Endgame Writers Reveal A Very Different Hulk Storyline

During Marvel Studios’ panel at San Diego
Comic-Con 2019, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus and
Stephen McFeely revealed that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner was initially meant to merge
with his mean, green alter ego the Hulk in Infinity War rather than in Avengers: Endgame. According to Polygon, Markus and McFeely explained
that one of the most difficult things to get right was crafting the big character moment
where Banner finally settles his differences with the Jade Giant, brings together his brain
with the Hulk’s brawn, arising a smart version of the Hulk. The duo wanted the character’s arc to make
sense, with viewers easily understanding the motivations behind and methods of Banner’s
metamorphosis, but it turned out to be more complicated than they initially thought. As Markus explained, the Infinity War team
wrote and filmed the whole transformation, saying: “He achieved union with the Hulk while inside
the Hulkbuster. He kicked Cull Obsidian’s ass.” Banner and Hulk becoming one while wearing
the Hulkbuster armor was such a hit with the Infinity War crew, they swiftly moved along
to shoot Avengers: Endgame, thinking everything was ship-shape and would be satisfying for
fans. But Markus and McFeely found flaws in their
plan to introduce Professor Hulk in Infinity War. “If it works, it’s gonna work, and you have
a lot of chances to find that out. And if it doesn’t work, we’ll circle back
around.” In their eyes, the magic of the Hulk-Banner
union subsequent butt-kicking of Black Order underling Cull Obsidian faded fast, and they
realized they absolutely couldn’t have that in the film. Markus said: “It didn’t work. It was the wrong tone for the movie. A big sequence where you see the union take
away from the attention of the story.” There was a big problem, though: directors
Joe and Anthony Russo had already filmed Avengers: Endgame, where Banner and Hulk had merged. So it was reshoots to the rescue. Markus and McFeely re-worked the Endgame script,
Banner actor Ruffalo came back to set to re-film some sequences, and the theatrical cut of
Infinity War was permanently changed. As fans will recall, Banner does indeed join
his fellow heroes to take down Thanos and his army of aliens across the plains of Wakanda
in Infinity War. And yes, he does wear Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster
armor, because Banner had trouble bringing Hulk to the surface after his initial, failed
scrap with Thanos at the beginning of the movie. Following that tussle, which resulted in Loki’s
death, Banner couldn’t “Hulk out” no matter how hard he tried. “How we doing? Really really good. ” “Do you plan on helping out?” “I’m trying! He won’t come out!” Banner’s arc in Avengers: Infinity War contradicted
plot points teased in the film’s trailers. One featured Hulk in his full green glory
fighting side by side with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After fans saw Infinity War on the silver
screen and knew Hulk didn’t show up during that final fight, it was believed that the
clips shown in the trailers were examples of Marvel intentionally misdirecting fans
to keep spoilers at bay. With Markus and McFeely’s recent reveal, it
stands to reason that the clips of Hulk in the Infinity War trailers may have come from
before the big change was made. Smart Hulk appears in Avengers: Endgame after
the five-year time jump from 2018 to 2023. The film offered a simple explanation as to
how the Banner-Hulk union happened: Banner spent 18 months in the gamma lab before finding
a way to fuse his smarts with Hulk’s strength. “I put the brains and the brawn together. And now look at me!” Professor Hulk shares the information with
his Avengers pals over breakfast, where he wolfs down pancakes and takes photos with
young fans. Markus said of the moment in Endgame, “A scene where Hulk eats a stack of pancakes
[…] I’ve never seen that in a movie.” While it would have been cool to see Banner
and the Hulk collide in Infinity War, Markus and McFeely’s ultimate decision to save Professor
Hulk for Avengers: Endgame makes more sense. It may have undercut a moment of personal
triumph for Banner to follow it with the Snap. Both Endgame and Infinity War got rave reviews
for their perfect balances of action, comedy and emotion. Had the screenwriters stuck to their original
plan, the reception may have been different. “Time travel!” “Oh my God.” “What?” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the MCU
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100 thoughts on “Endgame Writers Reveal A Very Different Hulk Storyline

  1. So it turns out that Hulk in the Infinity War trailer wasn't a misdirection – he was actually in the end of the movie at first.

  2. It still hurts how they did my boy Hulk. I knew that the MCU was doomed the moment they had Hulk beaten to a pulp by Thanos without putting up a fight and Endgame made it far worse, throwing Thor's character into the mix of pure mess.

  3. Hulk was wack in end game, and in infinity war. a big waste of a character, they could have done so much more with the hulk.

  4. The treatment of Hulk is the one weak spot of Infinity and End Game. Theyve needed the character since Age of Ultron and he's basically used to put others over.

  5. The got rid of the hulk and replaced him with real life mark ruffalo, a beta male. Sorry boys but looks like marvel is about beta men and chicks with lame haircuts (cpt marvel)

  6. The duality of Hulk and Banner is the crux of their characters. To merge them ultimately weakened both of them and destroyed any possibility of the character being useful or interesting again.

  7. dont make excuses for lazy writing, and a very poor choice of direction for this shrekhulk BS. Worst mistake of the mcu.

