point of the talk at the end of the video. Human's are not just selfish and competitive, but also compassionate and caring. And society should include the latter two qualities as important as well.

  8. He is just refering to what he expects as the sum of the increase of each individual citizen.

    If he means on a global scale that would be less than 2 month on average for each person, but I guess he is refering to specific countires.

  9. One sentence he says economic growth doesn't correlate with happiness & quality of life, then the next sentence he says we need to help these million unemployed youth. Economic growth is what they NEED. If the problem is unemployment, economic growth is the solution. Sure- extreme wealth doesn't necessarily guarantee happiness, but poverty sure can guarantee unhappiness.

  10. The government REQUIRED a certain percentage of lending to those with bad credit risks. People were now able to buy houses that couldn't afford them, and housing prices skyrocketed.

  11. Socialism means someone else has first dibs to the fruits of your mind and the sweat of your brow. This is not a good way to spur innovation or have an efficient work force. The motivation is to do as little as possible. Soviet farms were in shambles, but the tiny plots the farmers kept for themselves were EXTREMELY productive. Enjoying the fruit of their own labor is what motivated them.

  12. Interestingly, that's also how much innovation is done under capitalism. Do you think that the individual scientists own the intellectual rights to new medicine coming out from big pharma research labs?

  13. "Can I opt out of the billion extra years of life for the citizens? I don't want to live forever or longer."

    He's not talking about individuals living for a billion years apiece, he's talking about total time saved per person multiplied by all the people involved. So if 300 million people save 3.5 years apiece, that's about a billion years saved.

  14. Tempemonkey2323: Crime, health and education were on the way down before widescale socialism was ever implemented. They have continued to improve *despite* socialism, not because of it. The freer an area is, the faster the innovation.

    But even if that weren't true, if society weren't better off with laissez-faire, I would still be in favor of it because it is the only just system — the only one in which human rights are fully protected.

  15. The Recession and severity of the problems in the economy now were not caused by the short comings of capitalism they were cause mostly by interference and manipulations from other forces. The Federal Reserve interest rates, Government policies, etc. They caused much of the problems and the reason capitalism is the best system is because peoples greatest motivation is their own interests. Advancements and innovations that make better life possible come from people serving themselves.

  16. Okay, the whole message fits in the video description.

    The rest is logorrhoea.

    TED, please, more substance and less bullshit.

  17. tempermonkey: You are free to redistribute your money how ever you see fit, but explain to me how you have the rights to first dibs on someone elses money? Slavery is illegal, regardless of the class of the slave.

  18. Uhhh…if you force someone to do it, it isn't compassion and caring. You are free to distribute your OWN products and resources however you see fit. I encourage you to do so. Charity is noble, and you should donate all you can until your standard of living is down to the same level as those you're donating to. You are not free to distribute someone elses resources. That is not compassionate and caring- it's theft…slavery even..

  19. Majority rule is mob rule; that's why we live in a democratic republic rather than a democracy. The rights of the minority need to be protected. Capital is not a zero-sum game. Just because someone has a lot of money does not limit your ability to make money at all. You do not have a first right to somone elses life and labor. Without people able to invest, in their own self interest, this money we wouldn't live in a country where poor people can be fat & own cars. They wouldn't have jobs.

  20. So capitalism is seeing off socialism, but more and more returning to its core values of worker support, empathy and productive sustainability?

    What exactly is it that people think 'socialism' is?

  21. No, after the banks lost a few lawsuits due to redlining issues, they decided to play the victim card and claim the the govt was forcing them to play along. In reality, they were making a killing because due to a completely different set of circumstances, they were able to lie about the riskiness of the money they had lent out and sell the debt off to suckers.

    your requirement is a myth, a limpwristing technique used to obfuscate the issue.

  22. The socialism is state ownership of the industry, central planing of the economy and state controlled distribution of wealth in order to maximize equality. Look it up. Precisely the things that have been abandoned as massive failure by every country in the world except for a few crackpot dictatorships like North Korea. You can't take the success of free market capitalism, throw in a few social services such as it was done in many developed countries and call it socialism.

  23. By that definition, I can also claim that protectionism is one of the main ideals of free-market capitalism, as put forward in the very pillars of Adam Smith's ideas (look it up, as you said).

    Socialism is the reason that you have humanity at work: your minimum wage, your contracts, your pension, not to mention all of the instances that make sure your workplace is safe, belong to the 'socialist' school of ideas.

  24. Further more:

    If you're willing to discredit socialist states as failed states, I'd like you to take a look at the Soviet Union, which survived for the bigger part of the last century. The countries that were poor within its borders are still poor now and are considered problematic even by the European Union. Introduction of free markets caused the mean life expectancy AND GDP in a lot of these countries, Russia in general, to plummet.

