Drones Escalate: Aircraft Carriers Launches Will Widen & Complicate Killings

joining me is michael brooks is producer
of the majority report would sam cedar also a freelance writer he has a new
article in alternet call written with the like lift in what the john brennan
hearings didn’t tell you aircraft carrier based drones could expand covert
war around the world so michael tell us a little bit about what that means we
have this news which was uh… i i guess in the last ten days or so it broke about drones being launched off of aircraft
carriers uh… and and how that could potentially change why how drugs are
being used how could it more broadly speaking change the entire picture what consumers you some pictures and
words uh… drones on aircraft carriers actually uh… you know that this past
november ryan what they could do is when you when the technology developed and this
is still a lot and processed this isn’t completed yet where drones could uh… fly off
aircraft carriers such as the adds another layer of flexibility to the
program essentially so right now it’s a operate drones we
still need to uh… established base ingredients arms you know most controversial eastern
shockingly recently actually was the disclosure that we have a drone basin uh… saudi arabia uh… we’re also establishing a drone
bases in northern africa i’ll add at the carnival layer of alm in some ways geopolitical accountability
but also uh… instability there it’s a certain sort of chuck on this program
with the aircraft carriers that ads uh… even additional layer of
flexibility uh… in terms of how we operate these
uh… these drone side and kind of hot spots around the world so it’s a
potential our game changer in that sense to play devil’s advocate a little bit
could not be argued that if you’re launching drones from whatever kind of a base in whatever
country it is saudi arabia whatever it is that there is that there is at least at
the very minimum implicit agreement with that would uh…
that drone program from the host country and therefore the the blame over criticism for strikes
lunch from there could at least b somewhat i signed to two parties the u_s_ and
that host country whereas if you’re coming off of the aircraft carrier does it in a sense not make it a little
bit cleaner in that they’re are no other parties to point the finger at well i tried a minute and that’s the
question is how clean do we want to make it right so i mean one of the aspects of the drug
program that is indisputable so far is that certainly a
lot of countries like uh… yet men uh… and parking spot and i think it’s
change more easily barbie star and i think that the government of pakistan is
more adj disordered genuinely opposed to these strikes but a lot of host
governments of neither founded pleasantly or pretty directly
uh… supported this program and use of this technology pretty aggressively
trying you’re right it i think that if we if we moved to an aircraft carrier
based model what you might see if you might see even
greater flexibility in the executive branch to uh… use these things and
potentially even less oversight and you also uh… lose the where you’re talking
about which is some type of reciprocity uh… it as regards with compressed is basing
remit so as an example arms a new year’s ambassador at the united states recently told
c_n_n_ that you know that his country because in some drums but they’ll be
used for surveillance purposes and i was the kind of condition that they were
putting on them we moved aircraft carriers could potentially take away um… uh… even more kind barriers to the
program and that has its upside in its downsides but it needed will you know
certainly advt take away from the way you’re talking
about teachers a shared responsibility we’ve
been supercritical of the drum program on a number of different fronts on the
show for a while now and i’ve gotten some pushback from progressives on two
fronts about this one front is you know for all the criticisms that progresses have about the drone strikes
their their criticisms would be identical if it were a republican in
office who is expanding the drum program but republicans are only being critical now
because it’s yet another thing they can criticize obama for and they wouldn’t be
criticizing bromley potentially for that inouye oc isn’t this becoming i wanna say help but isn’t this somehow yuling the republican agenda in the sense that
you’ve got something that opa mistaking he dont from both sides that he
otherwise that another president wouldn’t well right i mean i think we need to the
saturday a couple of issues here and i think first uh… you know that some of the crystals that
obama receives from progresses is arm it’s heartening and it’s important
because there are certain issues that look regardless of who’s executing it if you
have a values that you have a strategic view of how the world should work in what
they use a policy should be at any president is contradicting and it
