Digital Nomad Freelancing Option #10 – Writing – Dreams Around The World

All right so I have saved the best for
last well at least the best in my own
personal bias which is being a writer and this is how I started my location
independence I was a freelance copywriter I was writing for companies
things like web content you know the about services page things like that as
well as things like sales pages and newsletters for companies and this is
how I started my location independence and how I funded it for my first two
years I think writing is a great freelance opportunity because one it
allows one of the maximum amount of time and location freedom you know you get a
project from a client and then your job is to get it done so you don’t have to
always be connected to email or the phone you can go off do your own thing
and as long as you get that work done by your deadline most of the time the
clients don’t really care you don’t have to be in constant back-and-forth there’s
not as many revisions or tweaks as there might be in some other freelance
professions as well I also think it’s one of the professions that can’t be
outsourced at least not very easily you know to be a good sorry and when I say
outsourced I mean outsource to a lower-income country basically reducing
the rates for everyone a lot of professions are now being
outsourced to places like India or the Philippines where people work for a lot
cheaper and if you’re in those professions it’s going to affect
basically what you can earn and the nice thing about writing is there’s so many
little details in terms of cultural references and grammar and style that if
you’re working for any kind of high end writing writing for companies
newsletters anything that requires style or persuasion like copywriting you can’t
be outsourced and so there’s some good job security there there’s a ton of
different areas you can do writing in everything from ghost writing books to
sales pages copywriting advertisements for companies to things like writing
articles and newsletters now I’m gonna do a little shameless self-promotion
here but if you’ve watched this far you probably enjoy my style or at least
you’re willing to put up with me so I do want to encourage you if you think
writing is for you if you have a way with words or like myself you just
romanticize the thought of traveling the world and writing from cafes all over
for your clients or for yourself then I do have another course here on how to
become a freelance writer and in this course I’d go through all the different
ways you can earn a living as a writer the industries the projects the kinds of
rates you can expect how much to charge what kind of projects never to do what
kind of projects to try to find there’s over three hours of content and so you
can imagine why I couldn’t fit it all in this one video about writing so if you
think that writing is the freelance route for you to go then check out that
course or another course on it but I think mine’s the best that’s why I made
it some shameless self-promotion I apologize but you know it is what it is
and and that’s it so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and the other videos
on becoming a freelancer and the different freelance professions
available to be location independent and I’ll see you in the next video before we
just finish up the course here thanks for watching see you in the next one

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