Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: – We no longer get scripts | SVT/NRK/Skavlan

Nikolaj, you’ve also been in a lot of dangerous situations, as we can see here! Yes, very dangerous. I mean, dragons! You haven’t … I thought, as a service to your fans all over the world … I thought we might do this in English. «Ja, det er kjempegodt!»

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  1. if they are actually doing the ear piece thing that is ridiculously unfair on the actors. Fuck Dan & Dave! They are ruining the show.

  2. I'm PRETTY sure Nikolaj's joking about the whole ear-piece thing, that can't be true! D&D would have to be real morons to do that!! Besides, it wouldn't be the first time HBO makes their actors lie about stuff in order to not give away the plot; last time they were filming fake scenes JUST to lead people on, so I wouldn't be surprised if what Nikolaj here is saying, is just another clever diversion. That's my theory at least.

  3. IRL NKW is such a candid guy. Pure innocence compared to the KINGSLAYER and OATHBREAKER character he plays hahahahahahahaa

  4. Really like this guy and not just for GOT but all the other movies he has been in, he's really an exceptional actor. I only wish I could talk or even understand all these different languages that it seems like everyone in the Scandinavian Countries know. If the wife ever passes, I'm moving that way… (She hates it over there and I don't believe in divorce)

  5. Hvad synd de taler på engelsk.
    Vad synd de snakker på engelska.
    Schade dass sie auf Englisch sprechen.
    What a pity they speak in English
    Wat jammer dat zij in het Engels spreken.
    Wat jammer dat se prate yn it Ingelsk.
    Wat jammer dat hulle praat in Engels.
    Quel dommage qu'ils parlent en anglais.
    Che peccato parlano in inglese.
    Bedaŭrinde ili parolas en la angla.

    I can speak 5 languages fluently and 5 others on an intermediate level. I understand about 14 without too many problems. We shouldn't try to change everything to English. The other languages are equally valuable.

  6. Joking in a second language really is something you have to work on if you want to master it. Nikolaj seems to be misunderstood a lot in interviews when he's joking, even with him speaking such a fine english. Must be the nature of scandinavian irony that does'nt translate quite as well as he thinks.

  7. The English word for that is “smacking”, for eating loudly with your mouth open. At least it was for me, and I grew up in southern US.

  8. Lines in the ear? It seems that will make for some bad acting due to no fault of the actors. Damn trolls spoiling everything for everyone. Have to have everything NOW rather than WAIT! They are such cersei's!

  9. I love how most people in the world speak English yet Americans can mostly speak only American ( I don't say English necessarily on account of their lousy vocabulary).

  10. Yeah gender equality! I can't wait until guys have it as easy as woman in America and Europe. Hopefully it will happen quick.

  11. How does one spell, "Smaska?" It sounds like an onomatopoeia that needs incorporation into the English language.

  12. His accent is close enough to and different enough from Jamie to be a little weird. Like the uncanny valley of accents.

  13. "Gender Equality"…yeah aka more double standards and men getting screwed over,this time internationally! lol…I get the "DP" in his title now.

  14. You can’t fix climate change. Stop with the bullshit. Fuck gender equality. Get a new hobby and stop polluting the world with this nonsense.

  15. I find it fascinating how when he acts as Jaime he speaks English with zero accent yet naturally he still does. I wonder if he could talk like Jaime in real life if he wanted to. Like can he flip it on like a switch

  16. It's luck getting the part. It's not luck that the TV show did well because the books are some of the best fantasy ever written. Unfortunately it seems that a lot of the cast didn't even bother reading the books and seeing the magic in them.

  17. maybe they dont get scripts because anything the actors would come up with would be better than what d&d has to say

  18. he's so talented. speaks American English. Acts in British English. Speaks Danish, his mother tongue. And understands Norwegian.

  19. Haha that thing about Nikolaj having a relationship with Skavlan's girlfriend in "A Second Chance" is hilarious ! xDD

  20. As a Scottish Brit I love the Scandinavian people. Just switched language. It makes me feel kinda pathetic. As Brits we are mixed with those in Scandinavia. We are family. I wish I could change language though.

  21. To start off by contradicting myself in fear of being misunderstood or having an unfortunate language barrier to make matters worse, I reluctantly have to formulate this in english despite being highly against it of reasons I'm about to elaborate now:

    To be honest, as a dane, and thereby a proud scandinavian I find it a bit sad, well even disrespectful if I may be so frank, that two Scandinavians have to resort to conversing in english with each other on the false pretense that danish is just gibberish that can't be understood/comprehended and thus being unprocurable in communicating properly – "too much would be lost in translation" I presume is the main reason. I imagine that often most do just prefer the lazy/easy way by switching to English to avoid all the hassle of dealing with listening to danish. 
    Here is my criticism directed solely at the Norwegian host, Fredrik Skavlan, since he ultimately made the decision to switch over to english and has done so in every other interview I have encountered with danish guests. This is something I have noticed that Skavlan (even as the biggest talkshow in the nordic countries) in particular have failed at or neglected whenever a danish guest would appear on the show.  
    I get that danish is a tad, not to say very challenging for norwegians and swedes to understand but still, at least make an effort – an attempt at the minimum. In general danes have little to no difficulty understanding written and even spoken norwegian, swedish though, is a different story, but the scanian dialect is of obvious (geographical/historical) reasons easier for danes to understand.
    I find it a little lack of respect on behalf of the danish people that swedes and norwegians in an almost passive underlying way seems to be alienating Denmark as a "foreign nation" in relation to the scandinavian culture and unity and in this context especially the danish language. You know, Denmark being continental and all as to the "real" scandinavian countries on the the scandinavian peninsula. Furthermore as said before, language is a huge part of our shared scandinavian/nordic culture and history, including the danish language equally as norwegian and swedish. But excluding a member from the group, sorta speak in this case Denmark, is just plain wrong and certainly not very brotherly, not something you would expect from your fellow Scandinavians. I know I come off as a butthurt, ranting dane, that's overdramatizing a trivial subject, but that still doesn't change the point I'm trying to emphasize and the underlying problem within.
    All the scandinavian languages have their roots in old norse, and it's "only" the pronunciation that our neighbors from the north struggle to understand, if not even mocking or ridiculing the danish language – albeit I must admit, mostly in a loving/humorous way.

    To sum it up:
    Look let me be clear, I don't expect nor demand Norwegians or swedes to fully understand danish, but by all that's holy have the decency and respect to give it a shot at the least. Before anyone points it out, yes I'm also fully aware and frustrated by the lack of commitment and effort that danes show in learning or communicating in the other scandinavian languages, but yet again that still doesn't change my point. I'm very disappointed indeed about my fellow scandinavian brethren.. come on guys.. It just comes off as rude and ignorant to be brutally honest.

  22. I like the fact that Skam is popular, especially in North Europe and and he knew it.

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