doesn’t matter who the president is that i think i agree with you on that the
issue is we we have that on our side but the
republicans don’t they just took me a critical for political reasons that’s absolutely right the republicans
though and i think the republicans don’t have credibility on this issue so i
think obviously when um… you know someone like joe
scarborough other guys just kind of use it as a conjul to say well isn’t the obama administration
being hypocritical are democrats being hypocritical and that’s also just not the main issue
here the main issue here is actual policies still in progress is going to
criticizing some of the consequences of the actual policy that’s very distinct from getting in some kind of process the bay
about comparing the bush in the obama administrations and frankly what i think you can still make a strong case more
broadly in some respects to the overall a foreign policy uh… and there are successes in there
have been restraints in other areas that are really legitimate and important to
highlight and that said you know i don’t even think
the fundamental issue in some respects is that technology drones per se it’s how they’re being used how they’re
being relied on ideas he meant aryan argument against
that there’s also strategic argument against that because what you see ms eat they’ve decapitated allot current
traditional conventional al-qaeda that’s a success and there’s been these release admitting humanitarian or
consequences along with that then there’s the legal consequences of
things like ill listen the power of the executive branch in in the third
component which you might potentially see evidence
couple years erasing in places like molly al-qaeda sort of decentralizing in the
past the sizing uh… and potentially getting more
resilient because fundamentally just like obama said woody critique you don’t get to the underlying causes
of these issues you’re not really fundamentally gonna
solve them and drones are almost too convenient to politically is
but tactically appealing president lies you sort of get away from
other that were sort of long-term structural things that need to be addressed and i think you know
progressives realists anybody with a serious interest
in foreign policy needs to articulating be serious about as i think
you would demand ising obama or anything like that well you just last night he
touched a little bit on humanitarian and strategic which is kind of in a limited time we
have left what i want to talk about which is the other progressive pushback
i’ve gotten which is my criticism seems to be reined in uh… under the umbrella that
if we weren’t doing the drum strikes we would be doing nothing and that is just its debts fantasy land
in other words pragmatically speaking what we would be doing without the
drones would lead to even more civilian casualties so is this if you know act i’d feel a
little weird saying it’s leading to less civilian casualties then the other plans
would it just doesn’t feel right but progress is their increasingly sending
messages to me like that well the trouble is that that though
that this is where see again we have to decide or gate the technology in another itself and and i think that
right there is no type of proof that drones cause more civilian casualties
and other types of warfare when you start talking about something
like a signature strike and signature strikes air strikes that are based off
of behavioral predictability about people
who aren’t known so europe office tiny uh… need male
between twenty and thirty in your in a certain area we’re gonna hit you assume you’re guilty when you start doing strikes like that
and also double taps which is another uh… aspect the drug program which
means that whenever those yeah you have one other thing here is been
kit you come back up a lowers later and you get the same area which means
that uh… merge issue response vehicles and
people like that don’t want to go in and kind of rescue people take people
out as they know in other words coming those things by definition are gonna get us away from really
understanding what types filling casualties were even
talking about so that’s a really hard to be have
because went by when you get into by definition uh… we don’t exactly know what’s what is life uh… then bennett’s it’s problematic
didn’t have that debate and that’s another aspect about this program
there’s some level of disclosure and understanding is that happened in order
for any of us whether we’re defending your criticizing it to have a national debate about it that we didn’t get everything but there
will be plenty more opportunities to talk about the drum program in all of
its associated uh… issues in questions michael brooks producer of the majority
report with sincere check out his code written article with
you i clicked on alternet about the uh… uh… aircraft carrier
based drone expansion to the drawn more michael thanks as always bakery talking here about the soup

