Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Write as though nobody’s
watching because nobody’s watching. Suspense is all about making
promises to your reader. You’re telling your reader, I
know something you don’t know, but I promise I’ll tell
you if you keep going. Writing a novel is
about a process. It is not all about
inspiration and craft. This class provides
practical tools, a roadmap to turn your
idea into a story. Take the pressure off yourself. Every single idea has
been done over and over. You don’t need a big idea. You need big how’s. How do you create tension? How do you build character? What’s the moral gray area that
we’re going to be writing in? There are elements that
must be in a good story– the contract, the
clock, and the crucible. If you’re not sure
what to write, write the wrong
thing a few times and let that be the process by
which you find the right thing. Put a secret in a
character’s back story. Write your villain first because
your villain is the one who’s going to define your hero. There were some dark times
when I wasn’t actually sure I could accomplish this. There will be days you just
don’t know if you can do it. And on those days, what is going
to save you is your process. You do not need to have total
mastery of your subject matter to start a novel,
only to finish it. Write until you’re ready to
show the world what you’ve done. I’m Dan Brown, and
this is my MasterClass.

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