Creative Writing and Storytelling Essentials | Columbia Online

I’m the course author, Sam Weller. I’m the authorized biographer of legendary science fiction and fantasy writer, Ray Bradbury. I worked with him for twelve years, very closely. I’ve won two Bram Stoker awards in the process of my work with him. I’ve written extensively for newspapers, magazines, podcasts, blogging. I’ve published a lot of short stories, short fiction in various literary journals, in anthologies. So I’ve really sort of tried to establish my career working across platforms and across genre. It’s very important, and that connects to what we’ll be doing in this course. This is very much a cross-genre course. We will study beginning with fiction, and then we’ll move into poetry, and then we’ll discuss creative nonfiction. The skillsets you’ll gather in this course extend out to myriad job opportunities and really a plethora of things that you’ll do. Creative writing skills have an intrinsic connection to academic success and career success. This course I hope will benefit you in many, many ways.

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