100 thoughts on “Fake news writer: I’m trying to educate people

  1. his efforts to educate never worked. Nobody that shared his misinformation realized they were spreading misinformation. Now he is dead.

  2. And dude was 38? Must be a very rough life making all that fake stuff, because dude looks like 10 years his age…..and now he's worm food. Wonk wonk woooonk!

    Just irony taken to the next level. The scum bag responsible for all this fake news that got Tronald Dump elected president isn't part of his cabinet or even in his administration, he's some drug addict from Phoenix that died of an OD. Right there that should tell you everything about this absolute embarrassment of a president and how good his info is. These types of Muppet's and their news are what got this idiot elected to the the President of the United States. Just imagine how many people have retweeted this stuff and it's all bullshit. Maybe if Americans read a book now and again and shut the goddamned idiot box off we wouldn't have this Tronald Dump problem. But that's probably too much to ask right?


  3. Paul was recently found dead… suspicious circumstances… CNN is Fake News..Its too bad Anderson Cooper is still with us… Anderson is the protected class that lies for a living..

  4. L People talking about fake news were actually the one's creatings the fake news. Trump supporters are easily the dumbest people on the planet.

  5. Perhaps Horner worked for John Podesta & Hillary Clinton during their campaign and all he is talking about with Anderson Cooper is a just a scam. This is a tactic used by the Left to refute corrupt scandals as conspiracy theories or fake news. The Left creates fake news against themselves that they then can easily prove to be false. Then they clumped all their scandals exposed from Wikileaks in with this stuff and call it all "fake news" . Perhaps "this guy" is actually one of them. Then one day in the future to keep the truth about this guy from ever getting out… they kill their own operative. How's that for a conspiracy theory? On a different death; Seth Rich actually was on the DNC Payroll and he was shot in the back during the 2016 campaign just weeks before Julian Assange released DNC emails that proved Hillary's campaign was cheating in the election, and as a result, Bernie Sanders got screwed! Seth Rich was a Bernie supporter and it is very likely he, out of anger & revenge, is the one that downloaded all those emails from the DNC server and got it to Wikileaks. Now, 9/2017 when it has become evident that Russia did not hack the DNC server and it was an inside job via a download not a hack…, it is becoming more obvious that Seth Rich was very likely murdered by "a hit" put on him to keep him from exposing all the corruption and cheating for Hillary by Debbie Wasserman Shultz at the DNC when it was discovered Set Rich had copied the emails. There is a great cover-up regarding Seth Rich's murder much like during the death of Supreme Court judge Scalia. The America people are not stupid, but they are scared! That's why a few good politicians can't get anything done "for the people". They are afraid of the corrupt who will resort false allegations, judicial harassment (witch hunts) and even murder if they believe they are about to be exposed. Me? I have been known to go where angels dare to tread. I'm not afraid to die for a good cause. I pray these corrupt witch hunts and all the corruption behind them are exposed asap!

  6. "His followers don't fact-check anything — they'll post everything, believe anything," he said. "His campaign manager posted my story about a protester getting paid $3,500 as fact. Like, I made that up. I posted a fake ad on Craigslist."

  7. "I mean that's how this always works: Someone posts something I write, then they find out it's false, then they look like idiots," he told the Post. "But Trump supporters — they just keep running with it! They never fact-check anything! Now he's in the White House. Looking back, instead of hurting the campaign, I think I helped it.

  8. Anderson Cooper spreads fake news and yet he rags a guy about his satire articles…. hahahahaha! Does anyone buy this bullshit?!

  9. Daaammnn, someone care to explain how CNN even has a youtube channel (or a TV channel) at all anymore? Them dislikes don't lie XD They have less subscribers then popular youtuber gamers, now that is sad. Give it up CNN, the world is onto your fake bs

  10. Lmao , the fact that CNN is acting like they are on their high horse and trying to lecture this guy as a fake news artist is as ironic as ironic can get. Anderson says you're making money of deceiving people …lol is that not exactly what your network does as well?

  11. Fake news CNN,'s job was to put Hillary their candidate, in the best possible light.
    And trash Trump.
    So its laughable ,for them,
    to question the motives of this gentlemen.

  12. RIP Paul Horner, i disagree with his actions but in the end he explained himself and actually shed some light on a sad truth: Trump fans are so inherently gullible and weak that they believe every lie that's being told, as long as it contains catch phrases like "killary" or "muslim". In a less hollow and weak society, such troll stories would not enjoy any resonance to begin with and certainly would have only marginal influence in elections to the most powerful office in the world!

  13. Hey Anderson why are you so concerned with this one guy when every comedian on TV does the exact same thing every single night against Trump?

