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– By the end of this interview,
I will kiss your face. – Oh gosh. (laughs) That’s a certainty in the universe. – I can’t move against Grindelwald. It has to be you. In your shoes, I’d probably refuse too. It’s late, good evening, Newt. – Oh, come on. – Guys. It’s deja vu all over again. Here we are, the cast of Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelvald? – Wald
– Grindelvald. – I think it’s definitely Vald. – There’s a lot of,
that’s the big controversy around the film right now. – Massive controversy. – That’s the controversy, really? – As far as I’m concerned these are just $100 million
dollar excuses to catch up with six of my favorite
people every couple years. – Oh, love. – I bet you say that to everybody. – We only met like three months ago, man. – To every franchise. – Every franchise. – Every franchise. Guys, there’s a lot of
surprises in this film. Congratulations. I think the audience
is gonna really dig it. Talk to me about when you all
started to read the script. Like is there a text chain? Do you all sort of reach out to each other like did you read that right? Did you read that right? – We should start a WhatsApp group. If there is one and I’m
not on it, that’s sad. (laughs) – Well, Callum.
– Oh fuck. – Callum, you’re new.
– Oh shoot, damn. – Oh no. – I just realized I set myself up so bad. – Don’t tell Callum about the group. – It’s sort of the Where
to Find Them WhatsApp group and maybe we’ll make a
Crimes of Grindelwald WhatsApp group too. – He’s on my phone.
– No, I’m not. (awww) – You’re joining by the end of this. – I’m gonna start one.
– There was an email chain. – There was an email chain.
– I’m on the email chain. – Yeah, that’s all we
got, there is no WhatsApp. – But we didn’t really talk about it till, we got the script quite shortly before we had the table read, right? It wasn’t that long. – We were kind of scared
to even email about it. – We don’t get to print the script. – We’re not allowed to do this. – Even when you download
it on your computer. Weirdly, if you look at
the screen for too long, it kind of flashes up a sort of … – Self-destruct button.
– Self-destruct button. – And remember the scenes
in Brazil where like, all the agents just like,
come through the roof, and then they just put a
black bag over your head and you’re gone, it’s like that. – Yes, thank you. – Always rely the Terry
Gilliam references. – Everybody can fall on that right? – Jonathan Pryce was in that film. – Yes, he was. – It was Robert De Niro in that
role a lot of people forget. – The Plumber, yeah I remember, of course. – Air Condition guy not the Plumber. The Air Conditioner guy. – So without revealing
anything that we don’t want the audience to know about
prior to seeing the film was there anything in the
script that we can say that you really responded to
in a like OMG kinda moment? Was there a specific thing? – When we all died that was a– – (laughs) That is shocking,
in the first ten minutes. Who knew? – Oh God. – We knew she wanted to steer
this in more of a B-centric direction but we did not think
that actually meant killing off all the physical actors in the movie. – We can say we know, we
know we go back to Hogwarts and I don’t know about you but when I saw the film and
the John Wiliams music played and we saw Hogwarts I
felt goosebumps, right? Anybody else? – Yup – Oh Yeah, tingles. Get tingles in your spine. – That music does something
to you doesn’t it? – It does
– It takes you back – to like your ten year
old version of yourself. – You’re looking around for owls to land on your shoulder or something – Or trying to avoid them – (laughs) Aggressive owls. – I look for shitting owls. In the first scene with Newt I was pointing out to Zoë
yesterday the first scene with Newton and Leta
Lestrange they’re walking down a corridor of the Ministry and after you see the shot up
in the corner of these guys cleaning the windows an owl flies past and
just shits on the window. – You’re kidding? – You have to watch really closely. – Oh my God that’s hilarious. – That’s incredible. – Magical owl poop. – That’s the third film’s title
we don’t know that yet but– – Don’t spoil it. – It’s one of the unknown
Wand Cores as well – Owl poop. – We all know by now that Jude
Law is officially the sexiest wizard in the history of the