  8. They turned The Incredible Hulk into a civilized gentleman, and I absolutely hated it! If they bring The X-Men into The MCU, they better not do the same thing to Wolverine because his animalistic nature makes him my all-time favorite Marvel Character.

  9. Mark Ruffalo is to Bill Bixby as Brandon Routh is to Christopher Reeve. In my opinion they are the greatest.

  10. Hulk was a huge letdown in Endgame. I get that in 5 years (of peace more or less. No more running from the government, no super villians to fight, no alien invasions, etc.) he would have had time to make peace between Banner and Hulk. But with everything going preparing again, for essentially war again, he realizes he can't do the same things before (like when he was trying to push buttons and can't because his fingers are too big and imprecise) and cause the rift to form again. Endgame basically confirms that the transformation is imperfect because when the Ancient One removes Prof Hulk's "soul" it's not Huik, but Banner. They had the chance to play with the dichotomy and duality of the character in Endgame and just really didn't and pretty much killed the Hulk we all knew and love. He should have been in that montage at the beginning of Spiderman FFH.

  11. I like to think that the Hulk in this movie was somewhere in between Bruce Banner and actual Hulk. I think that Banner managed a partial transformation that allowed him to keep Hulk under control without achieving his full power. If I were writing Hulk going forward, that's how I would undo this crap.

  12. you completely messed the hulk up .. would of been so easy to have hulk been world war hulk in end game just as the avengers team needed him and he could of kicked everyones ass .. prof hulk is awful such a huge let down.

  13. Amazing video of the hulk but I felt disappointed with professor hulk in endgame May he sound to much like Bruce then the hulk also made him least smashed more of him wimpy and talking but I still love endgame all the same one best marvel movie ever etc great job looper

  14. The real answer is that the infinity wars and endgame previous are from some of the alternate time lines.

  15. So he was in the end of IW. The trailer and toys showed him at the end so guess they couldn't stop that stuff at that point. It would have been way better for it to happen when fighting Cull Obsidian and I was waiting for it to happen. I think Banner is fun for comedic moments but IW let me down with how little of Hulk there was and this would have made it better

  16. But he didn't achieve union in the
    Hulk- buster though. Hulk refused to fight and Banner had to get lucky. In addition the union was just glanced over in endgame.

  17. Yeah hated professor hulk in end game. It was the biggest thing I hated with that film. He could have had 5 years with black widow. And they took the fight out of the fighter with professor hulk. He was a gag

  18. Hey even if professor hulk is weaker than hulk so what he is 100 times smarter than hulk AND this is a great advantage for losing some strength

  19. Infinity war ruined Hulk, and Endgame ruined Thor, very disappointed with this choices. Everyone says what a movie Endgame was, I disagree, Could have been alot better

  20. No. Hulk definitely should have come out in the cull obsidian fight but the catch being because he is now proffesor hulk, he's got tge mind of banner so apart from the heroic union momemt and hopefully some well deserved ass-kicking, the fight could have played out the same way for the most part and kept the intensity in tact.

  21. The video just explained this better than Endgame did. Banner just said I figured he was the solution and not the problem and that was their f**** explanation of it, it was lame. I don't remember hearing anything about 18 months in a lab working on combining the two.

  22. 1. It wouldn't have worked well in Infinity War anyway. The Hulk finally coming out only to be quickly defeated by Thanos again as he gets the final stone would've been even more embarrassing.
    2. Phase 4, please give us She-Hulk

  23. Russo's screwed up the Hulk and his story… So F them and F marvel for allowing them to do that to the Hulk…

  24. When Bruce Banner merged with the Hulk did he basically kill him? We know from Ragnarok and other Avengers movies that the Hulk has his own thoughts and personality and that was clearly taken away in Endgame. Banner basically took over his body (as far as I can tell). That seems kind of wrong to me.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong

  25. We all begged for world breaker hulk, but got the weakest version of all time. Complete disservice to all Hulk fans.

  26. I was getting worried when a few days passed without Looper releasing an Endgame video. Now all is right with the world.

  27. They messed up with professor hulk. I hated him n I’m a huge hulk fan. It was such a flop. I mean even when girlfriend dies he doesn’t hulk out! That bench throw was such a flop! No hulky or even human. More suitabke reaction if his dinner was late!

  28. I say it now and forever Edward Norton's Hulk design and Bruce Banner portrayal was the best! but this is why he left the role because of the direction they were headed with the character development.

  29. I wanted to see Hulk and Thanos go for round 2. The made the Hulk act like a straight b*tch in the "Endgame."

  30. On another note, when Hulk mentioned that the gauntlet gave off gamma radiation, I thought that absorbing it would have given him a power boost. One so big it would have overwhelmed Banner's mind – – forcing him to temporarily revert to his savage persona. It would have made a one on one rematch against Thanos possible.

