finalphoenix – Rise of the Hypebots Scripting Streetwear – DEF CON 27 Conference

>>Today we’re going to be
talking about Hypebots, uhm, if
you’re acquainted, you already know what this is. But if you
don’t, uh, you might see these
online as “Sneekerbots”, “Supreme Bots”, Adididas, ZZ
bots, uh, they’re everywhere and
they’re a big deal and they’re a big reason why I look so good
today. So, we’re gonna talk
about Hypebots. So, who am I? This was a, a good question
[chuckle] Uhm, my name is Fennel
Phoenix, I live in Shanghai, China. I’m basically the Jane
Goodhall of bots. I cam to live
among them and learn about them because China – as we all know,
as security professionals, is
where bots live. So, I started in 2012, and, I wanted to buy a
dress. This all started with a
dress – it wasn’t ZZ’s or anything like that, it was 1
dress and it was something I
could never buy because it was me and like a 100 other Chinese
girls. And we were all fighting
in 1 minute to get this Japanese dress and I said “There has got
to be a better way!”. So, I
decided, because I was working in a marketing agency at the
time, I had to write unit tasks.
I had to optimize all my code that there had to be the same
way I could get this dress
faster than everyone else, and since I was writing code for
bots to crawl, what if I became
a bot? So, I got that dress and then I became a little mad with
power and I got sneakers and
streetwear and everything else and now I use it for Korean pop
concerts and purses shaped like
teddy bears. And why did I start this? Because competition sucks,
you want to look good, you want
to be adored by all on Instagram and you’re fighting and you’re
fighting and you’re fighting and
you can’t get anything. And I said “I will become the Google,
I will become a bot”. Why bots?
Why now? We built the internet for bots. To be fair, I think we
have done writing bots a lot
longer than we remember. When I was very young, I would write
fortune bots IRCs because I
thought the Unix fortune command was the most hilarious thing
ever, at 12-years-old. And so I
liked to spam all the channels on my IRC server with fortune
commands. And, of course, that
evolved into the ubiquitous playing bots that everyone hates
me for because no one wants to
know that you’re listening to the “Dance Dance Revolution”
soundtrack for the 30th time.
And then, these IRC bots moved to HTTP with the release of AOL
web crawler. This was in 1994 –
so that as a very long time ago. And at the time web crawler was
released, the internet was not
written for robots. Web crawler only did 1 thing – it scraped
other web directories to make
sure that AOL had the most listings. Our, our bots on IRC
grew up into bigger bots and
then botnets and then in 2007 we saw botnets move to the world
wide web. And now, in 2019, 50
percent of the traffic on the internet is automated. In 25
percent of that traffic are the
bots we’re talking about today. They don’t just purchase shoes,
of course, they don’t just
purchase supreme super soakers – which I lost. They purchase
stocks and everything else. This
is a large attack landscape. So, this isn’t about our IRC fortune
bots, this is about web crawler
and how we turned it into a monster. Web crawler at the time
was a good little bot. And then
Google said “I have an idea, instead of writing websites,
like directories and just
crawling those other directories, you write your
website for robots. You tag your
HTML, you add metadata, no double div-IDs” – all sort of
things that we do now, as a web
developer, to make sure that Google can crawl our site as
fast as humanly possible. And,
of course, as our websites grew up from geo cities into large
scale web applications, we
needed it to be reliable. Not only because we didn’t know when
Google bot would do a health
check, but because we wanted reliable, predictable processes
to support our ecosystems. So,
we got into APIs and then finally we need to make a
reliable, stable FEO to the max
website that allows you to purchase and spend money as
easily and fast as human
possible. As, “as one-click as possible”, as Emma Zahn would
say. This is the internet of
today, it’s not written for us, it’s written for robots. So, a
lot of you know what test-driven
is, driven development is. And, as full disclosure, I hate
writing tests, therefore I hate
test-driven development. But, if you’re writing tests right now,
you’re writing bots before you
even have a product to buy. You’re writing a botable website
and you’re writing the
blueprints for this botable website and you’re 1 evil genius
moment away from getting a
closet full of sneakers and supreme – like your speaker. So,
why do we write tests? A lot of
people have like super ethical medium blog posts about them,
you know, “I want to get 100
percent pass or 100 percent coverage or I want to make sure
my junior devs know what they’re
writing and not breaking”. So, these are all ethical reasons,
but of course, we all know 1
thing – capitalism encourages bad behaviour. When you add
money into the mix, if I told
you, you could make your monthly paycheck written a unit test,
would you do it? Of course you
would! It would be much easier to make your monthly paycheck on
a Saturday, listing some supreme
on, uh, Instagram, than it is to solve complex problems. And this
is where purchasing bots really
shine. Because now we have an ecosystem, of people encouraged
by capitalism to act badly. So,
I’m gonna put this in an “us versus them” dichotomy. Because
no one in this room or this
stage is a malicious, uh, corporate, money-making,
reselling machine that just
churns out, you know, tons and tons of supreme. We are just
victims of the free market, We
just want likes and adoration and clout, most important thing.
