Dyslexics are better at writing – Hack dyslexia to write great essays, blogs, (any) content faster.

what’s up everyone welcome to hack ADHD
and dyslexia my name is Nishanth if you need to this channel this channel is all
about hacking our ADHD and dyslexia to unlock our innate superpowers alright so
today’s video is about how to write an essay or first graph of an essay in
under 30 minutes I’m gonna give you a three step process and each energy step
is gonna be taking advantage of your dyslexic strengths this video is really
good for dyslexics but people with ADHD can really you know get a lot of value
from it as well because you know as you know people with ADHD we like to
procrastinate right so with this technique it makes it a lot easier to
you know get what you haven’t done get what you have to get done quickly
alright the first process is usually the hardest editing it and doing all this
other stuff is pretty chill especially for especially for people
that I already kind of have a good ideas like us so it’s easier to refine it but
the first draft is the toughest part so that’s what we’re gonna be focused
focusing on in this video before we get started with that um I’m gonna take I’m
just gonna do this really quickly in one random do any cut so I’m gonna just you
know I was originally I was gonna make this really crazy like super produced
video but I don’t think that actually serves you that just takes a lot of my
time and I’m gonna try to get as much content out there as possible sorry for
running this monkey suit I just got back from work so that’s the reason I’m
wearing all this stuff so here it is it’s a three steps process alright the
first step is to get a journal I mean oh I mean this is one of the things that I
always always recommend I mean almost all my videos is you need to have a
journal alright so let’s say I say you get a let’s say you get a you know an
assignment and the assignment is to write an essay about I don’t know Civil
War or something the first thing you need to do is open your book up title it
right so my book right here I wrote how to write an essay in 30 minutes you know
whatever whatever whatever your essay is alright so you read the title and then
the next thing you do is you write down you get a timer cook the timer and you
set it for 10 minutes and you write down every single idea that you have on your
topic right so foot if you’re talking about the Civil War I would write down
every single idea about the Civil War that you have it so it could be like one
word could be a Benjamin Franklin no Hollow
blinkin and the South the North Confederate the Union economics slavery
khanjan all like any idea that comes into your mind that could be related to
your topic you write it down can you do that for a lot like five to ten minutes
and then the next thing you do is you go back to this essay alright you go back
to your your notebook and then you draw lines you connect the dots between each
ideas so Abraham Lincoln Union and the North write those all connect it so you
draw a line you connect those dots you connect those ideas together in a way
that kind of makes sense right in your head you know how to put anything on
paper yet and and this is really the beautiful thing about this way of doing
it is you know as dyslexics we had issues with you know writing things down
spelling things correctly getting the grammar down all these other things that
does not matter in the idea phase of writing an essay right so what you want
to do in this beginning part is get all the good ideas that you have into your
scratch paper into your brainstorm into the thing that you are going to be
designing your essay on right now this is really a powerful thing a lot of
dyslexics I can do really easily especially if they have you know strong
interconnected reasoning skills I’ll put a video I’ll put a link to the video
that I made about interconnected reasoning up here if you want to check
that out you can check it out right here so that’s one of our strengths we can
connect ideas together so first put those ideas on paper just write the
words draw a picture whatever it you need to do alright so the next thing you
want to do is you want to take those ideas LinkedIn link them together in
using arrows after you have this sketched out take a minute you know go
for you know go do another activity for like 10 20 30 40 minutes maybe an hour
maybe a day do go do something else that’s not related to this idea let all
those ideas marinate and coalesce inside your brain cells all right after you
take a break from you know the brainstorm the the piece of paper that
you put all your ideas down in then come back to it an hour you know next day 20
minutes from now however long the longer it is the better don’t go over like two
days though alright since after after two days you forget stuff but in between
like you know an hour to like 48 hours it’s like in primetime
of your brain like really marinating on these ideas and really connecting these
ideas and coalescing them in a in a cool way
all right so that’s first step step number two is you want to open up your
notes if you have if you have one note open it up in OneNote and hit the record
button I want you to process this these ideas in in words all right so you took
ideas that are not really put into like sentences the next step is to take those
words that are on yours on your brainstorming paper and speak about them
to yourself and then record what you’re saying you could even just take your
phone hit the record button and just go over everything that she was said so
like hey you Benjamin Franklin was the president of the north and he was the
the president of the Union and the Union and the Confederate blah blah blah just
talk to yourself about these ideas and then as you’re talking all these ideas
that you that you kind of thought about for the last two days will start coming
together in a way that’s like kind of it’s kind of magical it just kind of
happens now most people they process through while writing right so they
could they’ll write something and then something will happen to where all those
things that you write they’re writing all those ideas so they’ll kind of
connect together but for me and for most of you guys who are dyslexic I think
your way of doing it will be like verbal processing so as you’re talking as as
I’m talking to this video all the ideas that I want to say next just come to me
