Game Guardian Script Last day on Earth – PT-EN

Hallo, Mortals. a lot of people had trouble with scripts, how to use, how to pick up some itens etc, so, well, let´s learn about. first, attach ur game guardian to last day process. attach to the normal process, not the (metrica) so you go to the memory intervals – or something like that do like my checkboxes. then go to the last tab and click on the small letters same thing: copy the checkboxes best option its to execute the script on the map, to avoid die of hungry etc. choose the script
(you can find at game guardian official site or on youtube, i’m using the script of a brazilian youtuber.) just execute the script now you choose the cheat you want. it´s like gameshark. for those who knows about gameshark, first you put mastercode, then any cheat you want. here i want a gun, so, lets choose second option, itens. wait ’till load, sometimes take long enough now click on game guardian icon press ok sometimes you will see more than 1 address here address are those numbers with letters. usually for itens, you will find just 1 address. Then, you need to go ALWAYS to that third option third optin, pause the video to see it better. its this BAAE8188 address. usually this address is purple. then you hold on her, and put search for pointer. let without changes, just ok to search i find 72 results you need to save it all you need to find more than 50 results, otherwise you did something wrong. save click on disket icon click on that thing to select all address go back to search now its time to get the item hehehehehe select ”all guns” select your weapon now its the second and last part in this part, you almost always get more than one adress. but here, in the second part, is ALWAYS the first option so u go to the thrid address again the purple now you copy the address go back where u saved the adress of the first part. (disket icon) click on that icon on the toolbar to edit the adress. i did it fast, but u can find easy. just paste the address and put H in the end. click ok/yes, and it´s done! now open ur shop, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS go FIRST to transport and click to buy Gasoline!=D that´s it folks!

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