And to write to our friends that
we have the latest and greatest from any one of these companies
– Balenciaga etcetera. Why do we
bot? Because resellers bot. We are competing against people who
are trying to make a profit ad
we are just trying to wear nice clothes. So the only way we can
do this is to optimize our
checkout process. Buy as fast as humanly possible, well, that’s
not working anymore. Now we need
to buy as fast as programmatically possible. So,
now we have computers using
computers. This, of course, is not why they bot. Now, I have
friends that are resellers and
as much as I want to think of them a these fashionable demons,
living in penthouses in San
Francisco with hot tubs full of Cristal and the latest kicks – I
can’t really hate them that
much. So, I, I still love you resellers, even if you make my
life a little bit difficult.
These people buy up all the inventory of any given product
and then they control the price
of that product. Uhm, when a hypebeast like me, loses a drop
or a, a purchasing window –
which is now only 1 minute or less on very high in-demand
items. We will do anything, we
will pay any money, right after, to say that we won. So that we
can be like “Oh, yeah, I got
that shirt, I got Akira, uhm, jacket from Supreme.” So,
resellers will markup 2, 3 even
7 times the price right after they have purchased all the
inventory. And, hypebeasts are
willing to pay 7 to 10 to even a 100-times the retail price for a
pair of shoes, for a shirt, for
a lighter that says “Supreme” on it. We encourage this behaviour
because we will pay anything to
win. And so, they know that when they have a market, a captive
market with people looking for
clout, so they scale this up to a thousand, millions! So that
they can make money off of us.
And they make my salary in a month – not just my paycheck.
So, everyone’s probably not here
to hear about the ethics of botting, but about how bots
work. Bots are simple answers to
complex systems. Now, bots that you buy online will be like “We
have some secret sauce”, you
know, “We had like the most brilliant MIT graduate coder
bot”. But really, they all have
the same core principals. There are 2 types of bots in the wild
– there’s a low-level bot, these
are the most stable bots. All they do is they go behind the
UX-layer and they use APIs that
are built to support our site and go from call to call to
call. This is much faster than
using a website as a human being. And it’s much faster than
using a browser-based bot. But
also, it takes a lot of time. You have to reverse-engineer all
the calls, all the headers, all
the, the form data and everything else. But it’s also
easily scalable and very cheap.
