Como crear Script y Procesar por Lote en Corel Photo Paint

Hello again Infonauta, welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva … this time I’m going to explain a couple of very interesting things to automate tasks with our Corel Photo Paint This will allow us to save in Corel Script certain tasks that we perform and then we can apply this automatically to all the other photographs we want and even this will allow us do batch processes to all the photographs that we want in one fell swoop interesting, right? We begin … good first of all tell you I’m in a Corel Photo Paint version 2018 but this is practically the same in any version of Corel … 18, 17, etc … well let’s see in principle what I’m going to do is show you … I have a folder here called tests I also have a folder called processed evidence that is empty then first of all I’m going to open a single image and I will clarify what I want to do for example to this image … in principle what I want is all the images or specifically this one … and for example apply the effect of converting it to grayscale but we could … save or record all the actions that we need for later to be able to execute them with a single click to the rest of the photographs that we want, then in principle what I’m going to do is take and then what I want apply for example is convert to grayscale I’ll leave it like this with this profile and I’m going to give him to accept … this imagines how much time would I suppose if I have to apply it to all the images one by one … well? I’m going to close, I’m not going to save the changes and now I’m going to open the image again and then I’m going to come to the window menu dockable windows and I’m going to activate the docker … let’s see if I find it, here it is, recorder that also has the shortcut Ctrl + F3 pulse and I have it here observe in principle as below there is a series of buttons to go back, play, forward … stop, record, good? and here we have some options with which we can insert a new command record, sorry, save open or create a new document, okay? Well, the first thing we are going to do is to make a fundamental basic use that allows you to squeeze functionality I’ll explain to you … in principle I already know what I’m going to do here, we said that I’m going to turn it into grayscale … we could also apply because it does not affect the object, for example, any of the ones we had here or any plug-in … well, in principle what I’m going to do is give it to save as you see, he has created me here a line … now we forget this window next I’m going to give it to image and I’m going to give it to convert to grayscale here we select how we want to do the percentages but I’m going to leave activated to use the default profile of dot gain to 15% I’ll give it to accept … it’s already … below I have already finished but we could continue adding actions of course … what I’m going to do is give it to stop we have already stopped the script, the script as it is translated and what I’m going to do directly is give it to save and I’m going to call it … as you see I already have a script called gray-scale converting here how do you see it takes us directly to the folder of the photopaint that is in the system to a sub folder called Scripts and as you see it puts CSC extension that is Corel Script and here I will call 512 wide gray all right? We give you to save and I would have finished … I’m going to close although we could save it worth? I’m going to close without saving the changes so that it remains intact I’m going to open the instagram logo below for example the logo of Linux apply the effect is just for example to open one of the effects here, for example this, open it, we already have it open which is the last engraving … He goes to work and has already modified everything and then we could close and save the changes … okay? I’m not going to do it in this case and in the case of this, having it open, we simply give it back to the play and as you see, it has already made the changes in agreement? the question is and now that we have … we already know how to save actions, save them with a default name or with a specific name that lets me know what does that … that list of tasks, that Script, that script … whatever you want to call it because basically if we come to file we have here a section called batch process when opening it allows me to select files for example I’m going to select all the files I have the Test folder … I’m going to give it to import then it turns me on the button below so that I can add a script, that is, a script and when I click it it takes me again to the scripts folder of my photopaint if you already have several his is that you are doing backups on a skewer of all these scripts and then we select them we give to open in the section at the end we will select as you see I’m going to let him keep me like a new guy since it is of the type that is, how you see here there are some JPG some PNG … well? then fundamentally I’m going to say that he believes me a new guy, I’m going to tell him that this new guy is going to be, they’re all going to be for example PNG and what I want to be saved not in the source folder but in the folder that I have in images that it’s called processed test that was towards originally all right? we already have on the one hand the files that are going to be processed as I do not want them to be saved or that they overlap I have decided to keep them in another location, in the list below we choose what the script is, as you can see add one after another several scripts for example a script that makes me a certain thing, another and I would perform all of them in all the photos all right? and then once we have finished we will play we hope … how do you see opening the photographs each one of the graphics … is making the changes and that’s it … it’s over so that below as you see everything is closed, there is no longer any, you have finished the process … if I go to the folder processed that would be the goal final see that inside images … inside the folder processed as you see I already have all the images processed with what I have defined in one or several scripts in the order that we find them placed … as you see is something very important when you have to do jobs to make effects with your photo paint although I remind you that this can also be done with photoshop … I will make a video about it … so that gives us advantages to be able to perform the same tasks on the amount of images we need, process them and thus be able to dedicate our time to something much more beneficial for us and for our work Well that’s it thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks Thanks for subscribing and I can give you the notification bell … thank you very much for your comments and for your Like … see you in a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductive … See you soon Infonaut …

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