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Hi everyone this is Brad today I’m sharing with you a free resource called common core sheets it’s an awesome resource to take a look at you could search right within this search bar right here or what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna sort by great on the left hand side you’ll see kindergarten all the way down to eighth grade you’ll also see the options to select by standard right in here now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to select fourth grade geometry when I do that you can see these come right come in here and the other standards are right above now let’s just choose this fund right in here for G 1 and what we’re gonna do you can take a look at the descriptions right in here how many problems each worksheet has select a worksheet you see there multiple versions let’s select say version 4 so here you are with 20 questions and then you have the answers as well and of course it’s free to download if you’d like to now to show you what the website itself looks like without sorting by grade looks like this so you could go ahead in and again you could sort by grade by selecting here or let’s just say you wanted multiplication again you can select multiplication scroll down it will let you know what grade will select 3rd grade and again very similar you can see these problems here with the answers now last thing I want to point out it’s not just math although math is very thorough he also has social studies science language arts writing spelling languages and other stuff definitely something to take a look at and if you do have any questions let me know thanks for watching take care bye

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