wizarding world it would seem. – Yumbeldorf. – He does love that title as well. – Right? Were you aware of this on set? Or did this come after the fact when the trailer started to come out and? – We were aware of it from
the moment that he walked on the makeup trailer and the makeup trailer went
silent for about an hour while there were intimate
discussions about the length of his beard and then he walked
out again and everyone breathed and then my makeup artist
literally went into hysterics over how beautiful that man is and then Nicki, my makeup artist was like “Eddie you look handsome too” (group laughs) – I said “Oh Nicki, it’s fine” – All of our experience on
this Press Tour by the way. It’s like every panelist
we’ve done any Q&A with being like Jude, I just
think you are exquisite and you guys did a great job in the movie. (group laughs) – Who are you guys again? – And a lot of stumbling I, I,
um Jude, Um I, I just I um um Flipping through the notes. Yeah people get flustered. – Hardest wand for you guys
to get out of your mouth in the course of these two films? Is there like cause the
jargon can be kinda tough. Is there one phrase that
still haunts your dreams? – Can I just openly say it and I know this is almost
like so mean to everything but I still can’t make Merlin’s Beard come out like, naturally out of my mouth. – You do it great, you do a great job. – No you can always
see slightly in my eyes am I going (inaudible) and I
actually have to rush over it. – There’s slight terror, terror. – Commit to it. – Sense memory, picture the beard man. – Yeah I say, oh my God and
then I go Merlin’s Beard and I’m like oh no that doesn’t sound, do you know what I mean? – It sounded great even
just now though, Eddie. – Oh, okay. – That was amazing. – You doubt yourself, you doubt yourself. – It’s sort of like
when you learn a saying in a foreign language
like in Norway they say don’t put your foot in a
salad which is like insane but I feel like Merlin’s
Beard is a little like that. We don’t have the, it’s just
not been in our vocabulary our whole lives so it
just doesn’t feel right but if you’re from Norway it makes. – So what does don’t put
your foot in salad mean? – It’s like put your foot in your mouth but I don’t know why the salad. – Put your foot in salad, like
the salad like on the table? – Also don’t get your beard
caught in the mailbox. – It’s very practical. – Cool stuff like that – A big holiday film for
the whole family this film. Obviously. So it makes me think this Thanksgiving which wizarding world family
will have the most awkward Thanksgiving you think? What’s the most tension at the dinner table this Thanksgiving? – In this era? – Our characters?– – Either. Take it either way. It could be your characters could be back in the Potter
times, whatever you want. – I always think the Malfoys
are having an awkward time. – Yeah. – You know what I mean it’s
like especially in the wake of everything that went down if we’re in the contemporary era like
what does that even look like? Cursed Child gives us some insight and it’s looking pretty awkward. – Right. – Pretty much like a few
generations of pure awkwardness following the fall of Voldemort. – I feel like in the first
movie the dinner that we had was one of the more awkward dinners ever with you guys sort of like,
salivating over each other and Katherine and I– – I was salivating just
in a very reserved, very reserved saliva experience. – That was quite fun. – Internal saliva. – Yeah we had a great time,
we were enjoying ourselves you guys might have been
awkward but we didn’t notice. – I referenced this earlier
and I think other people have this film a lot of people
compare sequels and trilogies and this is obviously five films, they try to compare it to like,
Empire Strikes Back right, like the one where it gets darker– – people do that all the
time what idiots, right? It’s not even at all the same. – I’m with you Dan, Dan if you compare it to that I’m with you – I take the fifth. The fifth movie of the Star Wars (laughs) – But this one does I
feel have some comparisons there are some cliffhangers in this one, it is a bit darker, it gets more complex, it almost begs the question like, wait there’s three more movies? There’s that much more to go. – You don’t want us to
make that many more, Josh? – I do
