Discovering your PhD Potential: Writing a Research Proposal

Well we understand that writing an application
for a PhD is quite a hard thing to do, and this course is there to help individuals who
would like to apply for a PhD to write their proposal. and it would give you an idea of who to approach
as well because what’s really important is to talk to academics in the relevant department
because so frequently we find students will submit a proposal, have a rough idea, but
not really talk it though. So in the five weeks of this course you’ll
run though all the components that you need to write a PhD proposal. So you’ll start off with establishing a research
problem, we’ll talk about how to phrase a good research question that is realistic and
doable, we’ll look at how to approach a literature review, and where to find literature to undertake
that. It also talks about methodology and often
a perspective PhD student will have an end result in terms of submitting a thesis, but
this allows you to sort of build up a series of different units, foundation blocks to undertake
the PhD research. and in each of those five weeks there will
be little exercises to do so that by the end of the five weeks you have a draft of a complete
research proposal. So if you are interested in doing a PhD then
this course will help you prepare for that both in practical terms, writing the proposal
itself and in developing your ideas for what the research will be about.

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