Content Translation screencast: Translate a Wikipedia article in 3 minutes

Welcome this is a short screen cast on
how to create an article with Content Translation. If you haven’t
already, the first you need is to create the Wikipedia user account.
It’s really quickly. Next, you need to go to the “beta” section where you can find many experimental
features we are working on to make Wikipedia better. You’ll find
information and ways to provide feedback for each
feature. Here we have content translation! Enable Content Translation and save the changes. Note that you may need to enable this
feature for each language you use, since better future configuration is
different in each Wikipedia site. Once you enable Content Translation, several translation tools will be
available for you. The “contributions” page provides a convenient way to access
those tools. You just need to select “translation” from the new contribution list to reach
the translation passport where you can work on new or existing
translations. Let’s create a new translation. You only
need to select the languages and the article to translate. Here we are
going to translate the “Garam masala” article from Spanish to
Catalan. When you start a translation you are provided with a three-column editor where you can view the original article on one side you can edit your translation in the
center column, and there’s a third column with instructions and seven translation
tools. You can add paragraphs to the translation just by clicking in the transition area.
Feel free to add as many or as few paragraphs as you need for your initial translation. For languages with automatic translation
support, an initial translation is provided when a paragraph is added. Those initial
translations are helpful but you need to make sure
that the content reads natural in your language. When working on a sentence in the translation, the tool
highlights the corresponding sentence in the original article so that you can easily check it in
context. When you add a paragraph, text formatting is preserved and links
are pointing to the right place. You can easily explore the articles that
both, the original and the translation
links, are pointing to. In this case, the name for “pepper” needs to be corrected in the translation. Make sure to review the automatic
translations you use. iIf you’re not editing them enough the
tool will remind you to do so. If the initial translation was not
useful for a specific paragraph, you can always discard it, or use the source paragraph as a template if you prefer. You can
select text and turn it into a link if an article exists with that title.
Although the tool provides support for some basic editing You may want to focus on adapting the content and leave about styling for later once the article is finally published. By
default categories are added automatically
provided that those categories exist in the target Wikipedia. Remember that you don’t have to complete the whole
translation in a single session. Your current work will be automatically saved as a draft
The translation dashboard shows the list of your on-going
translations so that you can resume them at any time. Once you’re happy with the
result of your translation, you can publish it, and it will become a
new Wikipedia article. From that point, you can edit this
article as any other Wikipedia article. And with
the help of the community you can improve it. One edit at a time. Remember that Wikipedia articles in different
languages are not supposed to be an exact replica in content. It is perfectly fine that an article that
started as a translation from another language evolves in a
different direction over time. We hope that you found Content Translation a useful tool. We are looking forward for your feedback
and extending the tool with more language support and new
translation tools thanks

21 thoughts on “Content Translation screencast: Translate a Wikipedia article in 3 minutes

  1. Great video, but I translated an article for about 3 hours and when I tried to publish it, it said "Error, try publishing again", and it kept repeating the same information every time.

  2. Hi, I have created a translation from Italian to Spanish and now it won't let me save. I get the following error message abusefulter-warning-3

  3. Hello Pau, i just installed mediawiki 1.25 and am trying to use the translate extension

    what plugin are you using in beta ? and is it compatible ?

    regards kristijan

  4. Hola,
    Hace varios meses hice una traducción de Inglés a Español, el procedimiento fue bastante sencillo ya que, como se muestra en el video, la traducción era automáticamente y rápido (solo se tenia que modificar algunos errores de gramática). Ahora, quise hacer una nueva traducción (también de inglés a español) y ya no se traduce automaticamente la página. ¿Es un problema temporal?, ¿Siempre se usó la plataforma Apertium? (La verdad no recuerdo usar esta plataforma la primer vez que usé la herramienta de traducciones de Wikipedia).
    PD: Hice el comentario en español ya que, por lo que veo, tienes dominio del idioma. 😀

  5. Hello,

    Does this feature still work? When I go to the Beta section, there's no "Content tanslation". I've tried looking on the page I'd like to translate how to do so, but I can't find a link allowing me to begin the work…

  6. ფსიქოლოგი fsiqologi fsikologi psiqologi psikologi психолог в Тбилиси psychologist in Georgia Tbilisi says:

    Thank u very much finally I could find relevant tools and understood how to do translation. very helpful. thanks again 🙂

  7. Hi, does this complement or works similar to the extension"Translate"
    I want to create a multilingual wiki and can't determine whether to have a wiki family or to have one installation and use this extension or the translate extension. can you please help? thanks a lot.

  8. Hello,
    Thank you for your video. I followed the translation process you suggested, but accidentally published my finished work as private (in my User page). Now I can't figure out how to actually publish the page, publicly, and link it to the original Wiki page I translated. Could you help me on that matter ?

  9. How can you get the same picture to the translation if someone has already created the new page, but didn't add the picture?

  10. Please, could you make it work for ENGLISH > KONKANI (KOK) language pair? We badly need that in Western India.

  11. Hola Pau. ¡Moltes gràcies por el tutorial! Una duda que no consigo disipar: ¿está herramienta está disponible incluso cuando el artículo a traducir existe ya? Quiero traducir y copiar el formato de un artículo en Francés al Español. Ya existe un artículo en Español pero muy incompleto. ¿Puedo desarrollarlo desde este artículo existente (si es posible con la herramienta que nos muestras, mejor) o puedo crear uno nuevo? Muchas gracias.

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