Freelance Digital Marketing Tutorial

what’s up everybody so today you are
going to learn how to find high ticket or just just in general great offers
that will suit you in affiliate marketing if you don’t know what
affiliate marketing is that’s okay in a minute I’m gonna let my mentor Keala
kind of go over what it is and then go over how to find the perfect offer so
you on that side so here we are and as you can see I’ve pulled out my computer
screen and as you continue to pay attention here what I’m gonna do over
the next couple of minutes or so is I’m going to hopefully completely demystify
for you exactly how it is that these kind of so-called internet moguls really
earn a full time income online now I want to say right up front that at first
this might not make perfect sense to you and that’s okay because as you continue
to watch all the way up into the end of this video I promise you by the end
you’re gonna realize that the concept is actually quite simple
alright so let’s go ahead and get into it so you’re gonna see that I have
several tabs on my computer open so let’s click over to this first one shall
we so here we are on a website that probably most of us are familiar with it
and one of the biggest brands in North America right Nordstrom well well most
people don’t even know is that if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of
this website you’d see a little link down here that says become an affiliate
right when I click there it’ll take me over a page that is in very plain
English says advertise right and earn commission right here okay and right
here is a button that says apply now and I can click there and begin applying so
stick with me here here’s another website that we’re probably all familiar
with right one of the biggest brands in the world best buy right scroll all the
way down and wouldn’t you know right down here there’s a little link that
says partnerships if I click there it takes me over to another page that
clearly says turn website visitors into cash
I can click there and wait you know on the very next page it says earn money
partner with a trusted brand and joining is free and easy and then right here I
can click a blue button that says join now and yet another enormous brand right
Amazon probably one the biggest in the world one that will probably
all familiar with and yet most people don’t even know that if you scrolled all
the way down to the bottom of this website right here wait you know become
an affiliate if I click there it takes me over to page that plainly says join
advertise and earn and right here it’s a there’s a little button a little link
that I can click on that says join now okay
so what are we talking about really well what we’re talking about is what we like
to call freelance digital marketing right what this means is that even the
biggest brands on the planet right now are hopping on this relatively new
opportunity to partner with individuals people like you you and I who are at
home and sending you know quality high quality traffic to their website highly
targeted traffic to their website and they will pay us whenever our traffic
generates a sale for their product so even the biggest friends of the world
are into this so let me pop on over to the whiteboard real quick quick and kind
of better explain this okay so as a freelance digital marketer we’re really
focused on just two simple things okay one is we need to find an audience okay
now what is an audience an audience is a group of people that as either has a
specific problem that they want solved or a desire that they want fulfilled and
secondly we need to find an offer right and the offer is the thing that is
either going to solve the problem or fulfill the desire let’s go a little bit
further down this path shall we so I’m a click over to this website and this is
the Google Keyword planner alright it’s a free tool that anyone can use as long
as you have a Google account right up here at the top I’ve typed in lose
weight and what the keyword planner does is it starts to show us how many people
are searching for terms related to that keyword so right down here we can see it
says average monthly searches and here it says lose weight a hundred thousand
to a million keep scrolling down keyword weight loss a hundred thousand to a
million searches a month how to lose weight a hundred thousand to a million
searches a month lose weight fast ten thousand to a hundred thousand searches
per month and on and on and on this list goes so what does that mean well it
literally means that millions of people every month are going
to Google and saying hey I want to learn how to lose some weight
as a freelance digital marketer we recognize that as a huge audience and
now our job is to find an offer that we could promote to that audience so I’m
going to click over here to another website one that you may not be familiar
with this is a website called Clickbank what Clickbank does is it lets product
owners list their product on their marketplace so that freelance digital
marketers like ourselves can log in and find offers that are related to the
audience that we’ve identified so right up here I’ve typed in weight loss and I
scroll down just a little bit and what didn’t you know right here average
earnings per sale here’s a product that we can promote it’s paying out about a
hundred and fifty three dollars and forty-five cents per sale that means
that for every customer that we generated for that offer on average
right now we shirt earn about a hundred and fifty three dollars per customer
and right here I can click this little red button that says promote and I can
be bit I could be promoting that offer within minutes okay so let’s click back
over to the whiteboard so think about what it is that we’ve done here over the
last couple of minutes right just in that short time we’ve already identified
an audience that has a problem and we’ll say that this circle represents that
audience and we’ve even identified an offer that would solve that problem for
them so what we do next well simply put what we would do is place these small
little online advertisements in front of that audience that we’ve identified when
somebody clicks on one of our ads they’re taken over to the offer that
we’re promoting and of course if they make the decision to buy now well then
that’s where things get exciting because that’s where you and I as freelance
digital marketers begin earning a commission so as you can see I mean the
concept is quite simple right and might even say that it can be quite lucrative
as well I mean here’s kind of a funny picture of me laying in a bed of checks
that’s over 400 Commission checks that came in the mail in just a short little
45 day period and in one from one campaign that we were running in the
health and wellness niche now I’ll let your imagination run as to how much
money was contained in those checks but to say that my bank teller was quite
perplexed when I showed up with a grocery bag full of checks right so if
you like everything that you’re learning here and you want to go ahead and get
started well then I’ve got great news for you somewhere around this video
there is a link or a button when you click on that link it’s gonna take you
over to a page where you can instantly download a free getting started guide
it’s called freelance marketing secrets it’s a free pdf inside that PDF there’s
no fluff no filler no BS it’s straight to the point I’ll show you the
strategies and all the tools that we use and a lot of those tools do like 80% of
the work for you we show you everything that you need in order to get started
and when you download that PDF you’ll even have the opportunity to register
for a two hour training class where I’m gonna invest two hours of my time
helping you better understand all of this so that you can get hit the ground
running and you’ll walk away from that training session with clear actionable
steps that you can begin implementing right away so again somewhere around
this video you’re going to see a button or a link click on that button go over
to the next page download the completely free getting started guide and if you
want you can register for the workshop as well it’s totally optional so again
click on the link or the button somewhere on this video and I’ll see you
on the next page take care bye bye you

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