So, you will see these bots on scales of thousands to millions
of calls per minute. On the
other end, there’s browser-based bots – we’ll take a look at how
to code these today. Because,
they’re very easy to get started and give you the feeling of how
you should be coding these
boots. Uhm, it’s just a puppeteer test, uh, and it
mimics the user by loading the
browser and walking through a checkout flow. This is very easy
to do and if you’ve ever write,
written a puppeteer’s test, you know how easy it is. Uh, it’s
harder to catch because in
puppeteer you can mimic , a human being by mouse-clicks, or
typing slower or adding waves,
or scrolling around which you can not do with a low-level
bot.A low-level bot is
programmatic, now matter how you hide it – with weights, or with
different unit agents. And, even
though browser-based bots are easier to write, they’re more
expensive to scale into the
computing power that’s required to run, uh, Chromium or Firefox
or what have you. No bot on the
internet today is one or the other – both bots, and I will
show you, are both of them
combined. Because companies are not interested in making
everything easy for us, so we
must find new ways to solve the solution. So, no bot is just one
script, they’re usually a team
of guys no one 10 X bots here. They all work together to get us
what we need and what we need
fast . So, the first ever crew is the monitor bot – the monitor
bot is our scout, he runs
constantly, never tires out, he scans websites all the time
looking for the link or the
droptime to make sure that you get off the line at exactly the
right time. Because if you’re
too late or even too early, you’re, you’re out of the
running. Next is the account
bot, the account bot is something that generates user
accounts and you might say,
“Well, why do I need user accounts to purchase
something?”. Because a lot of
sights, they, tor high-key items or for link, very desired items,
they don’t let non-users
purchase. And you need to access an API ecosystem most of the
time and those are only for auth
users or authorised users. And, of course, you’re trying to make
a little bit of a profit so they
might have coupons or discounts for logged in users which may
make your profit margins a
little bit higher. Buy-bot is the most sexy of the bots, he’s
got the secret sauce, he’s what
everybody wants to see. Uhm, he’s also the most expensive,
his only goals is to run through
checkout, by any means necessary,uh, so, we’ll look at
all of these guys today, except
for sell bot. You remember a few years ago that these bots on
Amazon were getting into bidding
wars with each other to resell books, and they were bid up 1
cent more than the other bot and
they got upto 3 to 13-million for some used college textbooks.
Which, fair, I felt college
textbooks cost while I was in college but these are what sell
bots do – they list n Stock X,
or Goat, or Grailed , uhm, automatically and run through
the selling processes as well
because the scale that we’re talking about is in the
thousands. And you’re not gonna
be able to sell thousands of shirts thousands of lighters or
thousands of K-pop tickets, uh,
all on your own. So, we won’t be looking at sell bots today but
they’re basically buy bots in
reverse. So, here is our first bot – it’s a very easy bot to
write and if you’ve written a
test before,you know what this looks like. This is a puppeteer
test that goes to a website and
looks through a div and expect it to be truthy. In fact, my
first first bot that I wrote was
a bastardised version of a just test that went through and even
did, like expect true, expect
false, the entire time it was running through the purchase
which wasn’t necessary but made
me feel better to see all that black and green scrolling down.
And I was like, uh, I finally
have hacked my way into fashion. Okay, so, this doesn’t really
purchase anything. Let’s make it
work, if you look at this, this is the actual purchasing bot.
We’re going to a target site,
we’re looking for a specific product and then I used the,
uhm, keyboard to make it look,
uhm, like a user was typing in and going through the website to
make it more credible. Their
user was gonna come by, a legitimate user instead of a
robot. Then, we go through the
checkout and as you would see at the bottom, like, the checkout
form being filled out. So, I’m
going to show you this in action. Making this… I haven’t
used Windows in a long time. Oh,
there was a full screen button right there, so, here’s a test,
it’s 50 lines of code. You can
see there, and all we’re doing is running to a website and
trying to purchase Happy Pap
mode. I used Bodega sotre which is a streetwear store, hosted by
Shopify, I’m sorry, Bodega
Store. And you can see, it, it’s kinda slow this is because I’m
running it in head full mode
which opens the browser and goes through and shows you, like what
the bot is actually doing and
you can see it’s just running through the check out as fast as
I can. When you run it in
headlift mode, it’s obviously quite a bit faster. So, you go
ahead and auto-fill out all of
the shipping. A lot of bots like to use paypal because paypal
cookies can be stored in a
script and you can just run through paypal with a cookie for
their one touch, like we said,
it’s as quickly as one quick as possible. Uhm, and go ahead and,
and purchase, so, you can see
it’s all going to paypal and it all automated. So, that is your
first bot and that was actually
my first bot too. Back in 2012 it was like beautiful suits at
the time and not fancy
puppeteer. Uhm, but yea, so, it was an easy first bot. I think
