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hi there I’m Anna Yeatts and welcome to
the flash fiction online patreon page I’m the publisher of flash fiction
online and that means that I pay the bills because well somebody has to do it
if we don’t have the funds to pay for an issue it comes out of my own pocket so
as a solution I’ve come to you flash fiction online is a free digital
magazine for both literary and genre fiction dedicated to extremely short
stories we pay our authors professional rates for the stories meaning we have to
come up with that kind of cash every month even though we’re a volunteer
organization so we need your support to help us raise this kind of money for
those of you who don’t know let me quickly explain what patreon is patreon
is a website that allows users to make donations to a product or organization
in return creators give their patrons special rewards at Flash Fiction Online
we give our patrons access to our slush pile series that’s full of wisdom from
the slush pile trenches a subscription to flash fiction online including our
yearly anthology series manuscript critiques personal coaching for writers
access to my Udemy course interviews with staff and a behind-the-scenes look
at how the magazine actually runs there are rewards you can gain by donating who
doesn’t love reward anyways I hope you’ll support flash fiction online and
allow us to continue to provide a professional platform for authors to
showcase their talents a donation of five hundred dollars is always
incredibly helpful but so is the donation of a single dollar every little
bit helps thanks for making it to the end be sure to become a patron by
clicking that big orange button over there that says become a patron and
support flash fiction online we couldn’t do it without you

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