Gary Barwin – On being funny and writing with humour

I guess one thing I would
say about all writing is that it’s about finding what where you’re actually at
not trying to sound funny in a certain way but what actually amuses you.
What surprises you and to try and take that sensibility and find that the
way that works for you and then once you kind of have a sense of
that is then how you actually do it in the work. I think some people are naturally stand outside of something or
want to make sort of little quips on the side and some people want to
roll up the sleeves and go more earnestly into something but I think
that part of you that wants to see the ridiculousness the absurdity about
yourself or about the situation or about the language or any of those things I
think that to me that I don’t know what makes successful but that’s the way
that’s a way into you know writing something that’s that’s humorous.

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