Enroll Now! ✏️Creative Writing Course with JenniferESL 👩‍🏫 June 3-August 31, 2019

Hi everyone. It’s Jennifer. Let me ask you something. What are your summer plans? June, July, and August are typically summer vacation months here in the U.S. Will you be on vacation for those months? I plan to continue teaching during the summer, but I’d like to offer a different kind of group course — something I’ve never offered you before, something helpful, but not too demanding and definitely fun because it’s summer! Have you ever done any kind of creative writing? You don’t have to be able to write a novel to do creative writing. It’s just about using your imagination and finding words to describe what you see in your mind. In short, it’s a form of self-expression. Creative writing challenges the limits of your vocabulary and grammar. If you’re writing creatively in English, you’re thinking more in English. And that’s a good thing! I’d like to invite intermediate and advanced students to join a creative writing course for the months of June, July, and August. As I mentioned, it won’t be too demanding, but it will be productive and fun. Students in my creative writing course will receive three tasks. You’ll complete one task each month. I’m going to make sure that you work on those vocabulary skills because each task will combine reading and writing. You’ll read the first part of a story that I’ve written, and then you will write the ending. Some students may only write a short paragraph. Others may write half a page. You’re not going to write a novel. All work will be submitted to me for feedback. Final versions of the story will be posted and shared on our group discussion board. This will provide plenty of reading material for you over the summer. You’ll learn from one another. In addition to the three writing tasks, there will be three vocabulary quizzes based on the readings. Each month, you’ll complete a vocabulary quiz at a time that’s convenient for you. Here’s the bonus: if I have at least 10 students enrolled in this creative writing course, I will hold an end-of-the-summer live session where some of these stories can be read aloud. But more on that later. Let’s review the details. The course will run from June 3rd to August 31st. Students will complete three creative writing tasks in which they’ll write an ending to three different stories. One story a month. Completed and revised stories will be shared on the group discussion board. Quizzes and tasks will be shared through a private Facebook group. My personal feedback will be given to every student on every writing assignment. Again, if I have at least ten students enrolled, there will be an end-of-the-summer live session on Zoom where some of these stories can be read aloud together. The course fee is $45 USD. Once I receive your payment via PayPal, I’ll invite you to join the private Facebook group. Keep in mind that a private lesson or one hour of editing is $70, so $45 is a bargain. If you’re interested in my creative writing course, please read the video description. You’ll find instructions on how to enroll. I look forward to reading your creative ideas and helping you build proficiency in English. Happy studies to you all! Follow me and gain more practice on Facebook and Twitter. I also have new videos on Instagram. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel so you get notification of every new video I upload to YouTube.

17 thoughts on “Enroll Now! ✏️Creative Writing Course with JenniferESL 👩‍🏫 June 3-August 31, 2019

  1. (thanks you lady Jennifer ) ♥♥(ممنون از شما اموزگارخوب و زحمت کش) (شكرا لك عزيزي المعلم) i thinking i have problem only in speak but i can a bit reading and writing:

  2. Hello my favourite teacher
    As usual i have a doubt- Is it okay to use
    "I have done my mbbs degree from aiims " instead of
    "I did my mbbs degree from aiims."
    Please answer

  3. What a mouth-watering prospect this is. My comments are often longer than half-page stories, so it would not be a challenge for me. In fact the challenge I'd find would be keeping the story short. Keeping stories short is an art in itself.

  4. Hi Jennifer as always you're amazing
    It's a pleasure to watch your videos they're excellent and very useful I learn a lot from them
    Thanks a bunch my dear teacher
    I hope you have a lovely day 😉🇧🇷

  5. Учу английский по вашим видео! Очень интересно и увлекательно! Спасибо вам за ваш труд!

  6. I'm from Iran and we don't able to pay mony and learn writing.I want to learn writing but my stuation country don't allow we pay.

  7. Hi Jen, after reading student feedback, Im interested in Intermediate writting skills. Do u still open this class? Tks u

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