Creative & Practical Writing Tips : How to Work for a Fashion Magazine

Hi, I am Laura from
and I’m going to talk about how to work for a fashion magazine. The publishing industry
is very competitive and there are a couple of different ways to try and break into the
industry. I’d say one of the, one of the more excepted paths is as an intern. Now internships
are jobs that don’t pay but they give you a lot of good experience and you maybe may
have to willing to do some things. That aren’t necessarily part of your carer path. But it’s
a way to get experience. Get to know the people who are working in the industry and make connections.
Again as I said an internship in an unpaid job. So you might need to you know wait tables
at night or do some other kind of work. To support yourself while you’re doing your internship.
Most of the fashion magazines are in larger cities. Like New York or Los Angeles. So think
about way that you would be able to spend a summer in one of those cities. The other
way to get into involved in at a fashion magazine. Is through freelance writing this is if you’re
interested in becoming a writer for a fashion magazine. Start by submitting work and keep
it as professional and polished as you can. When you submit any kind of writing. Be sure
to follow exactly the guidelines that are offered by that magazine. So those are two
ways that you can begin to work for a fashion magazine. One is as an intern and working
your way up and into the publishing industry and the other is a freelance writer.

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