81 thoughts on “Drones Escalate: Aircraft Carriers Launches Will Widen & Complicate Killings

  1. Why do you concern yor self with top secret projects that are not meant for normal unsecured people to know. We are always in a state of war. Shit gets real when your not in the US your freedom air free there is a cost associated with it

  2. Our military has become like a little boy with a new toy that breaks things. The proverbial BB gun {you're gonna shoot your eye out]. This toy is going to get this government into a lot of trouble.Somehow I don't think it's going to win the hearts and minds of the mid-east populace.The drones have removed the guilt attachment that one feels when he has terminated someone. He won't even have to bring it up when he's sitting in the confessional.

  3. Yeah, I'm aware of that. I've read Operation Dark Heart.I think some operators feel guilt but I believe the process sanitizes the kill for a lot of these UAV pilots. I even feel that so much positive propaganda has circulated that the general public thinks the collateral damage is very low or nonexistent.There is no doubt that this is better than iron bombs but in a sense it' worse.

  4. David Pakman!!!!! Why do you care what goofy emails "fellow progressives" send you? What does it matter that Republicans are hypocrites? The drone policy is wrong! End of story. There is always something worse. There are always hypocrites who speak out if both sides of their mouth. Keep on bashing the drone strikes. Ram

  5. US carnage and bloodshed is always escalating. It's good for US economics as corporations…dedicated to arms dealing, and their shareholders…dedicate to greed make lots of money.
    The USA is no longer a modern, secular society.
    All the US has is gods, guns, and greed.

  6. are you from america? if so thats kinda fucked up too say such things. Maybe you might be better off in Laos or Chad. I hear Loas is far Left!

  7. There's lots of science and research that Americans ignorantly ignore:
    1) The risks of a gun in the home typically far outweigh the benefits

    This article summarizes the scientific literature on the health risks and benefits of having a gun in the home for the gun owner and his/her family and concludes that for most contemporary Americans, the health risk of a gun in the home is greater than the benefit
    -Harvard Injury Control Research Center > Firearms Research > Overall

  8. I met many people from austrialia….all drunk bloated with baked bean teeth and awful skin. your country is an embarrassment to all western nations. By far the most arrogant pieces of shit too walk this earth. Your country looks like my countries mid-west which means no one wants to visit it.

  9. how did this turn on guns?

    I have a gun…its a rifle and its a very handsome weapon. I take out it once every 6months? I never even fired it to be honest. I own it for 1 reason and 1 reason only. Protect myself from an oppressive government(tin foil hat?) Not really. My country is very different then yours. You dont owe 17 trillion dollars and have a multiculturalism issue. I purchased it thinking "Heyy why not" Im happy with my decisions 5 years ago. VERY happy.

  10. We still kick American arse in just about every arena.
    At least we know how to source credible information, and vote based on facts rather than beliefs.
    Grow up and stop foisting guns, gods, and greed on the free and thinking world.
    We, the free and thinking, reject it, so keep your delusions to US soil, at least.

  11. Dude your country is descendents of criminals and gold diggers. your fucking pathetic. Whats so great I watched an australian rugby player get put into coma by a bunch of hookers while in south east asia cause he had to open his drunk belligerent mouth. Similar to you posting about MY country,

  12. you're not protecting yourself, or your family. You are putting yourself, and family, at greater risk.
    Look at all of the science and research on firearms with an open mind. It's reality

    Americans rely on weapons like drones and guns to force their beliefs on free and thinking people who reject it.
    You don't have right to shoot/kill people.
    Americans ignore due process while on some noble quest that allows/prescribes killing on a daily basis.
    look at the science and research on firearms:

  13. 1) Harvard Injury Control Research Center > Firearms Research
    2) The Firearm and Injury Center at Penn
    3) Center for Gun Policy and Research Johns Hopkins

  14. traveling in a fried-out combie On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady, she made me nervous she took MeHH in and Gave mehh BreakFast.


  15. I dont careee my gun isnt loaded. Did you not read why I have a gun? Your not from america….so go make your political points on some Australian video. your like the reject pierce morgan,

  16. You are trying to make 30,000 guns every year seem insignificant.
    That's immoral, and the truth is firearm deaths and injuries are a public health epidemic.
    You are lying, too. Nobody wants to ban guns. Regulations in line with peer nations protects society from unnecessary deaths (caused by the beliefs and behavior of a few.).