  25. These countries are run by the mob these days, which of course is in some way powered and connected by all of the imperialist free market countries we know of today. If you're wondering why there aren't any prospering communist or socialist countries now, then you need not to look any further than the United States. One clearcut example would be their embargoes; easier however is to remind you of countless' names like Allende and Pinochet – the latter of which was backed by Reagan (look it up).

  26. dragan221 your spelling is horrible. We do not have free enterprise in the US. We do have a quasi socialist state which has been expanding for years. Socialism in not state ownership of industry however nationalist socialism is founded on the economic principal that industry is run by the most brilliant people a god ever made and that they should run the world. By the way nationalist socialist in German is Nazi. So you see there is a form of socialism that is exactly the opposite of your claim.

  27. Opening statement at 00:40 is crap "it's only a few months since government injected enormous sums of money to try and keep the whole system afloat". The system has only been kept afloat for this many years because of tax money injected into the system. Many major corporations only survive because of tax dollars used to procure their corporate properties for them and provide a cheap employee base. Corporate growth has long been funded by our tax dollars.

  28. Maxstate I think we are in agreement provided you are saying that what most Americans call republican is opposite of what the definition of republican truly is. After 9/11 GW had a choice – he could admit that the US fell down due to too much government bureaucracy and then fire the top level incompetence and corruption to try and improve the system for the republic or expand opportunities for corruption and bureaucracy and sweep fault under the rug. I think we agree which one of these happened?

  29. While I disagree with Geoff Mulgan's opening statement I really enjoyed this video and completely agree with his reasoning. We the US have funded major corporations for many years to encourage growth – it's called subsidization. The assumption is that the big corporation will earn money and innovate new technology better and faster than small businesses. Instead they eat the cash as profit to artificially inflate stock value this yields wealth for a few at the expense of the republic.

  30. The Soviet Union would have collapsed anyhow, too much money was being pumped into the war industry and the government production plans were downright idiotic. And even if the Soviet Union hadn't collapsed, it still was a failed state, because living in Soviet Union sucked (unless you were willing to become a hypocritical bastard who anally raped his own country).

  31. So it WAS kind of like the United States is now – and every 10 years, if following the capitalist collapse cycle?

    What you know about the Soviet Union is mostly propaganda; if we're going to compare the two states by living standard, what would you call the living standard in British India (after millions of died from famine due to the British war machine)?

  32. Generationalist: I think that the American government is inherently corrupt, no president or new administration will be able to change that.

  33. What I know about it comes from the experiences of my parents and my siblings, I was too young, but believe me, it isn't propaganda.

  34. Right, what I said: propaganda. Usually, in civilized discussion, emotional and anecdotal 'evidence' isn't really seen as evidence. Your parents, grandparents and whatnot could've told you anything from their own personal experience, which doesn't make it true because it came from them. Furthermore, you cannot use it as an argument because anecdotal evidence is infallible and therefore fallacious.

    I can find a grandparent to say the exact opposite of what you are saying.

    Answer my question

  35. Come on… where do you get your trustworthy information then. The story of my grandparents being taken to Syberia is not true? What the fuck am I supposed to believe then, what can be taken as proper evidence? The grandparent you'll find is propably an old fart that complains at the young people being too noisy and that the youth is worse than they were a few generations before.

  36. Maxstate I think we are mostly or at least partly in agreement. Most people say socialism when they really mean a nationalized state, totalitarian regime or an oligarchy. The word socialism is badly is used and often misunderstood. Most of the arguments surrounding socialism do not even stem from what socialism is but instead on what most people believe it is. With that said socialism in terms of absolute equal distribution of wealth is wrong. Life is not fair and forced equality, is not right.

  37. When I said look it up, I meant it. Look it up on wikipedia or on websters. That's what the word means, simple as that. Socialism at the very minimum involves the state ownership of the industry. Nobody advocates that anymore. If you want to describe the watered down capitalist system, as exists in UK for example, with one word, you need to come up with something other than socialism.

  38. "Socialism in not state ownership of industry" If you are going to redefine words however it suits your political views it makes it hard to have a rational conversation without providing those definitions first. Can you provide "your" definition of the word socialism since you obviously use one that is different from the one found for instance in the websters dictionary and wikipedia..

  39. You are an idiot: socialism is a set of various beliefs and ideas that all revolve around egalitarianism and humanity within an economic system. State-owned ownership of industry? What? Are you a total moron? Do you really think that an economic or political system can be summarized into a single line or sentence; that it can be boiled down to a single thought or idea by a single author?

    What economic system is currently instated within the United States, by your definition?

