Dina Santorelli ’90, ’09

Hey everybody, my name is Dina Santorelli, Hofstra alum, class of 1990 and 2009 and I’m taking over Hofstra’s Instagram
story today. A little bit about me, I got my BA in Communication Arts in 1990
and my MA in English and creative writing in 2009. I also teach writing for
Hofstra continuing ed. They can’t seem to get rid of me. I’m a journalist and a
novelist. I write suspense thrillers including the Baby Grand trilogy. I just
finished the process of putting together the audiobook, which is why I’m here
today. Today I’m in the studio, taking care of some loose ends here at Digital Waterworks, which was founded by another Hofstra alum, David Goldberg. Come on, let’s go. Digital waterworks, voiceovers, TV and radio, corporate video, event production, internet marketing hmm, no audio books. Let’s ring the bell Audiobooks, right there, audiobooks. Hi,
Dave Goldberg, Hofstra University communications class of – I always have to look – ’89. This is Digital Waterworks. We produce radio and TV commercials and
corporate industrial videos. We have a lot of fun and we do audiobooks with
Dina! Alright let’s pick it up paragraph two,
in three two one Jamie Carter filed the last of the memos
into her office’s new walnut cabinet and stood back to admire the room oldest, “So, so.” Charlotte rolled her eyes “So so” needs more…yeah, change that three-two-one. That’s because I’m oldest so so five Charlotte cheered ready or not here I
come that “ready or not, here I come” sounded
angry let’s soften that. Three, two, one “Ready or not, here I come!”
And finally a big Thank You to actor Robert De Niro, whose film work,
particularly in the 1990s, inspired the character of Don Bileeno. We’re done,
we’re done. Thank you everyone for joining us today as we took over Hofstra
University’s Instagram story. Be sure to like us and follow us and thank you
to Jimmy. Thank you

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