that everyone here could write
that – it took me about 20 minutes. The problem with these
bots is that their’e not very
stable because they depend on the UI. So, if, between
submitting my CFP for DefCon and
today – I’ve had to write, rewrite this bot twice, uh,
because they changed the div for
the search and they changed the div for, like, the actual
checkout. Okay, let’s check out
more bots. So, when do we run this simple bot? Well, there’s
one rule of botting – ” always
be checking” And not just one site either, all sites, you know
we’ll have the, the item you’re
looking for, in stock. So, how do we check… Well that’s the
job of our monitor bot, so let’s
look at the code for a simpler monitor, you might be like “Oh
my goodness, this was just an
XML parses – and you’re correct!. Remember when we
talked about Google coming in
and saying “Hey, alsides, code your, code you’re web, one way
for my bot. But we’re gonna
piggyback off of that. All sites for that bot, for that Google
bot have to have a site map and
the site map usually now is automatically generated by a
content management system. And,
generally, when we’re look at these e-commerce stores, they
have the drop ready to go, just
not published or visible from the front end. Well, it’s still
in the sitemap so all we have to
do is look at the sitemap and grab it and then query the page
until it goes live. So, this is
what we’re doing here. We’re just going into the sitemap and
searching for what we’re looking
for. So, we’re gonna look at a simple monitor. So, you can see
this one is only 54 lines of
code. And that’s it, it just looks up from the sitemap and
the sitemap is always updated
when Shopify updates the store. So, now you have the link, the
go live link for the, uh, given
to Google before it’s given to the consumer – I’m sorry,
Shopify. So, how can we make
this monitor bot better? Well, because we’ll be querying this
XML a lot, we need to run these
through a proxy because we don’t want this to be, we don’t want
to show people that we’re just 1
guy at 1 IP, running the same request over and over – that’s a
good way to get blocked. So,
let’s run through a rotating proxy. And then let’s make it a
little better and let’s also
change our user agent each time we query and we need to make
some money, because we’re
obviously going to be spending a lot of money. So, within the
hypebeast community and the
people who run these bots, there are these groups of people
called “Cook Groups” they run in
Discord chats and you have to pay 15 to 30 dollars to be
friends with these people. I
used to pay money for Ops and IRC and now I have to pay money
for fashionable friends.
[laughter] So, we need to make this bot close to Discord so
that I can be cool and get
money. You can also create an API endpoint for these bots and
have people subscribe to that
but that’s not as pretty. So, let’s look at a fancier bot. You
can see that this just runs
through a public proxy API, grabs the closest public proxy
and then, uh, goes ahead and
posts to discord. And if it fails, try and try again. Cause
you should always be checking.
So, you can see this bot is a little bit longer because we
have the user agent, randomizer
and also the proxy. So, one thing I want to say after seeing
this, I used a note package to
describe a random user agent. [laughter] Please restrict your
user agent to something
believable, this one is running Linx, which is not very
believable and probably will
make you stand out like a sore thumb when you’re trying to, uh,
request some, some sitemaps. So,
this one ahead found the item which was a sock. And then
posted it to Discord and now
people can pay me money to subscribe to my bot. This is
very often for people, or common
behaviors for people who are new to the entire scenes, is they
will subscribe to a monitor bot
that has been configured and have to do less work. But we’ll
talk about that a little bit
later. Oh… Okay, so now it’s time for the piece de
resistance. The most realistic
bot we have today, which I call the “complicated bot”. This bot
waits for the monitor bot to
return an “Okay” in the link and then runs through an API-based
purchasing flow. So, you can
see, this is a very long bot. Uhm, because we have basically
promise chain help but it works.
The other thing to know is that shopify does have an anti-bot
measure, so this is what would,
would be considered a hybrid bot because each time in the
checkout process, you must
download the Dom and then pull out the secret key that is
embedded in the form field. And
then pass it along for the next request. This slows my bot down
by, like, point 2 seconds each
time. So, it’s not a very effective way but this is a very
common way for websites to have
an anti-bot measure. They say bots are only using APIs, they
will never query the Dom so they
will never see this secret key. But when you’re
reverse-engineering you see that
secret key, you’re like where’s this security key coming from?
Well, it’s coming from the Dom
and another popular e-commerce site that uses this secret key
is Blue Commerce – they hide it
in C-data at the top, they generate the secret key and the
nonce in Javascript. Uh, so you
can just pull it out. We’ll talk about why that’s important in a
little bit. I don’t know if
that’s an O-day or just sad. So, how can we make this better?
It’s gotta be something
complicated cause these bots cost a lot of money online, uhm,
so there’s gotta be something
more that has to happen to make this bot worth 15- to
20-thousand dollars. Uhm, one
thing you should be doing is monitoring multiple outlets.