  17. America wasn't alone, or you'd have lost PNG.
    The US troops ran from battle screaming very often in PNG.
    The locals still make fun of cowardly US troops.

  18. 30,000 and we have 340million people. We as America…Like Guns….we like them ALOT. People who dont like guns are….Women(mothers) and pussies(david pakman). what science and research do you speak of? Is this American research? And again I own gun…you know what that means? Im a few steps ahead of someone who DOESNT own a gun. Who em I afraid of…someone ELSE owning a gun.

  19. Australia is a relatively modern society. We rely on modern means such as science and research rather than guns, gods, and greed.
    We are relatively educated, and can think critically, so don't support crazy beliefs in gods, guns, and greed.
    It's why we continue to be buoyant, and the US is in decline.

  20. yes so modern so great lmao. whats with your obession with god guns and greed? Isnt it funny its always the other guy whos greedy and selfish but not you? "It's why we continue to be buoyant" umm a buoyant is a gun thats #1 and whens theres a crisis in the world Your country isnt on speed dial mine is. Remember that statement I said about your arrogance? well its showing.

  21. Jihadists like guns and bombs, too. Sharia law has the same amount of evidence supporting it as Americans have for their belief in gods, guns, and greed.
    It's not alright for your beliefs to inflict harm on any person or any society.
    That is oppression.

  22. joint exercise LMFAO!!!! How old are you??? 15 years old? your lame. I pretty much schooled you on everything. Can someone on PLEASE DEBATE ME!

  23. You're only fooling yourself with very oppressive nonsense. Firearm deaths = epidemic.
    1)The United States has a very high rate of firearm death
    Using recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO), this paper provides striking evidence on the size of the U.S. problems of gun homicide, overall homicide, gun suicide, and unintentional gun death compared to other advanced countries—for both genders and every age group.
    -Harvard Injury Control Research Center > Firearms Research > Overall

  24. how old are you? How many deaths are black on black crime? how many are done with handguns? Your a fucking idiot and your not from america so shush.

  25. If you read through the science and research I've linked to, then you would know how badly you are making a fool of yourself.
    Read the research, and stop being an ignorant suck.

  26. I'm not from the Middle East, however, I know jihadists are wrong, too.
    I'll be practicing my freedom of speech, and continuing to rely on education, reason, science and research, if you don't mind. Too bad if you do, hey?
    You stick to your beliefs, there's a good gimp.

  27. So your argument is "You a fucking idiot and your not from america so shush?" And you say "how many are done with handguns?" So your admitting that guns enable people to commit homicide? Maybe we should just join the rest of the developed world and create stricter gun laws to create a safer society.

  28. you see arguing with Liberals is like playing the "I know you are but what em I game" How many people are killed from drunk driving? how many people are beatin to death with baseball bats? This argument can go on and on.

  29. liberals love labeling people. The goverment does stuff we all dont like all the time. Im not hurting anyone. did you read anything I wrote? Whats a mattaahh witchhh Ya

  30. The correlation isn't so clear. The US murder rate was 3.56/100,000 last year compared to 3.2/100,000 in South Korea that has only 1 gun per 100 people. There is also the local realities that throw a wrench in that theory. Most of the murders in the US are concentrated to cities where gun ownership is the lowest. THis might have something to do with the 1.4 million gang members in the US that other countries don't have to deal with

  31. Fella, you haven't changed science and research. You are simply attempting to ignore it.
    You're out of touch with science and research…and reality.
    You are beating me in the ignorance stakes, that's for certain.
    Try reading some science and research:
    1) The Firearm and Injury Center at Penn
    2) Center for Gun Policy and Research Johns Hopkins
    3) Harvard Injury Control Research Center > Firearms Research

  32. I didn't know that. I've never heard of a drone operator suffering from PTSD (PTSD that came from operating a drone). Not a psychologist but I always thought the constant and relentless stress from the threat of being attacked was the largest contributor to PTSD.

