Chemical peels post care

In terms of the long-range post-care, what I like for my patients in the morning is typically a gently exfoliating cleanser. So that would be something that’s not going to strip the skin, that is going to let the skin have its own natural oils, but absolutely cleanse the skins. I caution my patients that are doing chemical peels: water doesn’t wash your skin. Water just moves bacteria from one part to the other part of the skin, so it simply does not wash your skin. So there would be a cleanser, there would be a moisturizer, there would be a sunscreen in the morning, perhaps there’s an eye cream in the morning, perhaps there’s a vitamin C product in the morning. It really depends on how much they’re willing to do. There’s definitely time for any chemical peel patient to use the products that have heparin and dermatan sulfate in them, because they help to even out the skin tone as you go along. In the middle of the day, for my patients that are willing, I have them put on a powder puff sunblock and reapply it.Pretty much they’re putting it on before they leave the house at 8:00, so perhaps they’re putting it back on at 11:00, perhaps they are putting it back on at 2:00 and then back on again at 5:00 o’clock before they finally go home. It just depends. If they’re out in constant sunlight, I’m having them reapply it more. I practice in New Jersey, if they’re closer to the equator, so if they’re in Florida or in the Caribbean, then I’m gonna have them put on the sunblock much more. That would be every hour.But they have to do that. The evening regimen typically consists of a wash, a growth factor, a brightening factor, some vitamin C, perhaps some retinoid, that type of thing. And definitely an eye cream again.But it depends on what people are willing to do. I like a mask a couple of times a week, two to three times a week, and then I tell my patients to make sure they’re drinking more water than they need. So that would be an average of 12 glasses of water a day for your average female, if not 13 or 14. More for men. And then I tell my female patients, they must remove every stitch of makeup at night and I recommend to everybody for their overall regimen, for their skin, that they exercise a minimum of four times a week. Twenty-five minutes of cardio and twenty-five minutes of weights, because it helps booster circulation, it decreases stress related conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. It does actually make your hair grow a bit faster. So why not? That’s the hair where you want it, not the hair where you don’t. And it makes you feel better and so you look better when you feel better.

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