Fake News Writer | Episode 10 | YouTube Series

(guitar music) – Why do you think George
Lopez hates America so much? This might be the last day I ever do this. Wow. – Are you ready for this? Everything depends on this. (suspenseful music) – I’m nervous. – Don’t think like that, get pumped. (soft music) (suspenseful music) (laughing) – Okay, they’re ready to see you. (soft music) (suspenseful music) – Ethan. – So it is about a woman
who cuddles for money and has to keep the
secret from her husband. – Yes, yes, we’ve already read it. What we’re interested in is
the connection to Joy Behar. – But you love the script right? – The script needs work, but
we have writers for that. So, Joy Behar. – I am close family friends with Joy and she loves it, I mean she says it’s the role of a lifetime. – So she’s already signed a contract? – No, not yet. – But she does know about the show right? – Of course. – Um, sorry, what do you think I could do to improve the script? – Joy says she’ll sign as soon as a production company’s involved, and that’s why we’re here,
’cause once you’re in, she’s in. – Did you think it was funny at least? – Shh. – Here’s the thing,
Frankie say’s you’re legit, but we don’t really have any evidence. Could we talk to Behar or her agent? – No, um, not at this time. (laughing) But you said you know Frankie. You trust Frankie, you trust
Frankie you can trust me. There’s a whole lot of people
in this town you can’t trust. But me and Frankie? We’re people you can trust. – So did you think it was bad? – [Front Desk Woman] Stop! – I know everything. I know you’re a fake news writer. – What the fuck! – I hacked your computer. – Get the fuck outta here. – I’m so sorry. – This person has written
numerous, negative articles about Joy Behar, one of them even said that she should be in prison, for some reason. – That’s not true. – And now you’re in here
saying that you love her? You are a fake person. – Get the fuck out of here! – I’m so sorry. – Okay, I’ve seen enough! All of you get the fuck out! (yelling) – You pushed me. Ow! He pushed me – Thank you so much, uh,
for your time. Worldstar! – What the hell was that? (dramatic music) – You’re a real asshole, you know that. And you assaulted me,
there were witnesses. I could sue you. But first, I’m gonna expose you. I’m gonna display your name all over the internet so the whole world knows that you are a fake news writer. – Fine. Go ahead. Try and shame me, you think I give a fuck? People like you make
my page so successful, you one-sided,
condescending piece of shit. – You can call me that all you want, but you are still a fake news writer. – Sure, and there are
hundreds of us out there. You try and stop one page,
we’ll just make another one. You think you can stop fake news? Pages like mine exist because
people like you exist. So I’ll go. I’ll leave this apartment, write a one-star review on Airbnb– – You can’t write a
one-star review on Airbnb! I’ve been an excellent
roommate up until this point. – You have literally ruined my life. Of course I’m going to give you
a one-star review on Airbnb. – You’re my first customer, if you give me a one-star review, I’ll never be able to rent the room again. – I don’t give a fuck. – Ethan, you don’t, you don’t understand. I need the Airbnb money to live on. I can’t afford this place otherwise. – Why do you think I
was writing fake news? – Yeah, but. I thought you were my friend. Everyone always thinks
I’m being condescending because of my British accent, Americans are stupid… But you always stuck by me. – Yeah well, it’s really hard to meet people in LA. And you invited me out, so. I just, didn’t think
you would do something so fucking crazy. You know,
if that meeting went well I would have quit my fake news writing job. – Shit. You had your one big shot and I ruined it. – Yeah, well the meeting
wasn’t really going that well before you got there. Also I’m not sure if my partner
actually knows Joy Behar. – Yeah, if you were going to pretend to know a celebrity, wouldn’t you pick someone better than Joy Behar? – I know, right? – Do you want to smoke some weed? – Sure. – Just um, take your
bag in your room first. – ‘Course. (soft music) – Oops, careful. (soft music) – Let’s get high. – What? – Let’s get high. – Don’t do that. – Sorry. (dramatic music) – [Dad] Hey! How’d the pitch with
that Joy Behar guy go? Did you get the funding? (phone ringing) – Hello? – Yo, that article you
wrote about George Lopez leaving the country because of Trump, it’s been seen by over
five million people! That’s a new record for the site! – That’s great. – I think you deserve a raise. – That’s great! I can fix my car. – Good job, man, just, you
know, keep up the good work. (sighing) – CNN’s Symone Sanders almost has a heart attack after what guest just
said about Christmas. Ivanka Trump curb stomps Snoop Dog in a brilliant rant about our national anthem. Finally! Race-baiting Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Could Hillary Clinton’s latest sneeze be a sign of her death? (sighing) Oh, and that part about
me being stabbed to death? That didn’t happen, that was fake news to get you to keep watching. Sorry. (upbeat music)

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