  31. The whole Professor Hulk thing ruined both Banner and Hulk. What we ended up with was a version of Banner who was so giddy with having control over his powers that he forgot the real reason why he wanted that control. Who cares about posing for pictures with fans if you aren't pursuing an actual relationship with the woman you love? Banner and Natasha could have been a real couple, but we were never shown even an attempt to make that work out. Meanwhile with Hulk fully under Banner's control, his power level went way down because it was based on his ability to channel anger and rage. The old Hulk got even more powerful the more you fought him and forced him to react, which is why the best strategy was usually to be calm and not fight at all while trying to remain alive. Yet instead of seeing a "Hulk Smash" moment in Endgame when it was truly needed to defeat Thanos, not to mention to redeem Hulk's previous defeat against him, we were left with a watered-down Hulk who didn't smash much of anything. At the climax of battle, he couldn't even get out from under a pile of wreckage which the old Hulk would have thrown off like tinker toys, so other heroes had to do his fighting for him. Sad and pathetic. As much as I liked the movie, we should have gotten better.

  32. Hyping everyone up with the hulk conflict within banner in ragnarok and infinity war just to resolve the arc offscreen.

  33. I left the movie really liking it but felt wronged how they punked the Hulk. It really messed up the experience for me. I’m not buying the movie and I didn’t go see it again. When you see one of the strongest, most popular, legendary hero’s who is one of your favorites get outshined by the fuckin Antman you have problems with it.

  34. Can Looper explore a time paradox (and story inconsistency) question I have about Avengers Endgame? So… As per The Ancient's conversation with Bruce Banner, the Infinity Stones had to be returned to the timelines they were taken from so as to avoid alternate timelines being created. However, when Tony Stark uses the gauntlet to defeat Thanos (young Thanos from a timeline prior to his older self assembling the original gauntlet and the events of Infinity War unfolding)… Stark essentially does to Thanos and his army what the older Thanos did to half the universe. Wipes them all from existence. Time paradox question: If younger version of Thanos and his army is wiped from existence in "the present" battle and not returned (as Steve Rogers does with the Infinity Stones) to his original time, how can younger Thanos be in the past to fulfill his destiny which causes the events of Infinity War to happen at all? And if Infinity War never happens, how do we lose any Avenger?

  35. A few ideas for better Endgame story arcs:
    – Replace Banner w/Professor Hulk and make Worldbreaker the new anger default
    – Gauntlet's radiation doesn't damage the Hulk; it makes him stronger
    – Replace Captain Marvel vs Thanos fight w/ Worldbreaker Hulk vs Thanos
    – Hulk destroys Thanos' ship instead of Carol
    – Bigger part in the story w/character development & reasonable power levels
    – Carol joins Rocket & Thor in Asgard
    – Carol & Rocket both give Thor the pep-talk, thereby showing leadership skills
    – Carol vs younger Thor (learns humility because she can just barely hold off Thor)
    – Change quote from accepting flaws to fixing them
    – Thor only hands Asgard over to Valkyrie until he's ready to lead again
    These are just my opinions on how to make the movie better, but let me know what you guys think.

  36. Both the Hulk and Thor should have had a final butt stomping moment against Thanos that allowed Stark to the get the stones for the snap. They bombed Hulk and Thor, storm-breaker was more powerful in Infinity War, but didn't do much in End Game's final battle, Hulk never even had another shot at a battle scene with Thanos. Really disappointed with the anticlimactic ending of End Game.

  37. Can we get a hulk solo movie, he deserves it as much as Black Widow…. Universal really fucked us over with this one.

  38. Do people not realize that Bruce banner doesn’t know how to fight? It’s all hulk. And if hulk fought thanks again it’s a lose, lose. If he beats thanos we didn’t have the good ending with tony. If he loses again you guys would be even more mad. 😒

  39. They tried to put too much into it, like Spider Man 3 with venom and sandman. Hulk doesnt even get a rematch or do anything giving him enough screen time. People wanted to see HULK SMASH godammit! We wanted to see ( even prof Hulk ), Hulk fight his way thru massive hordes and get some 1 on 1 action with Thanos. The problem is Hulks screen time in not ONE but TWO Avengers grand finale films wasn't what fans got. At the end of the day the Prof version was still ok because he was both but at least the prof version did Banner stuff but we didn't get that moment. Capt Marvel was treated this same way screen time wise but it was ok because she had just had her own movie!

  40. You know what I want to see what the creator of BannerIncredibleHulk channel has to say. I bet they are pissed lol.

  41. Well….i Really disliked what they made of the HULK…but….there is a oppurtunity now…..there could something happen in phase 4 that makes him become worldbreaker hulk…..like getting his wife and child killed by galactus…..😁

  42. To have banner burst out of the hulkbuster at the end and fight cull obsidian would have been epic.
    But what did the writers do actually ruin this great character and their paid to write this crap.
    Everyone involved at marvel should be ashamed of what they done to hulk.
    People don't want to see shrek or a a large green doctor.
    We want our INCREDIBLE HULK back.
    Somebody please in this world give us the HULK that we need and want.
    Not this impostor pretending to be the hulk.


  43. Professor hulk is already a bit weaker than normal hulk because he dosent get stronger the angryer he gets why do they have to make him smaller

  44. I juat wish he got back widow and got his fight with thanos we have proffessor hulk who is more devoloped and is just right for her

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