    Are drone pilots experiencing PTSD because of regret of shooting on their targets? I'm interested to know actually.

  33. We understand that there are things the United States government cannot just release to the general public. But we don't want the world seeing the United States as scum or pigs because we eliminate civilians without remorse, because the world already saw us as that once. And then we had 9/11.

  34. I had to shoot a dog with a paintball gun…does that count? OH! This one time In a 3rd world country I watched my best friend blow a cow up with an RPG for 100 bucks. I didnt want to do that to the animal….that was fucked up. The locals LOVED IT! all clapping and cheering.

  35. well your saying im a psychopath for defending myself? im lost with this one. You wouldn't try fighting back to someone who is trying to oppress you physically?

  36. "safer society" its with that thinking which is the MAJOR PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY!!!! YOU MY FRIEND ARE THE DEFINITION OF EVERYTHING I FUCKING HATE.

  37. dont you have a job or some S&M Club friends to hang out with? Look Bravo is got a special on how to brush your chiwawa Go watch!! Go Mike Go!!

  38. mike please listen to this. This is a great defenition on what Im trying too fight againts. Please respect and understand and I wont tease you anymore.


  39. I just stated I would fight when im physically being oppressed(not in some gay protest movement) or when People share the same values I do are being mistreated, neither has happened and im pretty content,

  40. Launching drones from carriers makes no difference. The issues is how they are being used and flying over a sovran nations with impunity.

  41. helps me sleep at night that my country wont be destroyed by Muslims but be destroyed by Liberals who like yourself is a complete nincompoop.

  42. A bigger problem may be your unchecked anger. If I'm the definition of everything you "fucking hate" then you have some problems. Obviously your just and insecure and immature troll who can't even create an adult argument. I pity you.

  43. When he say release them? When did they say they were innocent? he never did. He is just saying it is hypocritical to live in a country which has a judicial system based on habeas corpus yet set a terrible example to the rest of the world by not practicing it universally.

  44. ahhh very good finally a man with balls….yeah your right about the anger. I like this cause its good venting material on people who are weak minded, I forgot what your comment was that pissed me off though…prob something sheep like. No im deff not insecure. Immature of course its a david pakmen video lmao.

  45. yeah we are very hypocritical. who isnt? Oh and president Obozo suspended Habeas Corpus awhile ago…so Yeahh….thats kinda weird and mean.

  46. Dude, Habeas Corpus has been fought for since before America was even created. And the instance which we are talking about is one that started under the previous administration. Maybe you should realize that the problem doesn't just stem from Obozo. You speak like he is our all powerful leader who can just do anything he wants, even though congress doesn't allow many of his plans to even come to the table. And in 4 years he will be gone and there will be some other douche there.

  47. I know man its so sad…its like choosing what bowl of shit smells better. How bad do you have to be too lose to both Bush and Obama? Kerry was dreadful and Romney was a bootleg Reagan. I like Hillary though and I used to be a big Bloomberg fan…but just like old rock stars who keep releasing shitty albums they dont know when to hang it up. There should be no such thing as a career politician.

  48. Bloombergs first few years was so badass….The schools where in such severe debt and cries for reform and help where heard in all 5 boroughs in NY. Bloomberg paid the debt out of his Pocket!!! How fucking sick is that?(when he was still a republican btw) Lets fast forward over a decade later he wants too tax a big gulp and take my gun away. what a dick.

  49. @Scott Winters warlords and drug kings who see potential to forward their own dealings. of course, sometimes our terrorists are their freedom fighters and find people in the populace at large to aid them. it changes on a point to point basis.

  50. Let the drones fly…. Thanks Michael for tipping off our enemies…. asshole —–  Regressive Left … expose the government so it will not function sedition

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