Easy Online Jobs: Flexible Schedules for Extra Cash

– Hey, Angie Nelson here
from theworkathomewife.com. Frequently, I’m asked to provide just some easy online
jobs that can be done that aren’t going to
require a lot of brainpower. You understand that they’re not
going to pay a lot of money. It’s just something that
you can do in your free time to pick up a little spare change to be put away for a rainy day or maybe to help out with the bills if you only need a couple
hundred dollars a month. So that’s what we’re going
to be talking about today is some really easy online jobs that are going to provide you with a lot of flexibility, and you can just kind of do
them whenever you have the time. Now please make sure you stay
until the end of the video so you can find out more
about the opportunities we’re talking about today, in addition to some
other great opportunities for you to make money from home. Now a lot of people come to me just looking for some easy extra money they can earn on the side. Maybe you don’t want to be committed to a full-time schedule or
even a part-time schedule and you’re just looking for
a little extra spending money or some money to contribute
to the monthly bills. And those are some things we’re going to be talking about today. Some of these you’re
going to be familiar with. I’ve mentioned some of them in quite a few of my past videos. But you may run into some
new opportunities as well. Now the first one we are
going to be talking about is microtasks. This is something that a lot of you are familiar with already. These are just really small jobs that you can do online that
only take a few minutes. Now in all of the instances that we’re going to be
talking about today, these jobs aren’t going to pay a lot. The jobs we’re focusing on today are really going to be entry-level work, and as the video description states, easy. Microjobs really falls into that category. There are quite a few websites that focus on this type of work, like Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk. I have a video that is
dedicated just to that site. These are going to be sites that have just small,
piecemeal work available. The jobs here may only take
five to 15 minutes to complete. And in most cases, you are going to be, each job is assigned a
flat fee that you’re paid if the job is completely
successfully and accepted. The work here, it’s really varied. There’s going to be some
things ranging from surveys to short transcription files. You may do some online research, depending on what the company is offering. But they’re really just entry-level, easy tasks that you can do as time allows. As I said, MTurk is one, and Clickworker is another site that’s really similar to
Amazon Mechanical Turk that you may want to check out as well. Now search engine evaluation
is a much-loved gig among my community. It isn’t so easy to do necessarily when you’re first getting started. A lot of these jobs have a
long list of requirements and guidelines that you need to follow. But once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy work to complete. And they do offer a really
flexible schedule in most cases. The top companies to look for here are going to be Appen,
Leapforce, and Lionbridge. These companies do usually have several of these evaluation type gigs available. Some of them will be called
search engine evaluation. There are ad quality rater positions. There are even some social media evaluator positions as well. So you kind of want to take
a look at what’s available at each of these companies right now and what they entail. There are even some of
these jobs available at these companies that you can do just with your smartphone. You don’t even need to have a computer. Now the obvious one that’s on
everyone’s list is data entry. Now to be honest about this field, there are not a lot of legitimate
jobs that are available, at least those that pay well. There are a few that do pay just a couple of dollars per hour, literally, once you get into things. But there are some
reputable companies as well. There just may be a really long wait list. A couple you may want to look into are Axion Data Entry Services
and Dion Data Solutions. As I said, you may be on
a wait list for years. But if it’s something that
you’re really interested in and adamant about getting, you can check out those two companies. Now another idea with some
really easy, flexible work is user testing or website testing. Now with these opportunities, what you are is just providing
feedback to website owners, or maybe some app
developers in some cases, about their website or app. You are doing this by
webcam in most cases. It’s filming you as you visit
the website and click around. You’ll be telling them feedback about their colors, their branding, the navigation of the website. Is everything working properly? These are just really short gigs that come up every now and again. They usually take about 15
to 20 minutes to complete. And they can pay anywhere
from five to 10 dollars per test in most cases. These are just really brief thoughts. It’s nothing really in-depth that requires a lot of onboarding. You’re just providing feedback. A couple of companies that you will want to check out here are UserTesting, and there’s also one
that is called TryMyUI. Now the gigs that I mentioned
already in this video, those are on the easier side. We can keep going into some things that are a little bit more
complicated and involved, but they still offer a lot of flexibility. One of those is transcription. Now if you are really
interested in data entry and are not finding anything
is available in that field, transcription may be an
industry you want to consider. You are still going to be putting your great typing skills to good use. You’re just listening to audio files and typing them into text. That’s all there is to it. Most companies do provide you with a style guide in order to follow as far as if there’s multiple
speakers on that file or different ways that they
want the files formatted for people to use later. But that information
is all provided to you by the individual company. It’s not something that you necessarily need a training course for unless you’re going to get into some of the more specialized fields, like legal transcription
or medical transcription. And there are even a couple of companies that are open to beginners if you have no prior experience. Those are 3Play Media, AccuTran Global, GMR Transcription, and Rev.com all do accept beginners from time to time. And they do offer really
flexible schedules as well. Now the next one may not be
considered easy to everyone. But there are certainly
some of us out there that really enjoy online research, really enjoy reading
about different things, learning about different things, and sharing that knowledge. If you were a person who loved doing book reports in high school, you may be a natural fit
for a writing career. Now much to many people’s surprise, most freelance writers, these position don’t require a degree in English or journalism. These are positions
that are open to anyone that has these skills and
can create quality content. Most of the content being created today is going to be for online
entities like websites, blogs, things like that, even social media. A lot of the social media profiles today do have freelance writers that they hire in order to create those
frequent updates for them. So those are all things that
may be a good fit for you if you’re someone who
naturally loves to learn, research, and share. Now there are all kinds
of writing positions available today. These can range from those
simple social media updates that I mentioned to
blog posts and articles to getting into things
like ghostwriting books or manuscripts or instruction manuals. A lot of companies and website owners hire someone to do this writing for them. Now each type of writing obviously has its perks and its drawbacks. And there’s also great variation in how much money you
can make in each field depending on your personal
experience and expertise and also the length and the
research that’s involved in the content that you’re creating. So you’ll definitely want to check into some of these different
industry opportunities that are available. Now those are just a few ideas for some great opportunities
that are considered more entry level and don’t
require any education or any specialized experience
to get involved in. They just require that
you have the motivation and the desire and the
confidence to go after them. Now I’m going to leave you some links in the description below to allow you to learn more about the opportunities that we spoke about in this video in addition to some
other great opportunities that are available to you
to make some money online. Now if you like today’s video, please give it a like and a share. And please make sure you’re
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your work-at-home job search.

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