  14. The irony of CNN accusing a first rate humorist/satirist of spreading fake news a full year before CNN was discovered to be doing the same is a worthy memorial to this evil genius . RIP Horner..You were one of a kind .

  15. CNN is dishonest and a disgrace to journalism. CNN what a hypocritical interview; YOU spread fake news all,the time. CNN= CORRUPT NEWS NETWORK.

  16. This is hilarious. Anderson Cooper triggered over fake news and lecturing a fellow fake news broadcaster. This joke wrote itself.

  17. Paul Horner, I hear CNN is hiring! Oh wait, they are actually losing to the Food Network in ratings now. Something about being a DNC disinformation campaign didn't help their viewership and now only the lowest-IQ Americans watch it.

  18. Are we so lost & so desperate to be the first one to hit the send or share button that we accept the delusional narrative that we are somehow absolved from our personal responsibility to ensure that what we are accepting as fact or passing on as fact, is actually credible? This is especially true for the bonafide news platforms. Everyone is responsible for discerning the credibility of information they are exposed to. Everyone. What happened to cite your sources? We learned that in elementary when I was in school. There are no victims here. Why is this man on CNN? Is it a problem because it's not just the common reader falling for it, but also bonafide news media that have drank the koolaid & shared Horner's information as true without doing the work? If it is their job to fact-check and even they are too lazy to do what they are paid to do, attended school for & are purportedly passionate about, why would they expect average readers to do it? They are setting a poor example. They can't expect nor should they expect more from the public than they do of themselves. Aren't they the baseline? #Facts But we should still realize that we have a responsibility to ourselves to ensure that what we are accepting as truth is actually credible, is fact. Not 1 of us should expect someone to tell us what is real, we should be discerning that for ourselves! Do I agree with Horner's choice of expression or the way he is making money off of misleading people & disseminating inaccurate data? NO, but I don't have that kind of time or energy to focus on 1 person. He is 1 of many, who are oftentimes cloaked in the paint of satire, so-called real news, political commentary, etc… so… if you don't fact check, investigate your sources to confirm its authenticity, and pause before accepting or sharing information as fact when you haven't exhausted any real effort to examine its credibility, then shame on you. Note: There is a disclaimer on Horner's site. I don't know how long it's been there or if it has always been there, but anyone looking for that could certainly confirm that his site is Satirical. It took me 30 seconds. 😏 It's wasteful to continue to focus on others & not take responsibility for ourselves. When we take responsibility none of this type of foolery has any effect or power in our lives. J/S

  19. cnn are just trolls… that poor guy writing satire has no idea of the level of trolling cnn is capable off

  20. CNN is the worst, those down votes have to be getting to them. Every one of their videos gets hate, it’s hilarious!

  21. Because he's an attention seeking little bitch! Unlike Anderson Cooper who's an attention-seeking little gay bitch!

  22. hmm, using sensationalized fake news to get people lured in so you can lead them down a rabbit hole where the real facts are seems pretty genius if you ask me.

    In the age of spin where only the most sensational clickbait takes home that days bread, even seeing some lingering on to the memory of what journalism used to be makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Especially coming from an admitted satirical news writer. Which btw i think qualifies him as not being fake news. the onion doesnt deserve a monopoly on satire! shame on you anderson cooper, you cartoon!

  23. Don't tell me….this is going to be a series about conservatives being responsible for fake news. Do you know how I can tell? Because this guy is on CNN promoting it.
    Do you think they would allow someone come on CNN and promote a show about the left being responsible for fake news. I haven't seen one episode or even watched this video and I know it to be true…let me watch now….Yep I was 100 percent right. CNN is FAKE NEWS. Promoting this show won't get you out of your reputation. In fact it proves you are all about controlling the narrative in a very biased way. You suck CNN.

  24. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. CNN IS wanna-be news.

    CNN put this guy on their show hoping people will get distracted and forget about CNN's artificial news. What's really weird is this guy Horner is now dead.

    CNN, you can't fool anybody. Yeah, you SUCK.

  25. First of all he is not claiming to be a journalist. Its satire entertainment. Frankly for Anderson to actually say out loud , reporters repost his stories is sad in too many ways. Journalist clearly have stopped checking facts , which BTW is huge part of the job 101.

  26. Is it just me or do others watch cnn for pure laughs , entertainment not for news. CNN ratings are not because their accuracy , it the knew SNL

  27. Just for the record, not everybody from Phoenix is as socially awkward as this dude. Let’s continue exposing the purveyors of Fake News. Check out FAKE NEWS OPERATOR.

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