– We won’t – If you don’t want us to. – Were you shocked at how many questions are posed by the end of this one because I think it does hopefully leave the audience wanting a lot more. Dot, dot, dot. – Definitely – Do you have questions
yourself now about– – Many questions
– Of course – Many questions. – Because the first film was
kind of like what is Credence? This one is who is Credence? – Wow, this is like– – The next one will be why is Credence? And then the fourth one
will be where is Credence? Like I don’t even know he’s
not even in this movie. And then the fifth one will
be like how is Credence? Wow it’s Credence – Wow it’s Credence – Wow it’s Credence is the spin-off – Wow it’s Credence, yeah.
– That’s the TV show. Woe is me, wow is Credence
a memoir by a Ezra Miller. (laughs) Oh gosh that’s brutal – I ask you guys every time
about how much you know. Do you know more then
the last time I spoke to you at Comic-Con are
you getting any more– – We know nothing – I saw you yesterday – Well we found out getting
off a plane the other day that Jo had tweeted that’s
some of the next film is set in Rio de Janeiro
so we found that out. – That’s how you found out? – Yeah. – We don’t even get a
DM or nothing, you know? – Another reason to join the text chain just to get Jo in there too maybe she could actually share some info. – We need to watch that group guys. – Do you think Jo would
join our WhatsApp group? We could turn it into one spoiler-tastic– – It would just turn into like, all of us pelting her with questions
and then Jo leaving. – And Emojis. – Yeah being like “Hi
Jo, how are you doing?” “So what’s happening?” – Or I’m sending like a gif of a rapper. – Do you guys have it where
your parents send you stickers of themselves with like, my
dad sends me Emoji stickers where he’s like “Miss you!” and it looks kind of like
my dad and it’s got… – No? – Just me? Oh. – I feel like that’s a parent thing. – My mom sent me a text
last week saying she had had dinner with Patsy
Cline who died in 1962. That was strange. – Oh that is deeply deeply troubling. – This is an odd thing, do you ever like look up
your own name in jifs, gifs? – That’s a great question! – I do that all the time. – Because I’ve got one, and it comes up as my
character in Jupiter Ascending. And he’s quite terrifying
and I just randomly send that to family members. Like I randomly did a lot
of screaming in that film and I just like send it to them. – I love that – Does anybody else
send gifs of themselves or jifs of themselves? – Oh yeah, a lot. – Do you have a preferred one? – There’s one where I guess
in some sort of interview I said the line “Wow, he’s so gay” and that subtitle in the
gif would be going … and I like to send that
just to everyone I know first thing when I wake up in the morning and at noon and then before I go to sleep. – Anyone else inspired by Ezra’s outfit this year at Comic-Con? I’m sure I’ll see you
at the next Comic-Con – I’m inspired by this one – Thanks Callum … fuck you Josh. – No I’m just saying are you plotting your next costume already? – You’re just going to ignore this look? – I love it, I love it! – But–
– Okay good. – See precious, my babe. – Let’s not end on a sad note.
– No, thank you. – No, no, thank you. – Thank you guys for stopping by– – Wait, wait, wait! – Get it over with. Help me guys. Thanks, thanks, okay. We did it.

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    Reference to the British comedy tv show, 'Faulty Towers', series 2 episode 1 (my fave episode of Faulty Towers)

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  4. Wow is me, wow is Credence, a memoir by and read by Ezra Miller, available on Audible, November 21 2020, commentary by Dan Fogler

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    But this interview makes me a fan of him. How he is just like the coolest of them all, just sitting there silent. He seems like the hole interview is boring him Which I find kinda cool. And destroying that … fucking microphone. 😀

    Sorry for stupid English mistakes. Not my main language. ^^

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    "Take a step in the salad/tråkke i salaten" means saying or doing something you shouldn't say or do.

    "Put the beard in the mailbox/med skjegget i postkassa"means being in trouble.
    (this expression is Nordic and not just Norwegian.)🤗

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