Hey guys I’ve had a couple comments in
regards of Bhop and Bhop scripting now the question that really matters do
they work I think it’s time for me to clear up
some things if you spam the jump key the game will
ignore that you’re trying to jump so frequently and not perform the jump this means that if you use a simple
script or macro tool that spams the jump key it won’t work now because of the input
limiter auto shooting and other similar stuff are very hard to perform with macros there’s other known methods of getting
more consistent Bhops one is to limit your FPS with for
example the help of dxtory this way you can get consistent Bhops easier but
guys seriously the game is almost unplayable like this
there’s another method of not spamming the jump key and that’s counting down
exactly how much time it takes to jump on a plane surface but this is also
kinda useless because all maps have different heights now a fun way to bunny
hop and get speed is on the server that uses a server-side plugin for example
most surf servers or climbing servers that have Bhop plugins but I mean it’s not
really legit bunny hopping you can feel the latency and how it
looks and sounds like you’ve landed on the client side however I gotta admit it has a nice feel
to it but it’s not really legit Bhopping so now you’re
probably thinking what cheating is that that’s resort hell no
even though cheating can bring out be hopping it’s also a very effective way
of being sent directly to VACation with all this set the best method and please
guys don’t get mad at me for saying this is to practice and do it without scripts
cheats or any other third party software almost all Bhop scripts are useless to
find solutions for Bhopping is just time consuming and it’s not even a more
effective way in an overall perspective than what it is to Bhop naturally however I want to finish this video to
inform you guys that I’ve made a Bhop tutorial you can click right here. Thanks for watching and have an awesome
day guys!


  1. So, i'm still very confused. Is bhop SCRIPTING vac bannable? I mean, it's not tampering with the executable file in any way, or any file for that matter, it's just spamming +jump everytime you land. So I'm still confused whether that's all good or not.

  2. bind "space" "+3"
    alias +3 "alias _special 4;4"
    alias -3 "alias _special;-jump"
    alias 4 "5;wait;special"
    alias 5 "7"
    alias 7 "+jump;alias 5 8"
    alias 8 "-jump;alias 5 7"


  3. Acc if you have any Programmable Razer product with macros Just set it to hit the jump button every 0.017 seconds it works on all surfaces for me

  4. I it allowed to have jump key in my scroll wheel because my teamates always say i have script because i bhop sometimes very very very well

  5. .exe script
    inject script in your game
    = VAC BAN

    .cfg script
    .ahk script (auto hot key)
    Macros (hyperscroll)
    = NO VAC BAN

    But ofc, SMAC and Macrodox on some servers will get you banned (only from the server, not the whole game 😉 )

  6. Ok, so I used a bhop macro for a few months. I took it off about 1 month ago and found I was ridiculously good at timing now. I can bhop 6-10 times now. Sadly a few days ago i got over watched and i think it was my bhops.
    RIP Flip Doppler

    [and no i didn't use any other cheats]

  7. dude i found a b hop script by looking on the internet in 5 mins and it works PERFECTLY especially on maps like cache where most of the ground is smooth

  8. i used a command on the console to bhop
    not auto bhop.
    this one works on COMPETITIVE!
    i ain't tellin' ya what it is but it works!

  9. I've been working on my Bhops for about 3 hours today (mostly just on causal) and I've gone from no clue how to bhop to being able to hit 1/3 bhops (which is crap) but quite an improvement from not even knowing how and I can see myself getting better with every try, once you learn the basics it only gets easier

  10. how do i fix if when i have a macro i press the macro key (mouse 5) and then my mouse curser freezes for 3 like seconds then goes normal. how do i fix? (i have a Eblue cobra mouse 1600 dpi)

  11. Honestly, you should get a bhop macro, play around with it and get used to the movement, then uninstall it and your bhops will improve

  12. If you need a good script, get AVOZ Source, delete everything but BHOP and If you want you can keep Custom Models and Skin Changer.

  13. Anybody else notice that the ‘script’ in the title gets the option -a or prints the ‘help’? I’m lightly salted

  14. ok lets say you practiced your ass of and now you can bhop for a short period of time (not for ever but longer than most players) Now you are bhopping and get reported and get sent to overwatch and the overwarch person reports you for external assistance wat do you do now

  15. Tbh though advanced macros account for tickrate which allow you to land hops on 100% flat surfaces 80% of the time.

  16. i in fact got so good at bhopping on cs source that now everyone just assumes im scripting, do not practice, play dumb

  17. I made a semi auto bhop macro with Rog Armoury. It spams SPACE 10 times with 15 ms delay every time i click. You do not hit every hop but it does actually work with slopes and on every height

  18. To uses scripts effectively you have to be good at B hoping. It really helps on long flat straights to hit the jumps perfectly and if there is a slope then I just take munualy over. I look at it like cruisecontroll.

  19. GUYs its not detect its undetected use for it with other account and use it
    ahk is undecteble i use them for no recoil

  20. Well… My auto shoot from logitech g pro wireless mouse it's work perfectly

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