[sneeze] There are many, uh,
e-commerce retailers that will have a drop of the same item.
Try everything, it increases
your odds. Uh, another thing that you would do is you
purchase verified accounts in
bulk, off of LE express – and we’ll talk about how those
happen in a second. If it can be
a variable, it should be. Right now you’re creating thousands,
if not millions of requests to 1
website. So it’s really hard to get lost in a crowd unless you
are the crowd – so, change your,
your user agent, change your proxy, change a little bit of
each thing, each time and become
the crowd. Cause it’s really embarrassing if you tried a
million requests against Adidas
and you notice that all of your requests have the same user
agent string. And, of course,
cluster deploy to increase chances. You need to be scaling
this and scaling this is
incredibly cheap so, there’s no excuse not to. I wrote all of
these bots in Javascript because
Javascript is a bit of a joke in Infosec. And so, I wanted to
show you that these bots are so
simple that you can write them in Javascript. A lot of the bots
that you buy online, are in Java
and you can buy, you can look at the source code online of all of
these Java bots and they’re the
exact same thing in a language I don’t care for. So, this is all
about money, it never was not
about money, so, let’s talk about the economy. Because of
this, this isn’t about just
shoes or about shirts or about Supreme super soakers. There’ an
economy based around these
scripts itself. If there’s a market, there’s a profit and
there’s not just a market for
sneakers, there’s a market for these bots themselves and we’re
going to see that you can
purchase every little part of this, the team that we
introduced earlier, for a pretty
penny. So, let’s talk about what you need to purchase to make
this enterprise an enterprise.
So, first you’re going to need to buy accounts. A lot of sites
need you, need you to have
verified accounts via like, uhm, multi factor authentication or
something else. So, there’s
literally sweatshops in China, and I’m not making this up.
There are tables and tables full
of iPhones and Androids and SIM cards that run through account
creation scripts for these
websites. They cost about 5 to 10 dollars for 5, uh, 500 to
even 10-thousand accounts at a
time. You use 1 and then you’re done with it because you can not
continue to bot with the same
accounts. You are creating suspicious behaviour and you do
not want to be trapped because
you don’t want to rewrite all of your code and you have a
signature each time that you
bot. Secondly, we need to buy a cook group. these are our
friends that always know what’s
up and can help you configure your bots; uh, help you create
your own bot, give you a monitor
bot. Uh, they’re like a private Stack overflow community and so
these are 15 to 30 dollars and a
lot of the times it’s just a bunch of fashionable dudes on
discord and some of them have
God-complexes and you’re like “Okay, I get it,” but it’s
important if you’re starting to
join a cook group. And, finally, the most expensive thing is the
purchasing scripts, uh, these
are just, saw, the scripts we saw earlier, that managed to
hire somebody to do UX. And they
often wrap everything up into a single console that you run
repeatedly. If you can find a
way to automate any part of these, there will be plenty of
people lining up to pay you
money for your script also. Let’s see where we can invest
our time. We have the “Buy Bot”,
these, like, AIO bot or Project Destroyer, range anywhere from
300 dollars to 15-hundred
dollars. And, there is a resale market for these bots cause
these bots are only released in
small batches, just like what we’re trying to buy- of 100 to
500 each season. And they sell
out almost immediately, so you can always resell these for
profit. These expensive Buy
Bots, especially like Project Destroyer, have everything in
one console. They have the
account creation, the monitor bot, they often come bundled
with a support group and it’s
important if you’re new, also, if you invest in a Buy Bot. You
will get dedicated support.
Because companies will often be trying to work against these
bots and you want an active
purchasing bot with an active development core, Because you’re
gonna want somebody who’s trying
to sidestep new protection that are put in. On the other hand,
the monitor bots, which I call
the Adobe Cloud Subscription model, uh, start at 15 dollars
per month and go up to 30. You
can also buy these, they’re rather cheap but it’s really
hard to configure them, it’s,
you’re just buying, basically, an XML parser or just a,
something pinging a site and
you’re hoping that you configured the right site or the
right skew. This is why more,
more often than not people would join or subscribe to an, uh,
monitor bot that’s already
running. Since these come mostly with cook groups, uhm, you, they
come with three real friends.
