Content Writing Scams & Rip Offs – How to Avoid “Bait and Switch”

how to avoid bait and switch when hiring a
writer 2 Hello contenvania writers and website owners.
Today, let’s talk about an unfortunate issue that effects website owners, when a content
writer preforms a “bait and switch” with you. What do I mean by bait and switch? By definition it means to lure a client in
with promises of high quality work, perhaps at a low price, only to send back low quality
work. It’s basically getting scammed or dealing with a fraud. Now, how do some writers bait and switch clients? In the freelancing world, especially online,
it can be even easier to be duped into paying for fraudulent services. A vast amount of
trust is needed in the writer to preform a good job, and you won’t know what you get
until you receive it. Some writers may advertise low prices that
just seem too good to be true – Low prices and bargains are great, but a dollar for a
500 word article sounds sketchy. A writer could be using content spinning software or
outsourcing jobs by using content mills themselves, making them no longer really a “writer” in
the first place. This can be a huge issue because spun content and low quality writing
from content farms can result in less readable, useful content and because of that it will
result with low rankings in google’s search index. How can you avoid these issues with writers? Like mentioned, the freelancing world is built
on trust, trust that your money is being put to good use and your final product will be
one of high quality. So save your time, energy and money by choosing Contenvania writers. We are a collective of dedicated, professional,
trusted writers who keep quality content in mind. We test and crowd vote each member that
joins to ensure the comments, articles and content we write is top notch at all times. We are heavily focused on the issues that
our clients may face with other websites and writers and look for ways to become
the solution.

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