Demet Özdemir, Novel writer announced the new series summary.Zeynep has two mothers. Zeynep ve Mehdi

The novelist describes the novel …..

Zeynep, the maid’s daughter. She has a mother who goes home and does daily cleaning. He has a mother who makes a living as a maid. Zeynep’s mother grew up in a very difficult life. His life is full of pain. She escaped to her husband when she was young. Then they got married. No peace at home. Fighting, mayhem, beatings, swearing are not missing. Her husband works under heavy conditions as a construction worker. Mostly unemployed. doesn’t bring the money he makes to his house. Zeynep’s mother is a servant for her children. He’s trying to make money for his family. Looking after his children. One of Zeynep’s children. Older girl going to school. On his way to school, he meets someone and gets married. She survives oppression and violence by marrying. Zeynep is a very successful student. And Zeynep doesn’t read, and her father thinks she can find a husband and get married. He’s picking up Zeynep. Zeynep wants to read. She wants to read. He was taken from school. He goes to daily cleaning with his mother. She doesn’t have children in a house he goes for cleaning. They love Zeynep. Zeynep is very important to them. Why doesn’t Zeynep read? go to school they say Zeynep. Mother, our financial situation is bad. His father doesn’t want Zeynep to go to school. The owners of the house where they work as maid, “Zeynep is considered our daughter. We want to cover all the facilities and training costs.” He says let us help. Zeynep is staying together. From a miserable house, Zeynep lives in a very luxurious wealthy house. She’s finishing her school. He’s growing up at home. But school ends one day …. When her school life is over, Zeynep begins to face the truth. you have hundreds of questions in mind … Zeynep, what house girl? Which house will write Zeynep’s fate? Is destiny to be written in the house where he was born? The house where he grew up to the age of 8, where he lived for violence. The house where he lived in poverty and misery. Cruel house? The house where he grew up with love like princesses? Who will be Zeynep’s mother? The woman who gave birth to Zeynep? Who suffered to raise Zeynep. Living in poverty. A woman starving to make money? Otherwise, after a certain age Zenep’e claim. He does everything he says. Anything you want. Material and spiritual support for Zeynep’e woman? Zeynep has a boyfriend in his life from the neighborhood he was born in. The other has lice in the environment in which it grew. He has a boyfriend from a life of luxury. This is Roman ‘s summary … Subscribe to KELEBEK MAGAZİN. Keep in mind.

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