right so the same thing will happen to you when you’re writing your essay so
sit down start you know talking to yourself talking to the camera talking
to OneNote or your or your microphone whatever you need to talk to and make
sure you recording some of this stuff and here’s a little secret you don’t
even need to listen to the recording it kind of gives you a brain like a chance
to say hey you know what I don’t remember everything I say cuz the
computer is doing it for me right so that that’s the next thing just
the button record even though you don’t have to actually go back and listen to
this recording because what happened is your brain will kind of be like oh cool
I don’t how to remember everything I say it so I’ll have like more energy to
process everything right the same way that and if you’re doing this ball
you’re writing your brain is spending a lot of time thinking about everything
that it needs to get right right and the things that you suck at like spelling
grammar putting certain words together that makes sense all these different
things that your brain usually would have to do now it doesn’t have to do
that anymore and it doesn’t have to remember anything
that you say either so your brain is gonna be like oh I’m just gonna just say
what I need to say to get get this done right so that’s a huge advantage all
right so now the first step we we wrote everything down we made the brains from
second step we we kind of like connected the dots we took a break and then we
came back and we started talking to our phone while we were you know with the
pencil we went over some of the some of the ideas on the paper right I mean
added some things in verbally and we took other things on that we’re not
important right so that’s step number two the last step is to I mean this is
this is like something that just recently came out about two years ago
and it really really helps you know people with ADHD and dyslexia out and
this is called Google Docs all right so if you go to Google Docs it’s like a
free free writing tool just go to no go just Google Google Docs all right and
you’ll see it and maybe I’ll put a little doohickey I’ll do a screencast or
whatever on this side so you can actually see what’s going on right so
Google Docs is like this writing it’s like Microsoft Word and you can just
type stuff it’s just it’s a word processing application now the cool
thing about Google Docs is it has the tool called Google speech to text and
all you gotta do is you gotta turn it on and just just read what you just said
back into the computer now you can you can combine you might want to combine
the step two and step three but I don’t recommend it because you want to keep
these separate right the cool thing about doing these like three times it
gives you a chance to refine new ideas you know multiple times so when you
actually you know the writing it into or speaking your words into Google Docs you
know it sounded all make sense but just keep talking just
keep talking into the into the thing take some take a break so the you know
the the words can catch up with your with your with your with your speech but
then just keep going if they make if there’s mistakes just keep going keep
going keep going and until you’re done with explaining everything that just
like you explained into your into your microphone right what’s gonna be
happening is the first part of this is gonna take you about 10 minutes the
second part speaking into the camera will probably take you about 10 to 15
minutes and the last part your view actually speaking into the into the
Google Docs will partake you like you know 5 10 20 minutes right 5 to 10
minutes as well and then by the end of it you’ll have like a really rough draft
like really rough but a draft of the essay that you’re gonna be talking about
the next steps you know if you’re gonna add more things in this when you’re
editing it go back find the things that you like find the things that are
interesting find the things that you need to you know give evidence for and
all these things fill out that draft draft with you know things that you
would normally do things that you know a normal person would do at the beginning
you know I mean so like go back you have this rough draft and then go back and
you know reword some of these things so they make sense to other people you know
add evidence you know punctuate things even get some help if you want you can
maybe you have someone else edit it for you you know that in the past after this
right and then after you have you written out just read out loud see if it
makes sense and then you know go ahead and you know refine it and do other
things to it to make this essay perfect alright hope that makes sense I’m I try
to do a good job on this video but you know I’m out of sucked but I don’t
really care I’m just gonna upload this to see what happens but if you guys like
this kind of stuff you’re gonna see more please hit that subscribe button I will
be making more videos for people with ADHD and dyslexia thanks a lot I love
you guys bye

8 thoughts on “Dyslexics are better at writing – Hack dyslexia to write great essays, blogs, (any) content faster.

  1. I have never used docs google for voice writing. It is much easier than any other software. Cool, thank you!

  2. Audionote 2 is an amazing app I record all of my lessons and and an able to listen back and study through that, Google translator the app I am able to take a photo of a class assignment and have read it to me it honestly helps so much, in a lot of my classes in college want me to google articles and read them but I can’t so I use Voice Dream and that does it for me, if I knew these apps existed when I was in high school middle school my wife should’ve been so much easier I hope they help you guys to, also hopefully everything spelled right makes sense can’t read it back to tail lol

  3. And if you find anymore app please share I’m in college so they change my life Do you use or ever heard of an overlay for those who don’t know what it is it’s a thin sheet of plastic to put over everything you read mine to read it helps my eyes focus😋

  4. Thank you so much for this channel. This is really helpful! A way to skip step 3 all together is an app called Transcribe. It will actually take your videos or voice memos and transcribe them automatically. It even has a feature where you can hear it in chunks to confirm accuracy.

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