Elmira College Men’s Soccer vs. Utica College Post-Game Interview with Giovanni Garufi ’22

Here with Giovanni Garufi of the Elmira
College men’s soccer team following a 2-1 win over Utica College in Empire 8 Conference play. Gio, four saves in a really close game. Just your thoughts on
getting a win this afternoon? It was finally nice to get
a good result and it was a complete team effort. I mean all the guys
on the field give it their all. Even guys on the bench who weren’t in the game,
they were really passionate and just giving us constant support. So, it was a great team effort. You know, this team had to play down a player for about 30-plus minutes in the second half. Your thoughts on the way the defense played and how
they were able to step up and help you
out there at the end? Yeah, a tough call
to say the least. It was questionable, but our team held our
own.The backline really stepped up. They did a good job of getting
everything out that they could and the main reason we won the game really. And then just finally, what’s this do for this team’s confidence moving forward
picking up a win in conference play here in the later stages of the season? Yeah, it’s definitely big. We’re still in the race for playoff contention, so it
will be really close when it comes down to it, but yeah it’s huge.

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