[laughing] As real as a discord friends can get and they usually
integrate with you purchasing
script. So, they will have like a little API endpoint, uh, that
you can plug into your fancy Buy
bot and the Buy bot will know what to do from there. So, we
saw the prices and what I love
about these prices is that these are for resellers and if there’s
one thing that resellers know
how to do is resell. So, I thought, what do coders know how
to do best? And I said – I know
how to code best. So, I wrote a bot that buys other bots and
then resells these bots.
[laughing] So, I went to AIO bot, which is one of the cheaper
bots,that we have here. And I
went through, this is it – this is the script! To buy a bot, on
a side note, Project Destroyer,
AIO bot, and many of the other high-end bots, are all running
on Woo commerce, and we talked
earlier about if you just download the dom, you can get
all the secret tokens. So, if
you really are interested in the bots that buy bots and resell
bots, the resale rate is
probably a thousand to 15-hundred over what you invest.
Uh, so, if anyone’s looking for
a job. So, let’s look at this guy in action. So, it’s another
puppeteer test. And you can see
how expensive these bots are if you add twitter bootstrap to any
script. You can add it an extra
150 dollars To the price. The logical end of this script is to
add a twitter bot or a reditor
posting bot the posts the, a for sale, and there’s lots of
markets on Twitter where you
just buy and sell bots. That’s all they do. Uhm, so if you take
this to the end and create a
Sell bot, at the other end of this But not – now you have an
entire bot ecosystem for other
bots. I’m gonna learn this one…. full screen mode. full
screen mode! Okay. So, finally,
we come to the future, I have a lot of questions – mostly, will
I have to become a robot to wear
more Supreme? Am I a robot for wanting to wear Supreme in the
first place? The questions and
more, we will answer in this question. So, when the web
started with bots with web
crawler, it was not written for web crawler. Web crawler was
written for the web. Nowadays
when we write the web we write the web for Google bot. So, this
creates a problem but for a lot
of you in the audience may be saying is this a problem?
Because companies are getting
paid. People are getting product eventually, so, why do we think
this is a problem if, if the
money’s flowing freely, everybody looks good on
Instagram, it doesn’t matter.
Because companies care about money. This is the, the truth of
it and resellers suck, from a
company’s prospective. When you create a 50 dollar box logo
t-shirt and you see somebody
reselling that 50 dollar t-shirt for 500 and you spent the money
designing the red box with
“Supreme” in it, tilting the future of font a little bit to
the left, making it so the every
rapper wears your, your new shirt – that’s a lot of money!
So you want to make a lot of
profit from these shirts. And then some guy who happens to
know a bit of Java managed to
make 4 to 5 to 10 times your profit, on the same thing? Well
that really grinds my gears. I
don’t actually make Supreme, by the way. And another thing is
that resellers crowd real
consumers out, if you know a site is only for resellers,
you’re not gonna go to it. And
so now you are sending, you as a company are sending all your
products to some random guy in,
uh, with a penthouse in SF and his hot tub full of Cristal. And
he decided the price for your
product and he decides how much it will cost. And then finally,
it’s about fairness, this is the
most obvious, in my opinion about why we, about why bots are
bad – because it’s not fair.
Robots can’t even wear t-shirts. [laughter] Only me! [laughter]
So, why should I be competing
with robots to buy clothes? When we were little, we said, you
know, “This isn’t fair, I’m
taking my ball and I’m going home!”. This is what companies
are really worried about and why
this is a problem. Because, one day, instead of waiting in line,
with a bunch of robots that look
like Pepper, you’re going to take your ball and go to a brand
that actually has some stock for
you, so that you can wear whatever brand that is and it
will make it more popular. So,
bots aren’t fair, resellers aren’t fair, so, what can we do
about it? I know! There’s
accounts, we can just blacklist it. It’s a universal truth that
every company that can not hire
a security engineer is in possession of a pretty useless
blacklist. Most of the time
you’ll be blocking real consumers or these purchased
accounts are what you’re gonna
block. Or the proxy IPs are what you’re gonna block. You’re
trying to find a whack-a-mole
game – everything is changing, we made everything random so
that we would not get caught.
