100 thoughts on “Frank Abagnale: “Catch Me If You Can” | Talks at Google

  1. لسا كنت بكتب اني جاي من قريه العجايب
    لقيت الف تعليق قبلي
    اكثر من الأجانب

  2. This was uploaded in Nov. 2017 and he says that passwords wont exist in 24 months?? What the hell is he smokin?? Our federal gov. cant even decide what cloud storage system to use without going through lawsuits, let alone implementing a "cutting edge" system at the federal level.

  3. This guy just gave us 63 minutes full of reasons NOT to believe a word that he says.. but everyone thinks he's a great guy because of his stories. He's a thief and a liar and worse, a confidence trickster and every word that comes out of his mouth should be treated with caution and suspicion, specially about his past exploits that have been significantly sexed up to appeal to the after dinner speaker market. Once a liar…

  4. The thing about this guys life.. Nothing u can do will gain you success like he did it, he has intelegence far beyond what 99% of normal people have

  5. Fraud prevention? Well I will tell you the greatest fraud and that is NASA and their fabricated Moon and space shit! Investigate that!

  6. Anyone is pleased to be a good person if they're rich, they don't have struggles, they don't get angry or worry about money or health, rich people can pay for instant remedies and organic foods, they live longer, all very well to preach to others about how to be a good Dad when you have all you need and they can be proud of you. From the beginning you were charmed and even tho you broke the law, you continued to be charmed because of it, you have NO IDEA how the other half live! Says he was undercover for FBI and had no money, that's bullshit. You stink and you should have been jailed forever with NO PAROLE or chance to have a great life!

  7. 22:00 — ****** !!!! BULLLL – CRAP !!!! ******

    95% of absent fathers are PUSHED out by greed whore and/or control freak CRAZY MOMS !!! via the for-profit $50 billion family court business.

  8. His last statement is just such a novel concept. The idea that corporations should make sure that their products are safe and viable before they put them on the market is perhaps socialist. If that's what socialism is, we need to see a different political system.

  9. Best explanation of credit vs debit cards I've ever heard. I have a debit card and I've never used it for anything except to get cash at an ATM machine. I pay with cash or credit card.

  10. How did he have an employee ID and password or whatever to bill him for his uniform? All he says about it was "even better".. Not good enough for me Sir!

  11. I just wrote a cheque to Frank Abagnale giving him all my money… and I have no idea why.

    This man could talk a glass eye to sleep.

  12. He is intelligent, resourceful and likeable without being overly 'charismatic'. I can see why he was so good at what he did back in his youth. I can also see how years of talking to federal agents have sharpened his public speaking skills. He a rather impressive individual, you have to say. Hat off to you Frank!

  13. This guy spoke at my job once, intuit in fredericksburg Va and I honestly don't trust a fucking word that comes out of his mouth.

  14. An expert in cons and fraud speaking at Google to rapturous applause. Shocker. I think they paid a little too much attention to this one.

  15. I've sat through a lot of presentations, watched a lot of talks and been coached by a few class people. By far, the best 30 minute lesson in my life.

  16. Little to no detectable anxiety (which adds to 'confidence', as he states). Probably no problems passing a lie detector.

    Also, seems to have a large mental 'buffer' between thought and speech, both in prepared speech and in Q&A. Very well-spoken and few "uh's" or stammering. He can go a level-or-two deep on each of a couple-point response to Q&A without losing track. This apparent 'buffer' is probably his most unusual asset … and probably that which gave him most of his early-life success in fraud.

    The 'opportunistic' aspect that he speaks of seems to have basis in a high degree of observation and good intelligence. This gent is unusual, but not in analytics, detailed planning or tech knowledge. It is in-the-moment observation of detail.

    However, I doubt he is a 'futurist'; we're the 2 years in on the Trusona prediction and it is not (yet) here … or not nearly so soon.

  17. Funny guy, still a liar. Yea, No, passwords will still be around and so will SS numbers. I don't need anyone to verify my identity, I will verify it myself.

  18. The man's a genius !
    Also he stated confidence
    Shakespeare , doubts are traitors of the mind etc.
    How true.
    Some people speak a load of sh*t and yet people believe. And follow.
    The guy deserves to pardon himself and be gracious enough to accept any future
    Yours truly
    Frank Abagnale.

  19. oh you just KNOWWW the liberal audience was squirming in their seats listening to him talk about the importance of fathers and mothers, marriage and what it means to be a MAN. They probably just wanted to hear jerk-off stories about scamming checks and flying for free…thats all they wanted to hear, none of that "love thy father" malarkey. Just another Boomer telling you to get a credit card and use it.

  20. Awesome talk!
    My debit card is linked to an FDIC account though so I’m not too worried. Still at 0% liability up to the FDIC cap.

  21. He's suggest using credit card for everything. That might be good for your credit but a temptation to over use and go into debt. Which most Americans are in.

  22. Was fascinating listening to him, but man its difficult to keep up with him. It seems like he's 5 steps ahead all the way. Tells, does and answers things the way he wants. He has his way with everything and everyone, his wife, his kids, the FBIs, Presidents (the pardons, although he wouldnt accept them), the bankers, everyone. He's still running the show.

  23. In Australia I believe theres no such thing as good credit, only bad credit. I myself am against credit cards because I think I'll lose more to fees than to a scam. If someone steals my debit card, the most they'll get is about $100 because the rest is in a savings account.

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