  40. Also, back on the total moron bit: I point you to, for example, the former socialist republics of Yugoslavia, which had a WORKER-owned industry and agriculture within a planned economy. I point you towards Lenin's New Economic Policy, which advocates the propagation of privately-owned businesses. You are too shallow of mind to comprehend the world to be more than two distinct, black and white sides; I'm guessing that this discussion won't lead to anything productive for either of us.

  41. You still didn't look it up? I thought I told you to look it up. Look, it's easy even for a fired up cretin like you. Just try to calm down a little, go to merriam-websters, or wikipedia (or a dictionary or encyclopedia of your choice) search for socialism, and then read the words that come up on the screen. I am sure you can manage that much, can you?

  42. The cheapest and easiest way to support infrastructure and new tech is to cut taxes… But what then would do that poor Buddhist monk?
    To get rid of most of corruption get rid of most of government bureaucrats and projects they "oversee".
    The only problem is: there is so many of those useless tax dollar-devouring "public servants" and connected to those funds lobbyists that it would be almost suicidal for the politicians to touch the foul egg. They just add more loyal voters on government's pay.

  43. The problem with Rome, and the current problem today in an American Republic, is voter complacency "or"/as well as ignorance/apathy..

    Until their lives are affected, they don't care. By then it's too late, or let's hope for today "almost too late"

  44. We created vast sums to blow up stock and housing bubbles and fuel a debt driven consumer economy. When the inflation boom burst, the response is 'stimulus', meaning print and borrow even more money to keep the bubble inflated. The advice of this talk is to spend/borrow more money on government molding society. The real problem is the whole notion that government spending is any sort of solution. Debt created the crisis we are in, even more debt is NOT the solution.

  45. dragan221 you asked Maxstate to look it up. But if you bothered to look it up his previous comment on socialism you would know that MaxS is stating almost exactly what is stated on wiki. Did you bother to actually read the wiki article? That's twice you failed to read for context. First with my previous comment and second with wiki. You clearly do not understand what socialism is.

  46. Go back and read your precious wiki again dragan221 you missed the part that said "Contrary to popular belief, socialism is not a political system; it is an economic system distinct from capitalism." from wiki on socialism in THE FIRST PARAGRAPH. Maxstate and I are not arguing politics we are arguing economics. Also while you are at it go back and read the comment to you from OmegaD. OD also pointed out your incorrect assumptions and failure to read your own sources. You argue like a christian.

  47. right, let's hope Americans are better educated than Germans in III Reich – that's the only chance to stop the country from sliding into the fascism… But the socialist experience of FDR times didn't leave much impression – obviously, so we can't assume the Obama's reign will, and damages can change the country into the next France with bureaucrat class in power enslaving the rest of the nation.

  48. It was not a lack of education as much as an intoxication that vaulted Hitler into power. The people loved him remember? Just as our current leader has undeniable charisma, and the people desperate for change with a hatred of the previous Admin. That 'was my fear', but the difference between then and now is the speed and accuracy of independent communications. Independent for the most part from the mainstream media (internet) and verifiable (sourced).
    Still there is too much apathy I fear.

  49. Stereotyped in what way? The foundation of christianity (and all theistic faiths to be more politically correct) is to take some theistic -belief- and argue the subjective faith as if it were an objective fact. That is not a stereotype nor a personal attack but an honest observation. draggan221 is arguing his personal faith based definition of socialism as if it were fact. He has no objective measure to prove his argument so he -is- arguing like a christian; subjectivity posing as objectivity.

  50. For some reason TEDtalksDirector videos aren't showing up in my subscriptions list, does anybody else have this problem?

  51. sometimes i miss one, but it's usually me who's been away or not noticed.
    like i didn't get the heads up about this lecture, but hey you must've found it.

  52. First off, are you sure your model expresses sufficient complexity to account for the world? Does what you spend result in thousand-fold returns to yourself or your community? What the distribution of excellent humans look like? Does income and expense account for the tendency for decisional illusions people make, account for individual or social ignorance? Does income and expense reflect educational wealth? Can it reflect educational wealth? Where do jobs come from? Where do business come from?

  53. right – that's why Obama's Tzars want to "regulate" internet. They've got majority of media, with appetite for more… FDR didn't stay in power for so long without a reason – he grabbed media by throat and didn't relax his grab until he was 100% brain dead. Through last cadence he was 50% brain dead (reminds me Fidel) 😉

  54. The video about investing in education and elderly care and you talk about being robbed and stabbed by blacks. I think that says volumes about you and very little about the video.

  55. Socialist Buddhist monk, that is a first.  17:16 he was predicting crisis yet the stock market was going up, so he was wrong.

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