And as companies try to whack the mole to try to get you to
stop running your not against
their website, their blacklist gets longer and longer and more
useless and useless.
Blacklisting doesn’t work and I’m at DefCon, so, we all know
that blacklisting doesn’t work.
So, what else can we do besides blacklisting? There’s got to be
a better way, right? Well,
companies are doing a lot of superficial things to make it
worse. I’m going to tell you a
story about my friend, he, he trains every night before a drop
or a purchase drop, to click
through a website as fast as possible. He has an Excel sheet
of times and he memorizes where
the mouse should go and he trains like an Olympian to
purchase shoes, right? Uh, he’s
very proud of this for some reason, I do not know. He thinks
he is more ethical or holier
than thou because he has not resorted to scripts. And he does
make a fair bit of money. But,
uh, a sneaker website which I won’t mention, created a fake
page. The first and the usual
button said “If you click this button, you will pay 10-thousand
dollars for a 100 dollar
sneaker” and people bought those 10-thousand dollar sneakers,
because, if a human, this is
what the company thought, reads the text on the page he will see
that it says, clearly, this is
to the purchase button – “If you click this button, you will pay
10-thousand dollars”. This
worked, somewhat. But then I remembered my friend who, for
some reason trains every night
before a shoe drop to purchase through clicking. I also do
this! I click as fast as
possible, I’m trying to charge my card as fast as possible and
so, false listings are gonna
confuse me. I, most likely, will click the wrong button. Because
I have less than 30 seconds to
click through a UI to charge my card. I live in Shanghai,
Shanghai has so many hypebeasts.
It’s not, it’s not really hype anymore, it’s just the norm. We
have many sneaker shops near
where I live and you will see a line around the block of
middle-aged women, these women
are not wearing the latest kicks, they’re not wearing
supreme, they were charged 20
Renmindi, about 3 dollars, to wait in line for the resellers
for shoes. So, now, you have
this kind of economy based on paying middle-aged ladies to
wait in line so you can charge
200, 300 dollars more for those shoes. In person sales means in
person retailers – it’s
distributed reselling. And, finally, this is the one that I
hate the most because it doesn’t
make much sense to me, they have lottery systems in a lot of the
latest releases. Bots can buy
anything, we just talked about it – they buy teddy bears, they
buy K-pop concert tickets, they
buy stocks. What means they can not buy lottery tickets? And, so
now you’ll see a lottery ticket
and you as a human being get 1 lottery ticket – and a bot gets
5-million. The odds aren’t in
your favour, even if it’s supposed to be statistically
random. So, all of these suck.
They’re very superficial and the, uh, it’s easy to poke holes
through these solutions. So, we
need to find a way to do this. And it’s very easy. We need to
go back to unpredictable web. We
need to go back to a web before web crawler. We need to go back
to a random human-curated web.
Adding entropy to your system does not mean breaking your
system. When we wrote code
earlier, we wrote code to be as random as humanly possible – it
still worked! It was a little
bit of extra effort, it didn’t break anything. If you add just
a little bit of
unpredictability, bots can not handle it. Encrypt your process
– encrypt little beet, little
bits and pieces of everything you do. Do not make it clear one
click – easy as humanly
possible. The easier you make a process, the more you code your
website for SEO, the easier it
is for bots to get on your website. And in the great words
of a mid-1000s emo band that
everyone forgot but me – Fall Out Boy – “This ain’t a scene,
it’s an arms race”. There’s not
going to be 1 answer or 1 nuclear weapon against bots.
Because there’s a profit to be
made. What I get paid for writing websites, others get
paid to write bots against those
websites. They get paid probably more than I do. Which is sad
because they’re probably better
dressed than I am too. [laughter] The only way forward
is to, to deal with bots in only
the way that a human can. And humans are very good at one
thing – and that’s dealing with
the unfamiliar. Bots can not handle the unfamiliar and if we
start to make the web unfamiliar
with, to bots and more familiar to humans I think we have a way
forward. This ain’t a scene and
it’s not just about sneakers. It’s not just about Supreme.
It’s about everything and it’s
an arms race for all of use to be able to be the best dressed
at DefCon this year and every
year forward. Thank you! [applause] [cheering] Wooh! I’m

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